Yaariyan-1 (by asheeyana)


It was the day before the 12th board exams started, everyone were busy studying except three- genie, tara and veeru.

Ragini (genie): stop it yaar!! (panting heavily) we can’t laugh anymore!!!
Antara (tara): and tmrw is our exams, let us study and u also go and study!!!
Ranveer (veeru): oh ho ho!! As if I am stopping u two from becoming NASA scientists, everytime u both score less marks in exams and put the blame on me
Genie: that’s bcoz before every exam u come and start ur nonsense
Tara: exactly!!
Veeru: exactly ki bachi!! ……….

Anuja: veer!!! Let them study . if ur dad comes to know u r disturbing them then u r gone.
Veeru: mom? If I am disturbing them then, why r they both here? Tell them to go to their houses. I am not disturbing them they r here because they want to hear me talk.
Tara: we came here to clear our doubts from aunty
Genie: yes and don’t forget she is an English teacher
Anuja: veer!!! Start studying, its time, ur dad will be coming home
Veeru: I am not afraid anyone.

Tara: oh really ?
Veeru: yes and by the way mom who named him vikram bhatiya? , he should’ve been named vikram ghatiya!!! ( starts laughing)

Tara and genie too start laughing like hell

Anuja: veer!!!
Veeru: jst kidding mom

Just then they all hear the horn sounds of a car

Tara and genie: uncle!!!!!!! ( start grabbing all their things )
And they both run to the back door and run out

(guys veeru’s house is in the middle and tara and ragini’s houses are on the either side and the houses are connected by a common passage at the back, so they can enter and leave through the back door)

Veeru: panicking) arey yaar, where is my book now ?
Anuja: someone was telling, “I am not afraid of anyone”
Veeru: mom!!! stop teasing me and tell me where my book is?
Veeru: got it !!! (and runs to his room and closes his door and starts his acting)

Vikram( veer’s father) comes inside and checks veer’s room first and sees him studying sincerely, he closes the door and comes back

Anuja: see how hard he is working, my son. (she praises him)
Vikram: in a cold voice) first tell him to keep the book straight and read
Anuja: what?
Vikram: he is keeping his book upside down

Anuja smiles at him and comes inside veer’s room

Anuja: veer!!!!
Veeru: what happened? Did he get impressed?
Anuja: hits his head, first keep the book straight!!
Veeru: sss, oh !!!eeeee (he smiles showing his teeth)

Anu gets irritated and comes out !! and smiles showing her teeth(like mother like son) to vikram who was staring her with full rage.


Tara and genie get ready and come to veeru’s house,

Vikram: hm….. ready ?
Tara: yes uncle!! Genie also nods smilingly
Vikram: very gud!!! I don’t know what that idiot is going to do (both giggle)………………………anyways all the best!!

He leaves to his office. And veeru comes out slowly.

Veeru: idiot’s son will be an idiot only!!

Genie and tara widen their eyes

Vikram from outside: did u tell something
Veeru: ah……..yes………have a nice day!!
Tara: veeru…u r impossible!!!
Genie: come fast we are getting late!!
Veeru: ya jst a minute.

To be continued………………………..

So guys ragini, antara and ranveer are best friends. They three share an unbreakable bond.
Lets see how the story moves .

Hope u all liked it,
Do comment,
Thank u.

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  1. Please use ragini instead of genie, easy to understand in future episodes,nice

    1. Asheeyana

      I will lovely and Genie is ragini’s Nick name

  2. Awesome

    1. Asheeyana

      Thank u ash

  3. really intersting what the story about and pairs

    1. Asheeyana

      The story is about three best friends, their college life, career and how they tackle their problems. It is just a feel good fiction with no complications?

  4. from which serial character of antara and ranveer taken?plz tell

    1. Asheeyana

      The name Antara is from do Dil ek Jaan and Ranveer is my imagination

  5. wow……..update next one soon dea……tc…welcome back

    1. Asheeyana

      Thank u Naomi, will update asap

    1. Asheeyana

      Thank you j

  6. Fairy

    Awww its a reallly sweet story…loved dere frndshp.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 .. n veer is sooo helarious hahahaha 😀 ..loved ragini 😉 waitng for nxt part eagerly.keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

    1. Asheeyana

      Awww thank u chooooooo much .keep loving

  7. Deesh

    fabulous story. good going!!

    1. Asheeyana

      Thank u deesh?

  8. interesting story loved it

  9. Astha

    Umma…….❤?? my chella thangachi is back with rocking entry…… U r just amazing ashu….. I laughed a lot…..illana mattum padhichikilichi nasa scientists ayrupinga ….. . Dialogue of the day ? ? ?

    1. Asheeyana

      Nandri akka, enga neenga padikka maateengalo nu ninaichen ….?

      1. Astha

        En thangachi du nan padhikama Vera yar padika pora…… ? I’m always with you dear

    2. Asheeyana

      Thank you…. Thank you?

  10. Sreevijayan

    Awesome start dear…lloved it sooo much…….

    1. Asheeyana

      Thank you sree

  11. Ragz_teju


    1. Asheeyana

      Thank you ragz_teju

  12. Akshata

    awesome,. loved their frndship

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