Yaad aati hai vo. OS.Part 1

Hhhhiiiiiiiii everyone I’m back again .Its a os of two parts .

Characters are same as the real one i’m not going to add any of the new characters…
Swara, sanskar, ragni, laksh, sahil, nikhil, kavya ,kavita are all class mates and studies in X class in same section.
Swara , ragni are not sisters and same applied to sanskar & laksh.
Swara’s parents are sharmistha and ajay

So lets start ……..
A class was shown in which a boy was struggling hard to make his tie , a girl enters and keep her bag on desk and said.
Girl-what happened sanskar ? Any problem ?
Yes he was Sanskar.
Sanskar- ha vo swara my tie knot got open
& i’m not able to make it again.
Swara – give it to me .
He passes the tie to swara. In this whole process he was just stairing her while she was busy in making the tie knot
After few minutes she handover the tie to him
Swara- sanskar your tie.
Sanskar ( takes it .)- Thank u.
Swara-your welcome
And she moves out of the classroom while sanskar was just stairing her till she dissappears from his sight.
He then get busy in his books.

After half an hr an announcement was made to call all the students for the assembly in the assembly area.
All the students gather there according to their classes ; do their pray and then go back to their respective classes.

All the students were talking , laughing & shouting when suddenly teacher comes.
Teacher- Good morning students.
All the students stand up and wish the teacher.
Students- Ggoood mmooorrnning mmaa’aam
Teacher- Its not ur music class that u all start singing .sit down.
Students- Ttthhaaannkkkk -uuuu maa’aam.
Teacher (murmuring)- they will never improve.
After that teacher takes the attendence .Teacher- Today i will show ur Fa-1 science paper so please keep quiet.
Teacher distibutes the paper to all students and all of them start seeing their answer sheets and clearing their doubts regarding marks.
Sanskar- how much u got swara.
Swara- 19
Sanskar- U hust arrived one day before the examination and u got 19 and i got 18.5.
Swara- Nothing like that u also got same just 1/2 marks less.
Sanskar- then also. U helped me in it if u have not helped then i would got 16.
She just smiles and he goes as the teacher calls him to submit his paper. After that swara went to submit her paper.

Like that first four period passes and lunch break comes.
Some students are eating their lunch , some are gossiping, some are playing ,some are busy in roaming the school with friends.
Laksh – Sanskar how much u got in science paper.
Sahil- But u told that u have not studied then how it can happen.
Laksh- Aree he was just telling that to us only but studied everything in the home only. Hai na.
Sanskar- No not at all . Swara helped me . She told me an answer of 2 marks and one fill in the blanks. Infact if she had not told me then i would not have got more than 16
Laksh- She is like that only.
Kavita- If ur talking session is finished can we eat our tiffins
All -sure .
They all move towards their seat to take their lunch and sit together.
Swara- Guuys can u all finish my lunch i have to go to meet ragni and if lunch will not complete then my mima (mom) will surely kill me.
Laksh- Swara u will never change . You do same thing in IX also.
Swara (moving out of the class) – thank u and please finish it . Bye and ha sorry.
Sahil- what are u talking about laksh.
Laksh U don’t know about her. She gave her lunch to her friends and jush roam with ragni

All just finish theirunch withe small jokes and gossips.

The interval finish and all the students get back to their seat for next class.
Next period starts and the teacher enters the class and students wish them
Students- good morning ma’am
Students- good morning and sit down
Students- thank u ma’am
Teacher – take out the copy and note down the questions that i’m dictating and solve them
Swara (doing mimicry of teacher in low voice)- and those who are disturbing elements of the class, please move out if u want to talk or i will write ur names and give it to ur class teacher.
Ma’am- and those who are disturbing elements of the class, please move out if u want to talk or i will write ur names and give it to ur class teacher.
Sanskar and sahil laughs on seeing the mimicry of swara but they somehow control their laughter.
Nikhil- ma’am please give the questions.
Kavita- He always try to impress every teacher.
Kavya- yeah! Right but he is good in maths.

Ma’am dictates the question and all the students start solving it.
Sanskar and Nikhil (together)-Ma’am proved.
Laksh- Khud kar liya to kiya sab karlege. Chup-chup baitho(if u had done than this means all have done. Just sit quitely.)
Swara- ma’am done.
Sahil – all are like this only.
Ma’am – all have solve the given questions
Some students said yes while other say no.
Ma’am- Swara come and solve the quesyion on blackboard. She goes and solve it on blackboard and comes back to her seat.
Like this next three period also pass and the school gets over.
They all bid bye to eacb other and leave from there.
Swara and Ragni meets near their bus lane.
Ragni- Swara . How was ur day?
Swara-As always good.
In the mean time sanskar comes.
Sanskar- bye swara. See u tomorrow.
Sanskar leaves as he goes by private van.
Ragni- I always feel that
Swara-that he likes me.
Ragni- hmm.
Swara- see ragni I don’t want to mess my friendship for this nonsense relationship.
Ragni-i know that swara. Ok bye or we will miss our buses.
They botb go to their bus .

