Yaad aati hai vo. OS.Part 2


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Part ll
So lets start…….

Sanskar- Swara .I love u. And I know that u don’t love me but please don’t think it in other way . I really love you. And it ur decision . Iwill not force u and l will also not tell anyone about it.
Swara just smiles.
Sanskar(surprise)- Why r u smiling? Aren’t u angry?
Swara- and Why should be l angry ? I know that u like me.
Sanskar(shock)- What, u know that. But how?
Swara- If anyone show these much care for a girl who met just 6 months before then what u expect . A friendship or more than that.
Sanskar(hesitate)- Swwaraa . Whats ur answer.

Swara was silent.
Sanskar- U can take time as much as u want. I don’t have any problem.
Swara(concern)- Will u understand me.
Sanskar- I always understand u swara.
Swara- Sanskar. I respect u and ur feelings. But l’m not made for all these and this is the age we just got attracted towards each other. These things only give pain in some way or other way.
You no why I said l don’t make best friends.
Sanskar nods in no.
Swara- Bcoz best friends and bf/gf only gives pain to their love ones. If ur bf/gf cheats u and broke u trust and heart then also u are in pain or when u r being separated from them then also u get only pain. And same applies with best friend also. In my view being in friendship is far better than being in relationship bcoz friends are the only ones who support and give strength in these type of situation. There are only few who are able to maintain balance between their friendship and relationship and most of them either loose their friends or their bf/gf or best friends.And most imortantly focus on ur board exams as it is X class. So my answer is no. But don’t feel sad I will always be there for u as a friend and plz don’t think that by all this our friendship will break. Bcoz for me friendship is more than these relationship.Sorry…sorry ..I had told u enough lecture. U might get bored.

Sanskar(smile sadly)- No. Nothing like that..Infact I like to listen ur talks whether it is a scolding or a lecture.. But the happiness that u got being with them can not explain in words.
Swara(smiles)- pagal. And thank u for understanding me.
Sanskar (smiles)- ur welcome and thank u to u also.
Swara- for what?
Sanskar- for not getting angry.
Bell rings.and the period geta over.
Swara- Lets go and stand in line.

Sanskar- sure. Come.
They both move from there and stands in separate line.

All the children comes back to the class..
Sahil- so swara what was ur answer to Sanskar.
Sanskar was giving death glare to sahil.
Swara(cutely)-As a friend yes but not more than that.
Sahil was going to ask another ques. But sanskar intruppted
Sanskar-Just keep ur mouth shut or I will put
all the chalks in ur mouth that are kept on the table.
In the mean time an announcement was made by the monitor.
Monitor- This is to inform u all that ur SA-I examination will be conducted from 24 october 2016. Dates of examination had been put up on the notice board with syllabus of every subject and some other information.
Laksh- Exams..Exams.exams. Just only we had given our practical exams. Then this Sa-l and that also in one month only.

Nikhi- No problem dude. We can score good marks if we study from now only.
Sahil(smiling)-I have a solution to these exams. Like election are held after every 5 years exams should also be conducted in every five yeats only.
Laksh(mocking)- Then we are going to rot in one class only.
Swara- Ok Guyys….. now plz Stop. we should go and check the shedule of examination.
In all these Sanskar was just stairing Swara.

Like this whole 1 month pass. All the students got engaged in their studies. But whenever they get bored or tired or get time; they never leave any chance to do pranks on teachers

One week before the examination.
Kavita- Yaar.… This new teacher is a hitler. We shoud do something or she will eat us in raw form only.
Kavya- I have an idea.
Kavita- Your ideas r useless like u only. So plz u don’t think anything regarding this.
Swara- Guyys. U all be here .
Sahil- Where r u going?
Swara- Wait and watch.
Swara said something to Laksh which is audible to him only.hearing that a bright smile come on his face.
Laksh-Swara I will also come with u
Sanskar- Can l also company u two.
Swara and Laksh look each other and then Laksh said.
Laksh- Ok . Come.
They all three leave the class.
Sanskar- What r u two going to do?
Swara-Have patience Sanskar.
Laksh- I’m goig to get it from mjy friend.

