Yaariaan – Episode 2


Malhotra Mansion –
Manik & Danish were having their breakfast. Danish was as usual taunting Manik regarding his studies just then Anamika enters took her seat. After a while both Danny & Anny started arguing. Frustrated, Manik left for college.
After reaching college he was greeted by his frnds & Alia. Classes start & after few classes Manik draggedAlia forcefully to the fire exit area and started being physical. Alia pushed him feeling disgusted.
Alia :- Manik stop it.
Manik :- I haven’t started yet.
Alia :- Manik enough. I’m tired being a rebound person for u. U only need me whenever u require, u don’t love me anymore neither do i.
Manik :- of course I love u baby.
Alia :- Manik to whom u r lying? To me or your self. Manik we fight unnecessarily, we never have different views about everything, I’m not saying that we should have same views bit still. I think we should break up.
Manik :- fine if u need a break up, break up it is. And he turned around to go but Alia stopped him.
Alia :- Manik I don’t want to end up things b/w us on a bad note so if u r OK with us being only frnds. Saying so she forwarded her hand for frndship.
Manik ( shaking hands with her) :- frnds for life. Only frnds OK.
Alia (smiles) :- yeah only frnds.
Then they both came out & went to their ways. Mukti is back in town after 2 weeks & the first thing she did is to meet her best frnd cum sister I.e. Alia.
Alia :- hey Mukti! I am so glad to see you.
Mukti :- hi. I missed u. So what did I miss.
Alia :- not much – Firstly, Anirudh is in team & second I & Manik broke up.
Mukti :- wow second is the best thing happened but the first one is hard to digest.
Alia told her everything happened. After college Nandini was in the Tutor Center as the principal told her that there is a student who needs her help. She was waiting for her student & to her surprise Manik entered.
Nandini :- what r u doing here?
Manik :- i ‘m our student
Nandini :- what?
Manik :- I too reacted the same way but I was out of choices.
Nandini :- I can’t teach u.
Manik :- why? B’coz u r Ani’s frnd. See I know u don’t like me & don’t even wanna tutor me but i’m badly in need of a tutor as my grades r not so good. So plz plz help me.
Nandini :- fine I’ll help u. But I’ve some conditions.
Manik :- what conditions?
Manik :- One, me tutoring u shall be a secret & no should know it no one means no one not even Ani I’ll tell him myself. Two, now Ani being in the team u will not hurt him in any manner & if I get to know u did any wrong to him I’ll back out at that very second OK.
Manik :- done. So when will we start our classes.
Nandini :- give me ur phone.
Manik :- what?
Nandini :- relax I won’t run with it. (They both exchange their phones & feed their numbers in it.) I’ll call u & tell the time & place. Bye.
Manik :- bye. After she went Manik smiled evilly.
Manik is just using Nandini to hurt Ani as Nandini is Ani’s weakness ( guys Ani & Nandini r best frnds cum brothe- sister so plz don’t assume anything. There is only MaNan.)

Credit to: Kaavyaa

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