Yaariyan Dildaariyan (Epi 2)


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At nandu house
(Nandu lives wid navya and two roomies eddie and izzie however they both dont have much role ryt now.)

Nandu and manik reach nandu’s place.
Nandu asks him to sit and goes to make coffee. Till she comes manik looks around at the house.
Soon she comes

Nandu: here have it.
They both sut on d sofa.
Manik: Ur house is quitr beautiful

Nandu: its not my house me and frnds live here on rent.

Manik : oh ….. Well so what do u do..?

Nandu: i am doing 3rd year MBBS in the South cross hospital.

They chit chat for some more tym.
Suddenly they hear someone shouting


nandu: am sorry …. Dats navya she always shouts lyk dat.
She excuses herself.

Manik POV
Looks lyk she does all d work in the house.
Well… She makes amazing coffee. But still if u all live together every1 should do the chores. Manik wat r u think. Get out of ur thoughts.

Nandu come back to find manik has already finished his coffee.

Nandu: will u wait for bf?

Manik : No i cant. I jave to go back to my hotel. My frnds must be waiting.

Manik leaved from there wishing her bye
and good day. Nandu also leaves for her regular work. Navya just woken up finds it odd to see her frnd nandu talkong so freely to a guy she just met. But she jerks the thoughts and leaves to get ready.

At the New aura hotel.
Mukti and aliya had been staying in one room and dhruv , cabir and manik in other. However dhruv wanted it differently.;)

All fab 4 were awake freshning up and
getting ready. They were waiting for manik as they knew hishabit of gng for an early walk.
Soon the fab 4 gathered for bf in the restaurant and saw manik ng through the

They werw surprised yo gind theor frnd smiling to the fullest which he rarely did.
They wished him goodmorning and he
wishes the same.

At the table
Cabir: so guys we have 3 concerts in two weeks so when should we practice.

And everyone discussed their plan. And
chit chatted for while.
Then everybody had their coffee mugs in hand except manik. Everyone one was shocked as they knew how much he
needed his coffee in the morning.

Dhruv: Buddy dont u want coffee?? U never skip ur morning coffee man.

Manik: i already had coffee.

Cabir: i doubt if any coffee shop would be
open at dis hour then how??
Manik: actually i had coffee at nan…
He stopped understanding wat he was abt to say gulped hard and again started.

Manik: yeah buddy u r ryt i just forgot to
have coffee in the tension of concert.

Nobody were satisfied with his answer
but decided to keep quite as they knew that he loved his morning coffee but will never drink coffee twice .
They finished bf.

The whole day fab 5 practised and hard and decided to explore the city later dat day.

Credit to: neha

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