Laksh goes from there.
Swara- Have u any type of plastic insect.
Sanskar- I don’t have but one of the student who come by our van bring it daily.
Swara- Can u ask it for giving us for today. I will return u when the school gets over.
Sanskar- Ok . As u wish.
Sanskar goes to ask it from him.
In the mean time Laksh comes and shows his hand to Swara
Swara- Good. Laksh u be here l’m going to get thread from craft room.
Swara goes from there .
After sometime both come to Laksh.
Sanskar-Swara. Take these.
He handovers something to her. She takes it and smirks

Trio move from there. They come to class some another teacher was there. She ensures both of them throughher eyes not to say anything .
Swara- Ma’am . May be come in.
Ma’am- Come in. (She stop them)From where u three are coming.
Swara- Ma’am I went to take my art book and they went to stitch his (pointing towards sanskar) pant.
Sanskar and laksh look at swara with fake anger while swara make innocent face and giggles.
Ma’am- Ok go and sit down.
Trio sit at their place.Teacher give revision to do and she gets busy in checking the copies.
Kavita- Where were you all?
Swara- Sorry. We took a little more time. But no problem u would see real masti after rhis period. And now do u work or she will scold us.

Period ends.
Swara said something to Laksh and Sanskar.
They move towards teacher table and start doin their work. All student see them with wide students.
Swara(loudly)- Friends plz corperate. Don’t say anything to that hitler . Plz.
Swara move towards the door to see that the teacher is coming or not.
Swara- Laksh, Sanskar be fast or that hitler will come.
Laksh – one minute Swara.
Both done their work.
Sanskar- Swara . Work is done.
Swara- Ok . Come .
They all sit at their places.
Whole class was quiet not because of the hitler but bcoz of their prank that are doin on her.
Teacher comes.
All students wish them .
Ma’am- What happen? Is something special that u all r quite today.
Kavita-Yes Ma’am.
Ma’am- What kavita.
Swara giving her look what the hell r u going to do.
Kavita( cutely)- We r tring to be good students from now onwards.
All laugh in their mind hearing her reply.
Ma’am- Ok..ok…leave that today I will take an oral test of history.
She keep her book and a paper on the table.
Swara- Can we switch on the fan? We all r feeling ver hot.
All students(shouting) -Yes ma’am.
Ma’am- Ok u can.
Swara goes to switch board to on the fan. As soon as on the fan electricity was gone.
Swara(murmuring)-Not now.
She comes back to her seat making an upset face.
Just then teacher raised her head to ask the ques ; then electricity comes, a lizard jumps from the fan to infront of the teacher and the teacher gets afraid and jump back. In all these her spectacles fall down
All students lauugh at her. But this is not enough suddenly she saw many lizards and spider coming towards as she was not wearing her glasses.
The teacher thought like she was in the man v/s wildlife show.. Suddenly she felt something on her shoulder without looking what was it. She flew from there like an aeroplane.
Seeing this all children laugh holding their stomach.

Kavita(laughing) – What…..was…..that…guyyyysss.
Kavya- Lizard got scared of lizard. Interesting.
Laksh- And all the credit goes to Swara.
Swara- No it was both of u who have done it . So all the credits are not for me.
Sahil- Ok..ok control guyys or the next teacher will find out that we were only the one who had done that prank.
Sanskar- But it was too much. What happen if she come tobknow that webhad done that.
Swara- Being in X class and not doing any prank . Does not tell that we all r X students . Right guyyysss. So chillll Sanskar.
They all move back to their seat.

Whole day passes and the school gets over.
As usual Swara was with Ragni near her bus telling about their prank . Sanskar bids bye to her and move out of the school. Its his daily routine to bid bye to her in the dismissal time whenever he sees her and she also never get annoyed or angry of it.
Ragni- U know Swara. He cares for u a lot. He even get jealous when u r with Laksh.
Swara- Ragni. Plz I don’t want to start that topic again.Plz.
Ragni- okk.okk. accha all the preparartions are done for the Sa-I .
Swara- Nope. Some topics are still left. Ok bye then see u on the date of examination
(They r given one week holiday for the preparation of examination .)
Both bid bye to each other and move towards their bus.

All students work very hard to score good marks in the examination . They all give their examination and were free from all worries. But they all were not able to meet together or spent time together. So they were eagerly waiting for school to reopen.

When school reopens.
They all meet each other
Sahil- So how were ur holidays.
Laksh(mocking)- What holidays Sahil. The report card was disturbing me in these days as if they were saying that beta now where u will run. I’m coming to give u 440 volt shock on Report card distribution day.
Swara- So bad na.
Laksh(making faces)-Bad is also very less . It would be worst of worst.
All r laughing listening laksh and swara conversation.
Kavita- vesa Swara . From when u know Laksh and Ragni.
Swara(smiling)- From class VIII .
Kavita- Thats why ur bonding with them is so strong.
Swara-U know .the hitler left the school adter one day of our prank.
Sanskar- I heard that she got a job in government school.
Kavya- whatever it was . But the fact is that now we do not have to bear her.
Swara(sadly)- Guyyss . I want to tell u all something.
Laksh-That u r leaving this school after ur X .

