Yaariaan – Episode 3


Ever since Mukti has returned she has her eyes on Ani & she wanted him to be with her. Nandini has not yet told Ani that she is tutoring Manik.
Nandini called Manik at 6.30 in the morning to her house. She was in her backyard when Manik came with a Cracker Jack packet.
Manik :- good morning
Nandini :- morning. Let’s start & just get over with it.
Manik ( taking out a bracelet from d packet & making her wear it) :- don’t say I never gave anything to u.
Nandini :- there’s no need of it.
Manik :- keep it plz. Consider it as my ‘guru dakshina’.
Nandini :- thnk u.
Ani works in the garage with his Uncle KT as he is really fond of cars. Alia enters with her car to get repaired & is a little surprised to see Ani there. He told her to take the car by evening & she left with Mukti who came to pick her up. Alia, mistakenly left her art book in the car & Ani noticed it. He was a surprised to see her art work. The day passes as usual. In the evening Alia came to take her car.
Alia :- thnk u.
Ani :- my pleasure. (As she was abt to go, Ani stopped her) Alia wait. ( he returned her art book) u forgot it in the car this morning.
Alia :- oh I thought I misplaced it. Thnk u so much. (She again turned to go)
Ani :- hey Alia, ur Art matters.
Alia :- u saw it.
Ani :- yeah. U should take it out instead of locking them up in a book.
Alia :- thnks for ur advise but I don’t want it. Its my art & its up to me whether I should take it out or lock it so plz stop interference in my life. Got it.
Saying so she paid for the repair & left with her car whereas Ani smiled as he took out a pen drive from his pocket & thought in his mind ‘Alia, if my interference do some good for u then I’ll not back off’ saying so he opened his laptop & mailed the Alia’s art photos to ‘True Artist’magazine whose one branch is in the city.

Precap :- party at Nathan’s house.

Credit to: Kaavyaa

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