Yaariyan Dildaariyan (Epi 3)


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At the new aura hotel

Fab had just started their practice. They had already decided the songs and were working really hard.
The songs for the first two concerts were hindi namely the
1) o yaara ( orignal kyy song) and samjhawan
2) ud daa punjab title track and ikk kudi
But for the last concert they decided to
sing a english song
3)i am giving up on u and so on….

At nandu house
Nandu and navya were ready to leave for hospital.
Soon they reached their hospital. Both of them had a busy day today with 4 lec and a research project to be submitted. Navya and nandu couldnt talk or even have lunch properly that day.

In the last lec
Everyone was waiting for the prof. to come. Some students were discussing their projects and others were chit chatting. But our miss nandu was in her own world.

Nandu’s thoughts-
I still can believe i met. Lyk i am his such a big fan but how idiotic of me i didnt even ask for a autograph or pic. Well… What is the use of regretting now either ways am not gng to meet him again. I wonder what he was dng in auckland though and his frnds were also der….. Ryt they must have come for their concert. I should try booking tickets once i get home. But navya doesnt really lyk them and i cant go without her. Whatever i will convince her. But today she didnt scold me i expected her to be fuming after seeing manik at home. Maybe she was too sleepy. But manik he didnt even if he liked the coffee or not. He didnt even talk much.

Her stream of thoughts were broken by a sudden jerk. She came out for thoughts and found navya asking her to get up as prof. Was already inthe class. She felt a little embarassed but was saved from the scolding as the prof. thought highly of her.

At new aura hotel
After the lunch mukti and aliya were so sleepy that they started dozing while playing uno and soon slept leaving just manik cabir and dhruv awake. Dhruv used this chance to have some brotalk with his buddy.

Dhruv: buddy u were really not convincing wid ur ans at the bf table. R u hiding something?

This frank and straight forward question from dhruv caught manik off guard and gulped hard stayed quite for sometime only to be more interrogated by cabir.

Cabir: U r ryt dhruv i could also make out his odd behaviour first saying he drank coffee and then saying he jsut forgot….. Thats so much not manik.

Manik never thought that his frnds could catch his lie so easily but ryt now his mind just concentrated on cabir’s last words THATS SO MUCH NOT MANIK

manik POV
He is ryt i never hide anything from my frnds and I NEVER DRINK COFFEE TWICE.
That girl has already changed me before even coming into my life. I really need to stop thinking abt her.

All the while manik was in hos thoughts cabir and dhruv were amused and surprised to see their frnd left speechless. They were staring him continuosly and were irritated seeing him bring various weird expressions on his face whil thinking.

But again manik thoughts were broken by a loud scream.

Did THE MANIK MALHOTRA fing a GIRL IN NZ …. Both aliya and mukti shouted coming out of their “”BEAUTY SLEEP”” as they termed it.

Manik, cabir and dhruv were left stunned by their act. And manik replied in hurry

Manik: What ??? No how can i love that Nandini……

Realising what he just said he bit his tongue. And declared to himself yhat he cannot hide anything from his frnds.

Cabir and dhruv were staring manik in total surprise and mukti and aliya gave a winning smirk

Mukti: See thats how u find out things that the other person doesnt want to tell u.

Aliya : xactly and we girls r an expert in dat..

Dhruv lovingly looked at his aliya wid a proud look. Suddenly he was disturbed by cabir as he hit him on his back

Before anything happened further manaik ran away from there and went into the washroom.

Cabir: Ahhhh….. He ran away. Now we wont find out anything.

Dhruv: Are mad cabit he went into the washroom is he gng to stay der forever.

Mukti: we should better discuss our plan before he comes out.

They discussed how dey could pressurize manik to reveal everthing abt nandu.

Manik slowly opened the door and started coming he knew till now his frnds must have planned hos death.

While coming he heard aliya.

Aliya: But guys dont u think nandini is really a lovely name.

Manik stood there itself thinking
“” really man it is such a sweet name i didnt realise it before.””

Soon cabir saw him der and quitely he got up from bed and walked towards manik put a hand over his shoulder and brought him near bed and made him sit there.
Just as he sat dhruv and mukti gave out awild evil laugh. Now manik saw his punishment closely. Everyone took one pillow each and started beating him untill he agreed to tell them everthing.

Here manik revealed everything to his frnds and nandini she till had to undergo navya’s interrogation.

At south cross hospital
Navya nd nandu had just come out and were chit chatting random things while walking back home. Suddenly navya broght up the topic.

Navya : What was he dng in our house at suck odd time??

Her words were really harsh and filled wid anger. She knew nandu was very good and innocent she didnt knew how this world works and therefore always stood by to protect nandu.

Nandu: Navu calm down it was nthng. I met him when i went to my walk and as a fan asked him to have a coffee wid me dats it.

Navya didnt lyk how casually nandu spoke abt it but she let it slide as she thought that he is not gonna meet nandu so its fyn.

Later they went home watched a movie and had dinner.

Fab 5 were really surprised as to how their frnd remembered each and every detail abt nandini and told it to them.
But they were happy as they knew that many girls were mad after him but he never looked at them thinking that afterwards she come in between fab 5.
All the fab 5 had some family problems and hence they considered each other only as their family.

Precap: Fab 5 explore the city, manik still lost in his thoughts. Cavya first meeting.

Credit to: neha

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