Sahil-But why?.
Swara-Actually my dad had been posted to Lucknow in the summer vacation only. And me and my mom are living here alone as I couldn’t shift in X class thats why.
Kavya(angry)- And u r telling us now.
Swara(innocently)-I thought to tell u all in the month of january but as classes will be closed from mid of december for us I thought to tell u all now.
Sanskar just moves inside the class .
All become sad hearing this.
Swara- This is the only reason why I’m hesitating to tell u all. Ek to vo pagal hai jo emotional hokar chala gaya aur ek tum log ho. Ooo god…why I came back here .
Kavita- Done with u drama. Now come inside the class.

Although two and half months were left but they have to give their FA-lll AND FA-IV and there were lot of festivals in second term so there were less working days. So they don’t know how time passes.
It was the last paper of FA-IV .They were happy as they are now free for 3-4 days and they could do lot of masti. But they little know that a pattaka(cracker) was waiting for them by the principal.
Swara- Why no teacher is teaching any thing.
Sahil- Arre I think they want to give us time for relax and do lot of fun.
Kavita- Noo way our principal is akharu. How he could give time to do fun.
Swara(worried)- Why I-m feeling that it isnour last day.
Kavya- No yaar. Some topics are still left in physics and maths . How could the school management closed the school without completing the syllabus.
Swara-Actually boys damage school properties, and most of the students bring phones & camera on the last day to show thwir happiness. Thats why they either close the school for classX without telling them or end it by calling two sections together at one time.
Laksh- Previous year they call section bys.
In the mean time principal comes in the class..
Prici-Good morning children
Students-Good morning sir
Princi- sit down.
Princi- All students are in the class or anyone is out.
Monitor- Yes sir. Everyone is there in the class.
Princi- From 15 January ur pre-board will start . So ……school will be closed from tomorrow onwards and today is ur last working day. So children this will be ur preparation leave. So study well and do well in ur exams. U all have to come directly on 15 . Any change in schedule will be informed to all of u by message.
Pricipal leaves from the class and all were sad thinking that it was their last day.
Sanskar-This is not fair.
Sahil.- But what we will do now. We will not able to meet excluding the exams day.
Swara- Guyys .. Can u all give me ur phone no,email-id to be in touch.
Laksh- Ok we will give in a paper.
Swara- Thanks. And lets go to canteen in interval.

Kavita- For what?
Swara- For treat.
Kavita- On what ocassion that we will not able to meet and ur going after X.
Swara-Nope. For rembering this day.
Sahil- And what about money?
Swara- I have that money by which I can buy patise and a cold drink for all of us.

In the interval all of them moved to canteen for the treat. Suddenly they heard a sound of burningof crackers. They smile because thay know a lot of things are going to happen today.
They reavh the school canteen ; had their lunch and come back to class.
As soon as they enter they were shocked to see the scnerio. All over the class cake was thrown here and there and all students are putting it on eavh others face.
Swara- Some kind of party is going on here(laughing).
Kavita- Please..guyyys clean this mesh before the interval ends.
Then all the students who have done it cleabs the class room.
Like this whole day pass , with little bit of fun and masti..

They all bid bye to each other with heavy heart. Some of them even have tears in their eyes but they have to go back.

They don’t know how time passes………. They give their pre-board, board.…
After that swara shifted from Kolkata to Lucknow. It was difficult to adjust there but she have to do this. New place, new srrounding, new school, and most importantly new friends. It takes time to settle there but at last she was scuessfull in that

One day she just want to talk to her all the friends. She was very happy to talk to them . Listening what is happening there, their pranks on teachers, and many more.
At last she call Nikhil.
Nikhil- Hello. ……… Who is this?
Swara- Hi…Swara
They talk casualy for sometime.
Swara- So now also sanskar is ur best friend?
Nikhil- No
Swara- Why.
Nikhil- Bcoz he made a gf and all the time he was with her only. Everything just changed after 10 class. She is a witch, chuaidl, dayan. and many more
Swara-Ok…ok stop cursing her . What was her mistake that u r cursing her that much..
Nikhil- She just became a barrier between me and him not only me but all other friends . I can’t tolerate her . Thats why I hate girls..
Swara- Ok cool down buddy. But for this reason u can’t hate anyone.. by the way what is her name?
Nikhil- Kelly
Swara-Can u tell me something about her
Nikhil-She is here till class VIII and then oin anoher school for two years then came back to this school
Swara-I think I know her she was in class VIII-C. But she os so sweet and she is good in studies.
Nikhil- Sweet vo never.
Swara- Ok…ok change the topic. So hows ur studying going.
Swata-I talk to u later . Mom is calling me. Ok. Bye- Bye and good night, sweet dreams.

