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Hey guys riya here i know u all want to kill me 4 late update but guys i am an iit student so i was so busy in my studies and still i am so i was not updating this ff and yah guys from today i will focus on this ff only after when it’s end will near then i will start my other ff hope u all will understand me so let’s start with a hot recap-


Episode start with ragini standing at the certain place,her maang was filled with laksh’s blood ,she was in a shockfull condition and here laksh who was standing infront of her notice that still some goons were behind them so to protect her laksh hold ragini’s hand and asked-

LAKSH- ragini run !!! they r coming ………………..

he try to dragged her but she was not in the stage of walking ,her foot were badly injured so that’s why she scream in pain-

RAGINI- aaahhh !!!!!!

she was about to fall but laksh hold her

LAKSH- what happen ragi……………

Then he notice her foot and understood her situation so as an ideal lover he pick her in his arm,ragini looked at him once ,he also look at her as eyelock happens but laksh broke the eyelock because he has to aware about surrounding environment then he start running slowly with ragini in his arm ,ragini was still looking in his eyes actually she was touched by his care,by his attitude and by his immense love which she has saw in his eyes 4 her ,song start playing in BG-


(Still laksh was running and still she was looking in his eyes and was admiring him )

SAJNE LAGE TAN BADAN…………………………………..

(Now it start raining so to proctect her from rain laksh pressed her against his chest and it was looking like someone’s mother is proctecting her child and ragini also burried her face into his chest a tear skipped from her eyes )


(Still they were walking like this again ragini look into his eyes and laksh also look at her, their eyes met)


(Now laksh saw a hurt nearby so he entered in it with ragini on his arm then he place her on the bed made of leaves and then he was about to leave but ragini hold his hand from back and laksh turn his face towards her-

RAGINI- plz don’t leave me…………………………..

Laksh simply similed at her innocence then he lean towards her and place a soft kiss on her forehead ,ragini closed her eyes tightly then he told her slowly near her ear-

LAKSH- don’t worry i am just going to buy some foods 4 u i know u r hungry and that because u r feeling week

With this he was about to leave again she hold his hand from back and a braod simile came on laksh’s face then he turn towards her –

RAGINI- plz……..

With this she start crying silently,tears were rolling down from her beautifull eyes continously and here laksh was not able to saw her in that condition so he immediately hug her tightly with closed eyes-

LAKSH- hey u r safe now ! nothing bad can happen with u when u r with me !!! so just relax plz stop crying plz………………

Then again he plant a soft kiss on her forehead ,then slowly slowly he goes near toward her face and rub one one of his cheek with other and then do the same with other,ragini closed eyes tightly and was feeling his touch then he said-

LAKSH- do u remember when i first did this u push me hard and i fell on ground but today u allow me to do this !! may i know the reason ?

He was saying all this in a teasing way and was looking towards her lovingly but instead of replying ragini hug him tightly and start crying heavily laksh also hug her back ,tears were also coming fom his eyes as if he was also feeling the same pain which she has to suffer these days then suddenly he scream in pain-

LAKSH- aaahhhhh !!!!!

Ragini break the hug and was looking at him ina questioning way

LAKSH- what ?? couldn’t u see my arm’s r paining badly due to that bullet’s touch

Ragini facial expression changes she was about to cry but laksh stop her-

LAKSH- plz ragini don’t cry because this will give me more pain in my heart than these wounds plz don’t cry i am wi…………………….

Before he could say more ragini interrupted him

RAGINI- open ur shirt !!!

LAKSH- what ??

RAGINI- i said open ur shirt simple !!

LAKSH- but why ?

RAGINI- i have to clear u r wound fastly open u r shirt

As she was saying all this laksh couldn’t stop himself and pulled her towards himself

LAKSH – i think u want to do romance with me and 4 that i will remove my trouser also what sayy ??

Ragini freed herself from his embrace-

RAGINI- plz laksh stop here everytime jokes doesn’t suit now plz remove u r shirt see still some blood r coming i have to stop this

LAKSH- ohk ! fine as u said

Then he tries to open his shirt but due to pain in his hand he was unable to do so –

LAKSH- see i am unable to remove it can u plz remove this 4 me

RAGINI- what ?? r u in ur senses ??

