laksh comes to sans (ya he dint go to london he was seeing all things happening in his office through a camera and was smriking seeing laksh coming in anger)

sans : Welcome buddy!!!! How is ur new office and ur promoted to partner from buddy congrats

laksh: Partner my foot

sans : omg itna gussa????

laksh : wat are u upto sanskar dont dare to come near my sister

sans : wat will u do if i go near her

laksh : I ll kill u… If it was someone else i would have killed him already i just dint do that as u were my wifes bro

sans : i think both u bro and sis know nothing than shouting and giving damkis to others wat do u think i ll leave her as before never do u know i ll tell u a truth

laksh was eager to hear

sans : I came here to apolagise to swara and wanted her to forgive me but when i saw my son here i have decided ki i ll make her mine once again

laksh Was shocked : Ur son!!!!!!

sans: Wat do u think oly u and ur sister have brains and oly u ppl can fool others if u think that ur wrong

laksh : Wat the f**k are u talking????

sans : O just stop that haan ur taking to ur boss keep that in mind according to the contract i am ur boss

laksh laughs loudly: which contract

sans Was really shocked by his behaviour

laksh : Wat do u think i dint know anything!!!! u may add many clauses but the original contract is with me i came to know long back that ur the owner of karma industries but i was not having guts to say to my shona if she knows she will again break down and she will feel for u and come to u again and u ll ditch her again i dont want my sister to cry again and one more thing yahi baath ansh ki i knew u ll come to know abt him some day or the other i think u both have divorced am i right and now any ways he is small so he should be with his mom am rite MR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI

sans was shocked and was sweating

laksh : And one last thing dont ever try to come near my sister i ll never leave u then!!!! dont even try to touch her shadow i ll not be talking to u like this next time Do u get that ????? And ya we are the best brother and sister and when we are together no one can make us fools not even u!!!!! Do u think i ll sit and watch all ur nonsense i was ur buddy before and i know all.ur moves very well may be i can say more than u we(laksh and swara) know u better am i right buddy

laksh: u might think then y dint i stop shona from dealing the contract i was waiting for her to say that she wants to cancel the contract and see wat happened she doesnot want to sign the contract now better luck next Time and i dont think u ll ever try this again GOOD BYE BUDDY (saying this he went out with a broad smile)

sans hit his hand in the table and asked himself : How he knew that blo*dy!!!! This is not possible 1000s of ppl.can come between us but i ll get her i ll not leave her and i ll.make her confess her love again she is mine and she was is and will be my shona….


everyone is back from office and went to their respective rooms

sans enters The house but seeing swara and ansh sitting in hall he just hide himself

swara : Aree see ur hair is very dry come i ll give oil massage

ansh: Yukkkk ma oil no way

swara : Arre kyun nahi its actually good

ansh : But i hate it sweetie that smell is disgusting seriously

swara : Ur like ur papa oly u know he also doesnt like to oil his hair

flash back

sans was sleeping swara came silently and applyied oil on his head

sans got disturbed and got up saying : Wat the hell is this shona

swara : Hahahaha its oil then wat

sans : Disguating its too bad and u know na i hate oil

swara : But its good na sanskar see i too apply oil on my hair

sans got up and came closer to her : Achha is that so (saying this he got her duppata and wiped the oil from his hair and ran from there)

swara: Sanskar ki bachee thume tho main (saying this he chased him)


ansh gets angry: Maa i have told u dont compare me with him i hate him

swara : Anshhhhh!!!!!! Wats this wat are u saying

ansh : Haan ma i hate my dad u know he dint even come to meet me once i hate him i hate him

swara : Ansh i have told u 1000times not to say that he is too good not oly good he is worlds best papa but he has not come to see u as he was busy with some important work

ansh : Most important work than u and me rite

swara was shocked

ansh : Tell na sweetie i have seen u crying in nights by holding his pic but i have not seen his pic i tried to see but u ll keep in a place where i ll.never be able to get

swara was in tears and hugs him and says : No beta he is the best person In the world!!!! u know he loves u alot but he is in a situation where he is not able to come and u know he even told he will come and meet u on… (interupted by a ph call)

ansh picks up the ph : Hello who is this!!!!! PAPA!!!!!! he gets happy and starts jumping

yeh it was sans he was seeing all this and was having tears in his eyes and pain in his heart he knew swara could not handle him so he called to land line

swara: Wattttttt?????

ansh: Papa i missed u sooo much i hate u… U know mom and me are crying because of u

sans was happy to hear him calling papa: offo sorry u know i love u both more than myself

ansh : Sachi!!!!

sans : Muchhi !!!!!

ansh : Then y dint u come all these days

sans : I had planned a big surprise for u both thats y

ansh : Omg y dint u tell me that i love u i love u i love u mom told me ur worlds best papa and ya Our sweetie never lies

swara was still shocked and many thoughts came to her mind (is this he is this sans or somebody else is playing )

sans : I love u both too

ansh : Papa wait talk to ma

ansh gives ph to swara : Swara was relived by hearing that persons voice

swara : Omg u i just got scared thank u so much u always save me

guy : Ya shona

swara : Ok come home quick

guy : Here i am

swara runs and hugs him tight with full of tears

swara : U know how i got scared i thought he…

guy hugged her tight saying : Shhhhh!!!! When ur brother is here not to fear

yeh ur right he was LAKSH

sometime before*****

sans was hiding in the entrance and talking to ansh

meantime laksh had heard all the conversation and when ansh was abt to give the ph to swara he grabbed the ph from sans

laksh to sans: Not anymore

then laksh speaks to swara and he came in to the house

sans knew this was not the correct time to talk to her or see her he just stepped back



laksh takes swara to.her room

ansh comes out and sees sans standing he runs and hugs him and tells him happily

ansh : Dosth u know i spoke with my papa

sans acts like shocked : Papa!!!!!
ansh: Haan ya

sans thinks to know wats in his mind : But u told u dont like him and u hate him rite

ansh : No no who.said i love him
sans was happy hearing this

sans : Ok where is the treat?????

ansh : Treat kyun????

sans : aree u spoke with ur papa na

ansh : ya sure i ll tell sweetie we all will.go ok

sans : I have an idea

ansh : Wat

sans says something to ansh and he gets happy and jumps

ansh: So we both will suprise ma omg jolly jolly

sans smiles at his happiness and gives him something

ansh as per plan goes and sits in his room sad

swara noticed that and asked wat happened ansh

ansh : Nothing!!!!

swara : Acha u ll not tell ur mom
ansh : No not like that but u ll not come

swara : phele bolo phir decide karthe hai that i am coming or not

ansh : My dosth has arranged a party and he has called me

swara : Ok then go with mama na

ansh : Maa i want to go with u

swara : But

ansh : No ifs and buts we r going pls pls pls ma

swara : Nautanki!!!! Ok challo get ready

ansh signs sans thumbs up as he was standing out hiding and hearing all thier conversation

sans was very happy finally his plan is working

its evening 6

swara and ansh was ready for.the party and swara was wearing a red color anarkali and ansh waswearing a black silky shirt and jean

they got ready and came down and started for the party as per plan they should go.in taxi

ansh told swara that he wants to go.in taxi and without any way she agreed

@party place

both entered the place but swara was feeling a little bit nervous and her heart said somthing is wrong but she acted as she wqs happy in front of ansh

swara : Ansh where is ur dosth ???

ansh : Maa pattience pls he ll.come now

swara : Ok challo we ll sit some where

whether sans will meet swara???or its just a play???? Will swara comes to know abt sanskar??? Will laksh get to know sanskars plan lets seee????????

wat say guys how was the episode

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