Here. In Lucknow.
Sanskar- Hi Ragni.
Ragni- Hi. Any work.
Sanskar- kyu can’t I talk with u.
Ragni- No nothing like that.
Sanskar- Ha vo actually I want the photo which u had posted a week ago on fb.
Ragni- Which photo?
Sanskar- It was of Swaras .
Ragni.- But how do you see that pic. I mean ur not added in my account.
Sanskar- Vo. Laksh is added na so in mutual sharing it was shown.
Ragni – Ok u send me the request.Then i will give u her pic.
Sanskar- ok thanks. Bye.
Ragni- Bye.

In the evening Sanskar sends the request and she accept it so he message to Ragni.
Sanskar-Hi Ragni.
Ragni-Hi. And wait a minute I’m sending the pic. And by the way why u want her pic.
Sanskar- asea hi. U r the best friend of Swarq na.
Ragni- No, she is my best friend and l’m her close friend.
Sanskar- So Swara se baat hoti hai.
Ragni – Ha hoti hai. By the way why did u hesitating to talk to me.
Sanskar- yuuu hi.
Ragni- That means Kelly don’t like when u talk to any other girl.
Sanskar- Hmmm.

Ragni- U know that Swara knows about Kelly.
Sanskar- She knows. But she never told me that she knows it.
Ragni- She doedn’t want to feel you sorry. Thats why she didn’t tell u. Infact she also know the bonding between u and nikhil.
Whenever we talk she tells me what happened there and she know each incident of urs whenever u neglect ur friens bcoz of kelly.
Sanskar- I know that but I don’t want to break up my relationship bcoz now no one is there for me with whom l can share my sorrows, my paina nd my happiness.When she was there l used to share her or share with Nikhil but now neither swara is there nor nikhil.
Ragni- She is just like that only.
Sanskar- Thanks.
Ragni- for what.
Sanslar- for talking to me. Bcoz now I feel little bit relax.
Ragni- Can l give u an advice.
Sanskar- Why not.
Ragni- U talk to swara.
Sanskar- But I don’t have courage to speak her. She warn me about the consequences of beingvin relationship but l couldn’t able to control myself. She always says that only few are there who could maintain balanve bwtween them and who could not loose one thing. And I lost my best friend.
Ragni-Ok.. Bye. And dorget whatever happened and be happy.
Sanskar- yaah. Ok bye and thanks a lot.
Then both goes offline.

After that Sanskar put headphones and listen radio fm.
RJ- Anjali is back to back with 2 songs. Meri mhabooba from Pardesh.

Kisi roz tumse Mulaakaat hogi
Meri jaan uss din
Mere saath hogi
Magar kab naajaane
Yeh barsaat hogi
Mera dil hai pyaasa
Mera dil akelaa Zara
tasveer se tu Nikal ke saamne aa
Meri mehbooba
Meri taqdeer hai tu Machal ke saamne aa Meri mehbooba 5 Kisi roz tumse Mulaakaat hogi

Kisi roz tumse
Mulaakaat hogi
Meri jaan uss din
Mere saath hogi
Magar kab naajaane
Yeh barsaat hogi
Mera dil hai pyaasa
Mera dil akelaa
Zara tasveer se tu
Nikal ke saamne aa
Meri mehbooba
Meri taqdeer hai tu
Machal ke saamne aa
Meri mehbooba ( 5)
Kisi roz tumse Mulaakaat hogi
Zara tasveer se tu
Nikal ke saamne aa
Meri mehbooba

SWARA no one can take ur place u were my true love, u r my true love and u will be my true love. Kaash tum na jati to ye sab kuch nahi hota. Although u didn’t accept my proposal but l was happy with ur friendship but now neither u r there nor ur words to pacify me. Zara tasveer se tu. Nikal ke saamne aa
. Meri mehbooba.



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Thank u .

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