At swara’s home.
Swara- mom i’m going for coaching.
Sarmistha-ok go and ur dad will pick up from ur coaching institute.
Swara-ok bye
Sarmistha- Bye.
After 3 hours she came and just went to go sleep bcoz she was tired.
Somi-swara. Ur phone call .
Swara takes the phone in sleepy tone.
Swara- hhhelllooo.
Os- ha swara.
Swara -yes sanskar. Tell why did u call ?
Sanskar- Can u bring the information of science project as we have to submit it in 1 week.
Swara- Sure.
Sanskar- ok bye and sorry for disturbing ur sleep .So good night.
Swara- How do u know that i was sleeping.
Sanskar- I know everything. No go and sleep bye.
Swara- bye and good night.
She cuts the call and sleep.
Here sanskar keeps the phone on table and gets into flashback.

It was the day of their first paper which is of science.
Sanskar roll no. was first then after it was of swara. They were seating according to their roll no.
Sanskar did not about swara as she took re-admission in the school and sanskar was new admission but he took admission from the first day only where as swara took re-admission she miss her 1 month class.
Sanskar(he slightly turn his head back and speak in very low volume)- Excuse me can u tell me the answer of 2nd fill in the blank.
Swara(she raised her head)- large intestine.
Sanskar- Ok thanks
Swara- Any other ques u want to ask.
Sanskar- Ha vo 2 ques of ll part.
Swara tells him the ans.
After the paper ends.
Swara- Laksh how was your paper?
Laksh – Good but i left 2 fill in the blank.
Swara- U could had asked me.
Laksh-Let it be na swara.
Swara- hmmm.
She leaves from there.
Sanskar comes towards Laksh.
Sanskar- I want to ask something.
Laksh- Please i don’t know the ans of any question.
Sanskar (smiles)- No..no.. I want to ask about swara not any ans of any ques.
Laksh- Go ahead Sanskar.
Sanskar- Vo how is swara in studies and she came yesterday only but she is very friendly with you and some other students.
Laksh- she is intelligent and she is not new to this school. She was there till 9 class but she was transferred from here to other branch of our school due to some personal problem.
But why r u asking about her?
Sanskar- aesa hi.
Sanskar was smiling remembering the first meeting with swara.

Next day
They all meet in the class .
Sanskar-Swara vo information that i have told u to bring it yesterday.
Swara- 1minute sanskar. I will give.
She handovers the information.
Nikhil-Sanskar can u come with me to class 9.
Sanskar-why? want to meet ur gf.
Nikhil (angrily)- Sanskar.
Sanskar- ok..ok.. sorry . Come we will go.
They both move out of the class.
While all other chit-chat with each other.
Swara- Ok guyys . I’m going as i have to do some work.
She moves to her seat and all the other students also move towards their seat.

Sanskar- Nikhil. What u think about Laksh.
Nikgil. – why? What happen? Any problem.
Sanskar- No just normally.
Nikhil- Feeling jealous.
Sanska-No yaar just . Swara is very friendky with Laksh and she always with him only in games period.
Nikhil- See Sanskar this all relationship are useless but still it bothers u just say everything to swara.
Sanskar- Thanks for advice Nikhil. U r my best friend.
Nikhil- But plese Sanskar be away from girls bcoz they just know to break friendship and break hearts of innocent boys.I’m not talking that Swara is like that but plz be carefull.
Sanskar- Hmmmm….. but u mean that i’m innocent.
Nikhil- No u r not innocent but u r innocent in these type of relationship.
Sanskar- see class IX cones .Go and ask about ur book .

