Yaariyan-2 (by asheeyana)


The board exams ended, FINALLY!!!

@ ragini’s house,

Veeru: hello!!
Tara: hello?……u here
Jaya ( ragini’s mother): tara!!! Why r u asking like that ?
Veeru: she is jealous!!
Tara: ofcourse I will be ! whenever he comes u don’t give attention to me
Jaya: aww…….come here
(she hugs her)
Veeru makes faces.
Jaya: waise, hw were ur exams
Tarveer: great!!
Rag: really veer?
Veeru: ofcourse

Jaya: that’s great!
Veeru: ya but on the result day I will have my lunch and dinner here only
Jaya: okay!!
Tara: but why?
Rag: come on tara! After seeing his results, do u think vikram uncle will keep him at home
Tara and ragini give hi-fi to each other
Jaya too laughs
Veeru: jaya u r also laughing?
Jaya: sry.

Tara? Tara………….

Tara: papa?………………papa I’m here
Anand (tara’s father): hm……… I knew it!
Veeru: hello uncle
Anand: hello mr.veer, hw were ur exams
Veeru: great uncle!! (sarcastically)
Anand: mine were also great!!

Veeru: really?
Anand: yes, I was really weak in all this
Rag: uncle he is not weak, he is lazy!!!
anand: thats true!! and tara when r u coming home?
rag: uncle not today, we r having a sleepover party
anand: done!!! have a great time
veeru: wow uncle, i wonder why other fathers are not like u
anand: speak carefully even the walls have ears
everyone laugh at him

@ragini’s room

rag: so…whats the plan?
tara: we will watch a movie together, what say?
veeru: bad idea!!
rag: veeru whats cooking in ur mind?
veeru: wow yaar genie, u r really intelligent!…………………..how about a night adventure?
rag: what are u mad? , now at this time? u want to go out?
tara tell him its a stupid idea!
tara: i’m in!!!
veeru: thats like my girl!! give me a five✋
rag:no i am not coming

veeru: genie, dont be soo boring yaar, come on!
rag: no!!!
tara: ok then we both r going!
rag: what?
tara winks at veer
veeru: yes come tara lets go!!
rag: ok fine i will also come!!
tarveer: yippeeee!!!!!!


veeru: ok now do u guys know hw to climb a wall?
ragtara: no!!
veeru: ok so now i will teach u hw to do that!!
tara: veeru dont fool around!, if anyone comes thats it we r dead

veeru starts teaching them, tara listens carefully but then ragini loses
her temper that she opens the gate and goes out!! tarveer were seeing her with shock
tara gives veeru an angry glare and goes behind her followed by veer

veer: wow genie, see hw my training is working
ragtara: shut up!!!

( dont know what these guys r going to do now, keep reading)

ranveer- karan wahi
antara-nikita sharma
anand ( tara’s father)- mahesh thakur
asha (tara’s mother)- poonam dhillon
jaya (ragini’s mother)- reena kapoor
vikram (veer’s father)- sooraj thappar
anuja (veer’s mother)- sruthi ulfat

guys i need suggestions for antara’s younger sister and veer’s elder sister
plz help me out

and don’t forget to comment.

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  1. superb now what these crazy fellows will do

  2. haha ragini is like seedhi baat no bakwas love her

  3. Ragz_teju

    awesome…antara sister vinitha joshi
    veer sister shiny doshi

  4. Akshata


  5. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear…

  6. A.xx

    nice update soon .xx antara’s sister additi gupta (fun and bubbly) …
    veer’s sister mukti mohan (fun and bubbly ) or radhika madan (same).

  7. Astha

    super dear…….. comedy is ur backbone. really i liked it. gate scene is hilarious. last but not least sry for the late cmnt. now only i got free time to read ff. 🙂

    1. Asheeyana

      It’s ok aakka

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