i dont know u ppl are liking it or not but i love to write so Here we go our epi 6


ok now lets start

all are gathered in raglak room except sans(he is still in hall thinking his swara is no more)

everyone is seeing laksh wanting his answer

laksh turned to them: Ma papa nothing happened to choti she is fine our swara is fine when i am there nothing will happen to her!!!!

dp : Then y did u tell him that she is (laksh cuts him off)

laksh: ya there was a need for that wat do u ppl want!!!! again if she comes and sees him here she will not be happy thats y

all understands him and they all left the room with relief

swara doesnt know anything wat happened in mm

@ansh room

ansh: Mami ma ko kya hua

rags : Omg see ur eyes are red

ansh: Tell me na wat happened to ma

rags : Nothing happened we where playing a game so thats y dont worry she is fine ok now challo get up freshen up and have dinner

ansh gets fresh up

sans was abt to go to his room before that he called someone to book tickets for london as he is going back tomoro moring

while coming to room he hears swaras voice calling ansh

he thinks that he is fully in thoughts of swara so he heard it wrong

he enters the room and sees ansh sleeping hugging a photo and his ph is on speaker and some one is telling story

girl was telling story continously

sans was not in a mood to here that but something strike his mind

girl: Ansh!!!!! Ansh!!!!!! Oh i think he is slept ok Bhai bhai arre wat happened to laksh bai he also slept she was abt to Cut the ph but she heard a mourning sound

sans was hearing all this and found laksh was lying and swara is fine but y is she talking with ansh and telling him story but he got an answer as he was thinking

ansh while sleeping : Maa dont leave me maaaa i love u sooo much ur my sweetie na promise me u ll not leave me maaa maaaa maaa

girl: Ansh maaaa is not going any where ok challo u want to see ur sweetie na ok i am coming there happy (ansh was smiling in sleep hearing her) ur my sweet beta na ur sweetie will.not go anywhere she will always be with u (she was abt to disconnect)

rags came rushing into the room to get the ph (as daily ansh talks to swara in night by laksh ph) but to her surprise she saw sans hearing the whole conversation of ma and son and he was fully in Tears

rags : Swaraaaaaaa

swara(ya girl was swara): Offo ragini wat happened to ansh y is he so disturbed

rags was abt to off the speaker but sans signelled her to talk like that itself

rags got nervous : Wo wo wo haan swara sab tick hai he is fine

swara : Pls take care of him he will.not be without me but he wanted to meet u al thats y i sent u orelse u know na i ll never leave him

rags: Ya swara i know

swara: Ok how is everyone in mm all are fine na bade papa badi ma ma papa sans….
(she just stopped without saying his name sans gets happy hearing this but he was very angry on everyone for not letting him know the truth)

rags : every one is fine Ok its night so will talk later

swara : Ok challo and one more thing did bhai sign karma industires file tell him to call.me when its over

rags: Ok

swara : No no no dont tell.him anything i ll suprise everyone and ya i ll come by tomoro afternoon after hearing ansh voice i want to meet him i am coming tomoro dont tell.anyone let it be a suprise ok

rags was seeing sans for an answer and he signs ok rags says ok to swara and disconnected the call

rags was abt to go but sans called her

sans: Wats all this rags ansh is my son and u ppl.dint tell me anything this is not done and laksh y did he tell that she is no more

rags : sorry bhai i have promised some one that i should not tell anything to u

sans : Swara rite i know she doesnt want to see me but she cant keep.me out of my son

rags : she is coming tomoro i dont know wat will laksh do

sans : Dont worry dont tell.anyone i know the truth

rags says ok and leaves

sans turns to ansh and caresss his head and kissed his forehead and tells him

sans : i thought u have the qualties of swara but i dont know u ll be our son (he sees a pic in his hand takes it a smile comes in his face )

the pic was taken in london which has swara and ansh

sans got up and got an idea he has notted the number from which swara called
he called her from his new number

sans spoke in very low voice so that she dont have any doubt

swara: Hello!!!! Who.is this????

sans was very happy to hear her voice : Mam i am speaking to????

