Episode 5

first of all thannnnkkkk u sooooo much!!!!!! first i just thought u ppl will not like my story but thank u for liking it and sure will try to write long So here we go….

soooo finally sans has come to INDIA


sans gets ready to go to office(he has a branch in INDIA)

it was surprise for the employees also as they have not seen him for years

he greeted everyone and went to his cabin he still has his and swaras pic on his table Which they took on.their wedding there is a smile seeing that pic

suddenly he was intereppted by a voice his pa

pa : Sir there are some pending contracts to be signed

sans : Watttttty y did they not sign it and i want all the contracts to be signed asap max by tomoro morning

pa : Ok sir

sans: One more thing wat ever meeting i have just cancel that today evening i have an important work
saying this sans walked out of his cabin


suju: Patha nahi jiji y he has come now and for wat again if he break our hearts then i m not gonna bare him

ap: Sujatha leave abt him now anyway he is our guest and we donot have any reltionship with him wat ever he does its none of our bussiness

suju : Par jiji bahu ko tho bathana padega na

ap: Nahi hargis nahi u ll not tell her atleast let her be happy there
suju : Haan jiji wo vahan akeli patha nahi kaise halath main hogi?????

in the mean while rags comes there

rags : Are ma and badi ma she is fine jab main aur laksh mile the na london main usse she was very happy

ap : Dont know how she manages things she never tells her pain to anyone!!!!!

rags consoles both of.them and sees the enterance once in A minute

rags thinks (omg where did laksh go after seeing bhai he has not turned home where will.he be dont know wat will i tell him if he comes back )

rags started smilling as she saw her love her husband coming she runs and abt to hug him but she was very afraid how he ll react as she has saw the same angry laksh which she saw 6yrs back

for her surprise he hugged her and told her in her ears dont worry i ll not get angry in u because i love u so much More than my life (rags eyes where numb she told but )laksh cuts her off and says see i dont want any third person to come between us ur brother has died for me 6yrs before itself when he ….(laksh just diverts the topic)

laksh : ok leave it past is past by the way where is my champ

seeing laksh ansh came running

ansh : Mama u know i am going to disney world !!!!!!

laksh : (seeing his happiness told Him) awwwwwe will u take me also

ansh : But we have oly two tickets (saying this he becomes sad)

laksh: Two ok who all are going

ansh : Myself and my dosth(he does not know sanskars name and he calls him dosth)

laksh thinks it would be some neighbour kid and left from there telling him to.enjoy

but rags gets happy as she knows he is going with sans

@afternoon in mm

sans comes home hungry to eat some thing happily thinking to.eat in his home after years

he goes and sit in dinning table its been 10mins but there was no one to feed.him nor there is anything to eat as no one talks to him

he was fully frustrated just then ansh came and saw his face red

ansh : Kya hua dosth u Dint have lunch a

sans : seeing his care smiles and tells him no

ansh : Wait i ll bring food for u

sans : my dear champ!!!! There is no food here then how will.u make

ansh: Hahahaha wait and watch

saying this he brings bread and butter

sans sees this and remembers something


all in mm house went to a marriage and there where no one at home except swara and sans as sans has some meeting he.has to be in mm

sans comes late after meeting and was so hungry so he went to see in kitchen

swara comes and asks him wat happened as he was looking tired

sans : y dint u prepare anything (angry as he was Hungry)

swara : No as there was no gas i dint prepare anything sorry

sans :i am going out to have food are u coming

swara : Did u see the time its half past 2 no one will.open their shop for u

sans : oh my god!!!!! Wat to do.now

swara : Hello sir pls sit i ll bring something

sans : Now u told.no gas then how wil u prepare

swara goes and brings bread and butter (she says :u know sanky i love bread butter and jam )though sans doesnt like that they eat happily and go to sleep



sans thinks : Y always i think of swara when i see ansh wat ever he does reminds me of her strange but she was.making me crazy before and now her thoughts are making me crazy

sans Just then he remembers y swara is not there here he has left mm only for her and for.her happiness

he was disturbed by ansh

ansh : Dosth u know my sweetie thought me this see u ll like it

sans : but i i i dont like this so much as ur telling i ll eat this

ansh : Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!( Screamed out his voice)

everyone gathered and stared at sans as they thought he has done something to ansh

sans was totally confused and kept on watching him in chaos

ap asked ansh wat happened

ansh : aare dadi i am soooooo hungry i dont like this bread i want something to eat(and winks at sans)

sans understands and smiles at him

ap : But u love to eat bread always rite

ansh : wo wo…(thinks) ya its when i was in london but not now i am in india now i want to eat indian food i love to eat paneer parata

suju : Areee are u fine chora!!!!! Just before an hour u told u love oly pizza and pasta now achanak se kya hua (she was so suprised)

ansh : Offfoo dadi i am hungryyyyyyyy

ap, suju, pari runs to kitchen to make parata

@dinning table

sans : Hi champ wat happened to u y do u want to eat parata all.of a sudden

ansh : Not me u

sans: Waaaaatttttt!!!!!!!

ansh : ya u told u dont like bread rite thats y so now wait and watch

sans : but how u know i like panner parata

ansh : waaaaaatttttt u too like panneeer parata

sans : u too mathlab!!!!!!

