Yaariyan Dildaariyan (Epi 4)


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At the new aura hotel.
Fab 5 were getting ready. The boys were wearing a jeans paired with causal tees. Cabin wore a black round neck tee , Dhruv was in a v neck white tee and Manik wore a simple dark blue tee.
The girls as usual took a lot of time to get ready which irked our boys.
The girls finally came. Mukti was wearing shorts paired with a crop top and Alitalia wore a pink floral knee length dress. Dhruv was mesmerised seeing her and so the fab 3 gave them a little space and moved towards their car ( rented car).

Dhruv: u r looking absolutely stunning.

Aaliya: thank u. But y r u dressed up so casually 🙁

Dhruv: it’s just lying dat.

Dhruv came closer to her pining her to the corridor wall. Put one of his hand on her waist and his other hand was playing with loose strand of her hair. He came more closer as to kiss her but sensed her nervousness. He pulled back a little and gave her a peck on her cheek held her hand and started walking. Aaliyah was really happy with this gesture of his.

They came to the parking saw fab 3 already seated and took their place. Manik started driving the car. ( guys Indian license holders are allowed to drive car in nz for their 1st three months of stay.). They first went to a local eatery and had some beautiful muffins. They then went to a beach which had car movie show and thus they parked their car at a place from where they could get a pretty nice view of the screen.
Cabin went out to buy tickets and some snacks. He got the tickets and also got some pop corns coke and sandwiches. While walking back to the car he collided with someone. And before he could say sry he was greeted by scolding

Girl: are u mad ??? Do u think God gave u those. 2 eyes for decoration. Or let me guess u try to find ways to crash wid a girl u jerk.

She realised what she had said and also understood that she just vented all the anger that she had on Nandu and Manik on that poor guys she didn’t even knew. But before she could rectify her mistake cabin now full agitated replied in the same tone as hers

Cabin: oh miss drama queen gad gave a u a set of eyes too ryt then y don’t u use them. And before he could say any further he noticed her eyes on which he had just commented. Her eyes were beautiful brown and had immense intensity. However his forehead got creases sensing the pain and sorrow.

He couldn’t understand y was he feeling bad and how did he know if was in pain or not. He tried to jerk off the thoughts and the girl already embarrassed due to her burst of anger kept looking at him. They both came out of their thoughts when someone shouted.

Nandu : navu where were u man ?? Waiting for so long …. Chal movie will start.

And she dragged Navu form there. While being dragged Navu looked behind and shouted a small sry to cabir.

Caviar saw this replied her wid a sry chuckled at her innocence and just said navu in a small voice. He came back to the car saw fab 4 waiting for him. He passed them their snacks and got himself comfortable in his seat. He was quite for sometime ( imagine guys the always talkative cabin was quite) but he soon came to senses and thought that if he behaved like this then he would suffer the same fate as Manik.
He norticed that the movie had already started and everyone were pretty engrossed.

He thought of a plan and opened the car boot got into it wore his ghost or zombie mask and acted as if he was arising from the boot. As soon as the fab 4 noticed they’ll shouted to their highest pitch a
Which gained them attention from neighbouring cars and cabir darted laughing loudly realising their funds trick. The fab 4 too burst out laughing irking the people in neighbouring cars. Just beside them was a black in which Navi Nandu izzie and Eddie were sitting. Nandu couldn’t see Manik as he had his back to the window but Navu could clearly see the guys she collided with laughing innocently and yes loudly. She deduced him being behind this prank. She heard a voice from the car .

Mukti: u idiot creepy thing I swear am gonna kill u cabir. U idiot fella r u mad.

The only thing that caught our Navu’ s attention was cabir. She chuckled at his antics. Her fronds were rather shocked by her reAction she usually didn’t like such pranks and clearly opposed them. But they let it slide.

Due to cabir’s antics and the disturbance fab 5 caused they themselves moved out letting others watch the movie.

The whole road back to hotel cabir was cursed and abused. Just before they reached the hotel cabir’s phone beeped he read the msg and shouted in excitement. He declared that the first two concerts have been entirely booked.

All the fab 5 were over excited just then a thought struck manik’s mind and he felt a little sad.

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Credit to: Neha

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