swara : SWARA MAHESHWARI and u

sans gets tears hearing her saying swara maheshwari but thinks to tease her : We r calling from karmas but we want to talk to ms swara gadodiya

swara: Ya tell.me i am swara gadodiya

sans ; but u told me ur swara maheshwari

swara : Ya i am as my husbands name is SANSKAR MAHESHWARI….(thinks y she told that )oh shit!!!!!! i am swara gadodia tell me wats the matter

sans in mind: u never change shona i know u also love me as i do but y did u go out if u love me hmmmm ab samja ego rite
i know how to make u mine again

sans to her : ok mrs watever our sir want to meet u

swara : But i am leaving London tomoro

sans : Mam meeting is in INDIA

swara : Ok mail.me the address(saying this she disconnected the call)

sans slept happily with his son by hugging him

next morning

sans wakes up and sees ansh talking to some one

ansh was talking to swaras pic : Sweetie miss u so much when will.u come here or ok i am coming back to london

sans thinks rv said correctly he looks.like me but he does everything like shona

sans smiles and comes near him: Hi champ good morning and wats this in ur hand

ansh : U know she is sweetie see she is beautiful and cute na

sans thinks to tease : Yukkkkk is she ur sweetie she is ugly

ansh gets angry : Watttttt u know all my friends tells she is the cutest mom in the world

sans : Oh is she ur mom but ur not looking like her

ansh : sadly says my mom told me i am like my dad

sans gets happy but seeing ansh sad he becomes sad : y r u sad for that

ansh didnot say anything and left the place

in hall everyone is having tea

sans comes by packing his bag and says that he is leaving london everyone was relived mainly laksh

as he was going he turned to laksh and asks him which flight was that which got crashed can i know the flights name and time

everyone was stunned by his questions except rags (she knows her brother and laughed herself)

laksh : Wo wo wo actually

in the mean while sans gets a call

sans : O shit wat are u saying(he is just acting as upset) but i cannot stay here!!!! ok fine(he disconnects the call) sees everyine and says flight got cancelled so i ll stay in guest room for few more days or hours as i m not able to tolerate that kid

ap and suju gets sad hearing that he cannot tolerate his own son

suju : Jiji yeh kya hai he is not liking his own son

ap: he dont know ansh is his son otherwise he would not tell that

suju: Dont know jiji when will he come to know and when he knows how will.he react!!!!

sans winks rags and goes to guest room as he knows when his shona comes she ll.only stay in his(oops their room)

all goes to there work and everyone thinks sans has also gone to work

they all here a sound


ya its swara

everyone were happy swara got blessing from elders sans who watching her smilling was wanting to hug her and keep her in his embarace but all he wanted was her to accept him and forgive him first (no one except rags knows sans is still.at home)

ansh comes runnig and hugged swara tightly Saying maaa i missed u

swara: aweeeee my cutie pie

ansh : maaaa i missed u

swara: i too missed u (saying this he kissed his forehead) Thats y i came to meet u

ansh : Smiles and remebers wat she called!!!!!! sweetie wat did u call me i am angry on u

swara understands : wat did i call u my cutie pie

ansh : Maaaaaaa!!!!!! No i am not cutie pie dont call.me like that

swara : Hahahaha no no i missed ur fight this much days so

ansh : So wat?????

swara : Ur my cutie pie cutie pai cutie pai and she hides behind ap( As she knows he ll get angry)

ansh runs to catch her and she runs from their to her room

everyone sees this and laughs

ap : She has never changed

suju: Haan jiji when ever i see ansh i remember sanskar u know na he also doent like anyone to call him cute saying this all went to kitchen

seeing all this sans was in happy tears and tells to himself: She is itself a kid and see we have a kid now both mom and son are dramebazzzz dont know how am i gonna manage them both saying this he smiles

ansh comes down with sad face

sans comes to him : champ wat happened

ansh : Am i looking cute

sans understands and says no who said

ansh : Sweetie

sans : Who is sweetie

ansh : offo my mom!!!! She is worlds beautiful mom but she troubles me alot by calling me cute

sans laughs loud

ansh leaves from there

sans remembers he has left his file in his room and was to take that he opened the door

when he was abt to go he was awstuck

swara just now came from the washroom her hairs were wet and she was trying to wear her dori but was not able to

sans saw her bare wet back and was mesmerised seeing her he cannot controls himself he went inside and touched her wet back

she just closed her eyes some where she felt that heavenly touch and kept her eyes shut he finished tieing the dori and was abt to hug her from back (as he does always) but somebody hit him from back (it was ragini)

she got him out of her room and asked him

rags : bhai wats all this if she knows ur here she will.not oly kill.u she will kill.me also

sans came to senses : O shit this girl na she is driving me crazy rags

rags : Ab challo she will come now

as soon as he went swara came and ask who tied my dori

rags : Its me swara(she saw swara thinking and took her for break fast)

all ladies have breakfast with ansh and swara

swara : badi ma i have some work so i ll go and come

ansh: Maaaa no not today i want to spend time with u

swara: Y not but i have a small work i ll be back in 2hrs ok

ansh : Pakka na oly 2hrs i shuld see u in home ok

swara : Ok

ansh : Dadi where is dosth???? I have not seen him for a long time….