ansh : Ya my sweetie also loves panneer

sans : was abt to ask him something (by the time ap comes and gives parata to ansh)

ansh takes a bite and tells her (dadi i ll give u 10 mark out of 100 its sooo bad)

ap was shocked as everyone loves her haath ka parata

ansh : u dont belive me na wait (saying this he comes near sans with the plate) just taste this and see this is disgusting and winks at sans

ap notices this

sans : understands and takes a bite and says woooooowwwww its so goooood

ansh :waaaaatttt ok then challo u itself eat this and finish this fully

sans was so suprised on his care and love
as he knows ansh did this for him

in the meanwhile ap sees this and says pari to make food extra as there is a guest in the house

pari agrees

after finishing lunch he goes to his room(sorry anshs room)

ansh was chosing dress and sans sees this and gives him a gift (that was a suit )

Ansh gets happy and hugs him they get dressed and went to disney world

@disney world

they almost enjoyed all the rides and also they had taken lot of selfies, had chat there

a guy came near sans and patted his back

guy : Hi dude hru

sans : Hi rv(he is sans and swaras coll frnd) how r u man i am fine

rv : lagtha hai some one is enjoying with his son

sans confused : son!!!!!!!

rv : ya he is ur son rite

sans : Wo actually Thinks for a second and he doesnot want him to tell anything abt his sepration with swara and said ya yes he is ansh

rv : Acha ok where is swara how is she now also she is the same naughty swara or (sans cuts him off)

sans : Ya u know her rite she can never change she is the same ziddi and naughty swara my swara

rv : Omg u love her till now after Yrs not bad

ansh comes running

ansh : Dosth I am very hungry

rv : Aree he looks like u but saare harkathen tho is like swara na

ansh was staring at him

sans understands that andh doesnt like rv and tells him that he has to leave

on the way sans stops in a restaurent(it was swaras favourate restaurant)

ansh : Omg u know this is my favourate restaurant and me sweetie mama and mami come here always

sans was abt to ask him something

interepted by a call

pa : Sir GADODIAS contract has been signed and they are asking when to start the work

sans : watttttttttt how is that possible they r in london how did it happen and when did they sign it

pa : In afternoon sir

sans : and ur telling me now

pa : Sirrrrrrrr u told me not to disturb u thats y dint call u…

sans : Ok leave ll meet u in office Saying this he disconnected the call

ansh and sans have dinner and went to home and slept in their room

next morning

sans gets ready to office and even laksh dp and rp went to office as maheshwari company was in loss both laksh and swara are helping them indirectly

@sans office

sans : Where is the file

pa gives him the file and leaves


SANS : He sees the file and gets up with a shock watttttt??????????????????

sans face became red in anger and shouts nooooo how would it be possible how did i not know all these days how could she??????


evening al were back from office laksh was seeing some files and was having a conversation with some partners

sans comes and throws the papers on laksh face

laksh : blo*dy!!!!!! Wat the hell

sans : I shuld ask that buddy(as they were college frnds they call them both buddy)

laksh Sees the file and is shocked

laksh : U cheat!!!!!!!

sans : Oooo now i am cheat hahaha u have forgoten that i am a rival for ur company and u wanted a contract with us not me did u get tat

laksh was shocked!!!!!!!(in mind) areee choti thune kya kardiya contract wo bhi buddy ke saath o noooo it cannot happen!!!!

sans : i think ur habbit has not gone thats wat i always tell u buddy read before u sign u have not read the file properly its clearly mentioned that all the patners should sign

laksh becomes nervous

sans sees this and reduce his tone : Fine i want The sign of all the patners asap do u understand and where is ur crime partner is she not there and saw him he was missing

laksh in the mean while called someone And told the whole story it was his legal advisor who told him nothing can be done

sans was standing still in the hall

all family members where shocked to here all this

sans : In mind swaraaaaa where r u i wanna see u thats y i am doing all this pls give me one chance i ll change everything i promise….

laksh came running and on the other side the legal advisor

sans : hi Mr .shah (sans knows him as he was the legal advisor for maheshwaris) I know u ll come

shah : I wanna see the docs laksh gives the docs

sans Fb : Sans sees the sign and identifies its laksh sign and also he sees the cctv footage to Confirm the same he was sooooo happy

sans to himself : O my god u were in london and i dint find u swaraaaaaa!!!! omg really swara ur SG Now i ll not leave u and my buddy u helped me those days and even now u are helping me indirectly u both brother sisters na i love u both soooo much

but do u love me Shona are u the same or u changed i wanna see u and once i get u i ll never leave u and smiles whole heartedly

and calls his pa and tells him to add some clauses in the contract and smirks


shah : Sorry laksh partners sign is needed otherwise he can even sue u

laksh was shocked but somehow got courage And told: When the patner is no more how will they sign

all where shocked and ap ans suju was crying

sans who was standing just was abt to fall on his knees but ragini holds him (all his and swaras moments came in his mind)

he comes to laksh holds his collor and asks wat is this lucky dont tell me that pls if ur playing just tell me now bolo chup kyun ho wat happened to swara

laksh : holds his fist and tuurns back and crys and tells ya she is no more there was a flight crash and she is no more ya after knowing abt this contract she took flight to come here but unfortunatly that flight got crashed

ap: Wats all this laksh

laksh : I ll explain u later ma

sans was in shock that oly one word was going in his mind (she is no more)

ansh comes running and he was in full tears

ansh: Mama sweetie ko kya hua (ya he is swasans son And he calls swara sweetie and he loves her alot but had never seen his papa but had heard his voice in ph)

ragini takes him from there to his room

sans was in shock and didnt hear any thing all he was able to see was his swaras sweet face and her smile in his mind

i know its a small update but tomoro pakka i ll give big one sorrrrrrrryyyy

and one more u want to see more flash backs tomoro or present scenes pleasse leave ur comments

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