LAKSH – yah i am but that’s okay if ur not interested i can understand, ohk then let me wounded like this !! who cares ?? after some min there will be heavily blood loss and then i will die………………………………………………….

Before he could complete his line ragini put her hand on his mouth

RAGINI- never say this again………….

Both were looking in each other eyes then ragini broke the eyelock

RAGINI- ohk i am doing this but u have to stand staright did u get that ?

Lash simply nodded like a school going boy

With this ragini raised her hand towards him and was trying to remove his shirt with a distance but lash pulled her towards-

LAKSH- is this the way of removing a shirt now remove it (hold her belly tightly pulled her more toward himself ,their faces were few cm apart)

LAKSH- do it fast na ………………..

RAGINI- hmm……….

Then slowly slowly she unbuttons all his shirt ,ragini was feeling extremly shy and here our hero was stairing at her with lots of luv in his eyes then 4 a second she turn back and then laksh hug her from behind ,his touch made her to shiever she was feeling something strange in her heart

LAKSH- what happen feeling shy ? haan ,i think u should now used to my touch because only i will touch u like this (with this he place his head on her shoulder)

Ragini suddenly freed herself from his embrace ,she was breathing heavily then laksh hold her belly from her back ragini closed her eyes tightly

RAGINI- plz laksh leave me i have to cure u r wound

Then she free herself from his touch and goes towards a tree then after a min she came with a leaves of mint and start crushing it from her hand-

LAKSH- what r u doning ragini ?

RAGINI- i am making medicine 4 ur wound

Suddenly a flashback appears on laksh mind-

A 9 yr lado and 12 yr lucky were standing at the starting point of racing track-

LADO- r u ready lucky ?

LUCKY- lucky is always ready !!

LADO- ohk then 123…….

Then both start their race ,lado was ahead than lucky

LADO- ha ha !!! what happen lucky show me u r strength

LUCKY- plz stop this na lado and let me concentrate look in ………………….

Then suddenly he collided with a large stone that was present on his path and fell on floor ,seeing him at that condition lado ran towards him

LADO- what happen lucky ?? show me u r leg oh god it’s bleeding

LUCKY- hmm… now what to do it’s paining also

LADO- don’t worry keep patience i will do something

With this lado went and then came with a leaf of mint and then after crushing it she put this over lucky’s wound

LADO- lucky relax now u will get relief this will cure u r wound

LUCKY- but lado how did u know all this ??

LADO- arrey buddhu !!! my baba used to cure my wound like this whenever i got hurt

LUCKY- oh i see but lado do u know there is something also which will cure my wound with perfection do u know what ??

LADO- no

LUCKY- ur hug duffer !!

LADO- awww now come

Then they both gave a bone crushing hug to each other !!!


Here laksh who’s wound were treated by ragini suddenly turns towards her and hug her tightly with closed eyes ,tears were rolling down from his eyes,here ragini who was about to hug him back but stop suddenly when laksh interrupt

LAKSH(hugging her )- lado !!! my lado !!

Ragini’s eyes got widened hearing this an expression full of shock came on her face !!!!!!!!!!!

Episode end on ragini’s shockfull face


Credit to: riya kapoor

  1. pinkChocolate

    Awww Riya! Each time I fall for the Lucky and Lado part soooo much?It was toooo good?

    1. thanx dear 4 ur lovely comment

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    1. first of all thanx ammu and yah dear it’s end is not so near there is lots of twist and turn

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    ur a best writter !! hats off and salute to u !!

    1. first of all bone crushing hug from me namratha always u r comment made my day dear luv u a lot dear plz always share ur views like this i am glad u find some talent in this stupid creature

  15. Nice. Riya is there any other place where other ff are uploaded. I mean may ff which i read is missing. Sindhu where is ur prem deewana? Riya pls me if there is any sites like that. Lubed ur ff. I tjink laksh will choose swara

    1. first of all i don’t know anything about that genita and yah u can ask link 4 ff like if ur fond of prem dewana then u can ask link from sindhu and in this way u can read past all episode dear and yah thnx 4 ur comment dear and sorry 4 late replying

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  22. An intense serial romance. So he identified his laado.
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