Like this six months pass. All are enjoying their school life doing masti , pulling each other legs , teasing and pranks on teachers as well as on other students.
One day they were in the games playgroun after their lunch break as it was their games period.
Kavita-what we will play today. There is no volleyball today.
Sahil- yeah! And there is no fooltball also.
Kavya- Lets play truth and dear. As teachere is also busy in some work so he will not scold us.
Nikhil- Please. Guys I’m not interested at all
Sanskar- Yaar plz u alsi play na.
Laksh- Leave it Sanskar . We will all play. Where is swara .
Kavita- She went to meet Ragni.
In the mean time Swara comes .
Swara-Whats up guyss . What r u all playing?
Laksh – Truth and dear.
Swara- Ok continue. I’m going.
Laksh-Yaar plz na play .
Swara (smiling)- ok.
They all sit in the play ground which was with green grass.they sit making a circle.Laksh was seating opposite toSwara who is seating next to kavita then after Kavya then sahil then sanskar and some other students of class. While Nikhi was just behind Sanskar ; just watching the game.
Sanskar- but how we will play as we don’t have anything to rotate .
Laksh- I have pen.
(Guys I will just add few names but for only this game , they are not needed for futher story.)
Sahil take the pen and says.
Sahil- See …
Swara(smiling)- what we see sahil.
Sahil- Plase not now . Or the period will get over and we will not able to play.
Kavita- Sahil. U r only wasting time.
Sahil. Ok..ok. sorry. So where I was.
Swara- see.
Sahil(fake angry)- Sswwara.
Sanskar – U all fight . Give me pen I will rotate it.
Sahil – no.no. Not needed.ha I was telling that to whom the cap side come will ask the ques and to whom the nib side come, the ques will ask from that person. Ok so clear now start the game .
Sahil rotates and the nib comes towards kavita and the cap come towards sahil.
Sahil.- So ..Miss kavita what will u take from truth, dear,stairing & situation.
Kavita – Situation
Sahil – let u r in cinema hall. And u have an extra seat wiith u as u asked one of ur friend to come but for some reason she/he is not able to come. So to whom will u give the seat andit should present amongvus and most importantly it should be a boy.
Kavita(smirking)-I will.
Sahil- U will call me.
Kavita-Not at all . I will keep my sandles and it is better to keep my sandles then to call u.
All laughs listening her reply.

Next Kavita rotates the pen and it stops on Laksh and swara . Nib was towards laksh while cap was towards swara.
Swara- So Laksh what will u chose?
Swara-Ok . With whom.
Laksh- U
Swara- Please laksh. Not with me. U know na I’ m very bad in stairing.
While all other starts shouting Swara..swara…laksh…laksh.
Swara- Ok . But I’m going to loose.
Laksh just smile
Kavya- Ok ready guyys.3…2….1….
Swara and Laksh are stairing each other .
Swara- Laksh I will not leave u.
Laksh- First catch me.
Swara was smiling and some what feeling shy.
After 1minute.
Swara( tears come out of the cornervof her eyes)-Laksh l’m backing off .
Laksh- ok.ok.. So l’m the winner.
Next Laksh rotates the pen and the nib comes towards sanskar while the cap come towards
Kavya- .so..
Sanskar- mmm… truth.
Kavya- So tell us who was ur gf in previous school.
Sanskar( looking towards Swara)- No l don’t had any gf jist l had crush on of my classmate.
Kavya – ok..
Next Sanskar rotates the pen and now the nib comes towards swara while the cap come towards Mehak.
Swara- truth
Mehak- Who is ur best friend in boys and girls.
Swara- First l don’t make best friends I justvmake close or good friends. And it would be Ragni on girls and Laksh in boys.
Mehak- Ok Raaagni and Laaakkkksshhh(extends the last word).
Now swara rotates the pen and the nib again come towrds Laksh while the cap come towards Swara.
Laksh – dare.
Swar( smirking)- Ok u have to go and say that mam (pointing towards teacher) that u look beautiful and I love u ma’am.
Laksh opens his mouth in shock as he look towards the teacher bcoz the teacher was very strict.
Sanskar- Laksh beta tu to aaj ggaya.
Laksh- Pata hai sanskar aur mat daro.
Swara- Go Laksh. Now what r u waiting for.
Laksh goes .He say something to teacher and teacher hugs him. After that he comes with a winning smile while all are lookinv with open mouth as they thought that ma’am will scolf him.
Laksh- See I complete my dare.
Swara- but what u told to her?
Laksh- Simply I told her she looks very beautiful . Further l say that I will leave this school after 10 class. I will miss her a lotand l love u ma’am a lot .U r the beat teacher in this school. and make a sad face.
Swara(smiling)- Dramebaaz.
Kavita- Lets stop this game here only or the bell will ring and the game will left incomplete.
All agree with her so all leaves from there to roam in the play ground.
Sanskar- Swara.
Swara- yes . Sanskar what happen.
Sanskar – vo l want to talk to u.
Swara – say..
Swara and sanskar start roaming together in the playground.
Sanskar- Swara .I love u. And I know that u don’t love me but please don’t think it in other way . I really love you. And it ur decision . Iwill not force u and l will also not tell anyone about it.


Guuyys if u all like the first part of os then only i will give the second one.
And plz think if swara will accept him or reject him.

Ok Bye-bye. LOVE U ALL AND TAKE CARE.♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

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