Yaarian (Dev & Durga) Episode 2

Yaarian (Dev & Durga)
Episode 2

Hello everyone. I hope u guys r enjoying it. If u guys r getting bored then feel free to comment. So here’s next episode:
Thakur house
We see a room. Walls r painted by in different colors. Room looks like rainbow. Pictures are all over walls. Window is on back side of room and a bed is front of window.
A girl is shown sleeping. She has smile on her face. Her face is covered by pillow.
Suddenly someone sit on her side and put hand on her head. He looked at her for while. Then left from there. He in Dayal Thakur.
A voice is coming from a room. Two peoples r talking. They r Aakash and Payal.
Payal- aakash: How am I looking?
Aakash- ahh!!

He saw her from bottom to top. She was wearing brown legging with maroon sleeveless top. She did bun on her low back neck and was wearing matching jewellry.
Payal- what’s wrong? How much time u will take to praise your wife. At least say something
Aakash- u r looking s*xy and smirks
Payal- Thanks for your compliment but I know that I am very s*xy and laughs.
Aakash- let’s go dad must be waiting
They both left and came to Dayal.
A&P- Good morning dad
Very Good morning.
Aakash- so dad what’s up? in high tone
Dayal- hit him on her head. can’t u speak in low tone
Aakash- why
Dayal- durga’s sleep will get disturbe. Don’t u have mind
Aakash- is she still sleeping? She never sleep till this long. Is she okay? Does she have fever? payal call the doctor and I will go and see her. in panic voice
Payal- aakash relax! She is absolutely fine.

Dayal- Haan she is fine. U know r her exams r finished. Vaise vi itne dinno ke baad chain se so rahi hai. Exams ke chakkar main thik se so vi nahi pa rahi thi. Samajhe!!!!
Aakash- oh that’s why
Payal- ji and smiles
Aakash- now u both stop pulling my leg
They sit on sofa and start talking.
A sweet voice came from back. Good morning
A girl is standing on back. She is wearing Skyblue churidar with small earrings. Her face was innocent like a kid and her were like sea. That anyone can get lost in her eyes. (A beautiful music was playing on background)
Dayal- Uth gai meri princess
Girl- Ji baba and hugs him
Aakash- Did u get good sleep?
Girl- haan bhai and hugs him.

Payal- what about me? Wouldn’t u give me a hug. Durga
Durga- Oh meri pyaari Bhabhi! How can I forget u and hugs her.
Ramu Kaka ( chef)- Food is ready
Durga- in childish voice I am soo hungry. Rats r running in my stomach.
Everyone smiles at her.
Aakash- even I am hungry.
They sat for breakfast. After breakfast.
Aakash- Durga now u r college is finished. What u wanna do?
Payal- yeah Durga What u think about joining business.
Durga- busi…ness. Her eyes are wide opened
Payal- Haan business. We cracked two new deals. I think u will best for those project. I mean u have to do something. So what’s wrong in joining business.
Aakash- yeah payal is right

Durga- but
Dayal- understands from her expression. So he said beta no one will force u to join business. U can do whatever u want.
durga- smiles and hugs him and said dad u r best.
Aakash- so did u already decided something?
Durga- Bhai u know I always want to become a doctor. And I…and stopped!!
Payal- what
Durga- actually when I went on a field trip two months ago. My teacher asked me to apply for internship at Umeed Hospital. And I applied for that. And guess what!!
Dayal- what
Durga- in excitement they called me for interview.
Aakash- what the hell? U didn’t even asked us? How u can be so irresponsible? he shouted
Durga- got scared and Bhai woh she was crying
Dayal- Aakash stop it.
Aakash- saw durga cry and went to her hugs her and Said I am sorry!! Don’t cry I can’t see u sad. U know that na. What u r not joining any hospital.
Durga- but bhai

Aakash- that’s final.
Durga- with puppy face. I know u don’t love me. U don’t care about me anymore. U r not my old brother who never says no to me. U r his duplicate. Where is my bhai and starts crying loudly.
Dayal and payal looked at her and she winked at them. They smiles.
Aakash- Stop your dramebaazi!!! Okay fine. When is your interview.
Durga- Tomorrow.
Aakash- Acche se tiyaari krlo and interview acche se dena. Samjhi
Durga- Bhai u r best bhai in the world.
Aakash- now stop buttering me.
They have a family hug!!!

Precap- Durga and Dev’s first meeting?

So guys how it was? Did u guys liked or not? Please do comment. R u guys excited for Devga’s first encounter?

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