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Hii everone.I’m a big fan of KY2- especially MaNan, they both looked so cute together. So I’m gonna write my own version of story, so pls bear with me and pls do comment if u like my story.

1. MANIK MALHOTRA :- a 21 yr old rich, spoilt, arrogant brat but only to the world. Though he has many friends but they all r friends for name sake as he is the richest, coolest and most popular guy in the whole college. He is a really good basketball player and is a captain of the college basketball team. The team has won many championships in his captaincy. He is in an on again off again relationship with Alia Saxena. They both never shared a mutual relationship and r together just for their physical needs. He shares a very strained relationship with both his parents and they too both r too involved in their lives that they barely pays attention on him. They both only provides him monetary facilities but he yearns for love.
2. NANDINI SINGH :- total opposite of Manik. 20 yr old Kind, gentle, polite, studious and apple of everyone’s eye in her family as she is the youngest of 5 siblings. Though being the youngest she is more mature than her siblings. Status is single. She is a tutor at the college’s TUTOR CENTER. Though she is very intelligent in studies, she is also good in singing and composing songs but she his her this talent behind her books only to be let out at right time. Best best friends with Anirudh.
3. ANIRUDH SHARMA :- Manik’s elder step brother. He is 6 months older to Manik. He loves to write and want be an ace writer. Secretly loves Alia but never had the guts to confess, only his best friend Nandini knows about his love status. He is good in both academics & sports especially basketball, he is a new recruit in the team. His mother is his IDIOL as she raised him up alone with the help of his UNCLE (father’s elder brother). He is as best as Manik & thus give a tough competition especially in basketball.
4. ALIA SAXENA :- She is Manik’s girlfriend, she is hot, s*xy, beautiful girl but a little reserved too. She never allows anyone near her unless she is fully convinced. She is best friends with Mukti actually they both r friends cum sisters, they too fight and sometimes it is big but they sort it out on their own as they really can’t live without each other. She is a painter and really really fond of music. She is not a singer but knows every kind of music.
5. MUKTI VARDHAN :- She is Alia’s best friend. She is s*xy, bold, beautiful – in all she is the bombshell of the college. Every boy of the college wanna be his boyfriend but her status is still single b’coz she didn’t got her kind of guy. She is an aspiring designer.

Other Characters –
1. DANISH MALHOTRA. :- Father of Anirudh & Manik. Was in a relationship with Ani’s mother but married Manik’s mom b’coz of peer pressure. A very big business tycoon. He was also a basketball player but could not play more b’coz of a leg injury that’s why he always pressurise Manik to lay well.
2. KETAN MALHOTRA :- Danish’s elder brother and Ani & Manik’s Uncle. Loved Ani’s mother since college but she always considered him as a good friend and he too fulfilled every responsibility of a friend. Really close to Ani. He was also a basketball player.
3. ANAMIKA MALHOTRA :- Danish’s wife and Manik’s mom. She & Danish never loved each other but she too married him forcefully. She finds peace in cooking & alcohol but is not a complete junky.
4. PIYALI SHARMA :- Ani’s mom. Never married and raised Ani alone with the help of Ketan. Runs a cafe called ‘FRIENDS CORNER’ & a club called ‘ TRIC’.
5. COACH SIKANDER SINGH :- basketball coach of the college since Ketan & Danish’s time and have been the witness of their lives throughout. Very supportive.

Manik’s Friend List –
1. Alia
2. Mukti
3. Robbie & his teammates & the cheerleaders.

Anirudh’s Friend List –
2.Markad (Man)
3.Sandeep (Sandy)
4. Jay.

So these are r my characters. There r more but I will introduce them later on as the story progresses. Pls do comment……pls..pls………pls…………..

Credit to: Kaavyaa

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