ap and suju gets tensed

swara : Dosth???????

rags : Are swara its been long time u told u have to leave for some work na

swara : Oh ya but where is lucky bhai i dint see him

rags : He has gone to officr

swara: Acha challo i ll meet him in evening

swara gets ready to go to karma industries

as she enters the office everyone welcomes her with a smile she was very confused on the same

sans pa : Mam sir has told u to be in this cabin(and shows her the cabin)

swara gets shocked as no one knew she will come here to india
swara to herself : i think ppl have mistaken no one knows that i ll come to india!!!!! These ppl na (she smiled and went to the cabin)

there was no one in the cabin
But she was having a strange feeling after going to that cabin

she saw the cabin was colored in a light blue color which was her and sans favourate and even the aroma of the room was her favourate rose room spray she was lil happy seeing this and got shocked seen her name plate on the table As MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI

swara: How dare?????? She just went out the room in anger And asked the pa

pa : Mam do u need somthing

swara in anger : Where is ur boss

pa : Mam wo

swara : i asked where is ur boss dammit!!!!!!

pa : He has gone to london mam
swara: Wat the f**k???? How could he dont he have any manners he told today we have meeting and he is itself not there wooooowwwww superb

pa : Mam but he has given this letter to give it u mam

swara: Wats this now????


To MRS Swara sanskar maheshwari

i have gone to london for an important job and as per the contract i request u to work in my office in my absence hope u like the room thank u for ur cooperation in advance

if anything important u can call.me to this no : ***********


swara : Sm my foot wat have he thought as if i dont have any other work idiot lett me call him

she calls his number (here sans started his countdown 6 5 4 3 2 1 suddenly his ph rings he dint even see the number just took the ph)

sans : Good morning mrs swara sanskar maheshwari (in mind) i know u more than urself swara i knew u ll call me

swara : excuse me how dare u????? call me swara and wats all this nonsense u told me to come here ane u went to london am i looking as a fool for u how could u whom do u think i am

sans : O pls miss swara just breath out as per contract till.it ends ur my partner and u have to work in my office did u get that and one more thing y should i answer u actually ur working under me do u get that

swara in anger : even my dog will not work under u!!!! wat r u talking are u in nuts ya i have accepted for u contract but not signed it wat do u think!!!! ur talking to worlds best business woman swara gadodia do u understand????? Hope u understand

sans Laughs loudly making her irritated

swara : hello mr stop laughing and i am cancelling the contract now this minute ok

sans : Ok then When will u give my 10cr

swara : wat?????? Y shuld i mr

sans : O i think u have not met ur brother yet

swara : Wat do u mean!!!!!

sans : I mean ur partner has already signed the deal

swara : Lucky!!!!!!!

sans : Ya ur lucky thats y u got my contrat(and winks)

swara : excuse me my bhai can never do that

sans : Hmmmm ur file is therr in the table u can read that and its been signed by MR LAKSH GADODIA

swara was in shock: I ll never leave u. U never know who am i and

sans: And wat miss will u kill me
swara : y should i***** i ll destroy u

sans : try if u can

swara : its not a matter of 1cr for me but challo
Ok then u urself will take me out of this contract bolo sharat mansoor hai

sans : All the best miss and ya if u lose u ll do wat ever i say

swara : and if u lose u ll should work under me do u get that

saying this she disconnects the call

swara was thinking wat to do but nothing is coming into her mind she even called shah he also told nothing can be done then she went to see laksh

swara : May i come in sir

laksh : ya

swara: Hello bhai (saying this she hugged him tight)

laksh was shocked :u shona here wat r u doing here

swara : I thought u ll be happy but ur sad

laksh : No no i am really happy saying this he kissed her forehead

swara : Bai wat have u done

laksh : Wat have i done

swara tells everything to him

laksh folds his fist hearing ll this and told : see i have signed it and i ll handle we ll show him who r we u dont worry abt this u go home ansh will be waiting

swara: Ya bhai i m leaving (saying this she left)

laksh: U have started troubling my sister again buddy i ll never leave u (saying this he smirks)

will laksh do something to sans??? Is sans really in london??? Will swara find sans is the owner of karma industries???? Will seee

hope u ppl liked this epi as per ur wish its present we ll see some flashbacks tomoro

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