Hi guys here u go episode 4

Sanskar is heading to INDIA after yearsssssss he want to see his family there where many thoughts going in his mind

sanskar to himself : wat are u doing sanskar will they accept u??? will they even like to see ur face??? its all because of ur anger
wat will be bade papas reaction will they leave u to enter in their house wat are u upto?????again ur going to give them pain O god please give me strenght to face them
upon all that how will she react!!!!!
will she be my same shona????

challo sanskar how many days will u run from them just face them let me also see wat will they do


ansh : Omg dadi halwa is soooo yummy

ap and suju where smilling at the way he was eating

ap : Ab challo drink this milk

ansh : Milk!!!!!!! Oh dadi no way i am full atleast not today (saying this he runs to the steps)

ap and suju runs to catch him but he has already reached his favourate room

his room was so clean and there is a pic of his sweetie he goes there takes her pic and talks to the pic

ansh : Sweetie this is not fair haan how can u send me alone here wait after coming back i ll not talk to u … U dont like me u oly like others (saying this he hugged the pic and slept)

ap and suju saw this and started crying saying its all because of him

dp and rp consoles them and take them from there

next day


sanskar has boarded his flight to go to.INDIA

some incidents flashes in his mind

“sanskar please leave my hand wats all this everyone is seeing us oly please (swara said)

let them see ur my wife i can do anything and see here ppl are busy in there own work and the flight is also gonna take off so pls

saying this he comes closer to kiss her

there a voice disturbed(wat will u like to have sir)

thera koon ( He replied ) Will u get it for me

air hostress was scared

(swara saw that )she smiled to her and told its ok nothing

sanskar was soo pissed off by this soon as the flight took off swara gave a peck on his cheeks which made him shock ”


sanskar is fully in thoughts and had a smile on his face

soon he was interepted by a girl

sir flight has landed to INDIA

hearing the word INDIA His body started shiverring and he was sweating but some how he got courage and went to take a taxi

There he Came to mm

his eyes got numb when he closed his eyes he remebered only one thing Said by swara(if he is in this house i would never be here)

@mm inside

ap: Kal tho u escaped but not today challo drink this milk ur my good cute boy na

ansh: Dadi how many times i have told u not to call.me cute boys are handsome and smart not cute

suju: Acha baba ur handsome and smart now common finish this milk

he runs away saying no no no no
ap folows him with glass of milk
ansh comes and dashes sanskar
ansh : Ouch!!!!!!

sanskar : Oh so….(without hearing him saying ansh starts shouting)

ansh : who r u MR dont u have eyes dhikai nahi detha kya ur big boy na cant u see and walk i am a small boy i ll always run around my house but u!!!!! ok challo Now say sorryyyyyyy

sanskar: Wat the hell Hi hello who r u and ur house!!!! Do u know who am i(telling this he waited for his reply as it reminds his shona)


“they where in college he was in final year and she was in 1st year

swara and rags are besties
even lucky and sanky where close Friends

but always rags fights with lucky and swara fights with sanky

that was there first meet

first yr students where doing some gardening in their college as there was a chief guest coming on the sports day

rags saw swara sad(she was sad as her mom scolded her for getting up late)
rags was watering the plants and swara was digging the mud

rags was in masti mood and poured water on swaras face

swara got up and wanted to pour water on her but she ran swara too ran behind her

as she ran swara colloided with a guy (obviously Our sanky boy)

swara: ouch!!!! Hi MR who r u Dont u have eyes dhikai nahi detha kya u idiot kaise kaise log athe hai college main ok challo say sorry and go (saying this she just looked at him and got a big shock)

as she was digging mud she just came without cleaning her hand as she was running fast for balance she just kept her hand on sankys shirt he was having seminar so he was wearing a white shirt which now has a stamp of her hand (his eyes where so red that he might burn her in anger)

he pined her on the wall and stared at her she was also scared but dint show to him

swara : MR Leave me wat are u doing

sanky : U!!!!! Cant u see wat have u done to my shirt

swara : Awwweeee wat is this so cool!!!!! ur shirt has got so much design wow so good u look more handsome sir (saying this she laughed loud)

sanky : stop laughing dammit he shouted at her

swara : Seeing his anger shouted (omg HOD)

sanky : He Turned and asked where??????

swara pushed Him and ran showing him funny faces and shouted catch me if u can!!!!!!!

this made sanky irritated but he remembers the way she laughed and he too smiled seeing his shirt”



ansh : Ur asking me who am i?????
i am ANSH MAHESHWARI He said in a childish manner

in the mean while ap comes and seeing sanskar she dropped the glass of milk from her hand hearing this sound dp rp and suju came there

they where all shocked to see him

ansh was happy as he doesnt have to drink milk as the glass fell down

he signed sanskar to bend (he also did so)

ansh : Will u be my friend???

sanskar : Was confused and asked but y now oly u where shouting at me!!!!!!

ansh : Are yaar u know i hate milk as dadi saw u she dropped the glass so whenever she comes with milk i ll run and come to u ok (telling this he winks at sanskar) so friends saying this he was abt to give hifi

sanskar: Acha bacho ok but one condition u should be my friend till i go from here

ansh: Dnt worry i ll also leave in A month or 2 ( Saying this they both gave Hifi)

sanskar was having a nice feeling talking to ansh but he was also confused by his answer of going in a month or two

seeing all this all the ppl in house where in shock there was a voice from behind !!!!!!!!

BHAIIIIII!!!!!!! (yeh it was ragini who was so happy to see his brother after years she came running and hugged him)

ansh: ragini ma aap dosth ko bhai kyun bulariyo

ragini : dosth ????who is that

sans : Rags he is telling me

seeing this rags got happy and tears filled her eyes

sans : By the way i came here for a project so i am gonna stay here for some months i ll leave once my work is over (he told this seeing everyone) and one more thing no one can question me here as i too have equal rights in this house

everyone where shocked by his behaviour

sans : Turns to rags and asked behana u dint tell me u have a son

rags : Wo bhai haan ye mera…

ansh sees laksh coming on the entrance and goes running calling him (mama)

ansh : Mamaaaaaaa wat have u bought for me

laksh : mmmmm sorry bul gaya i dint get anything for u (he was just waiting to see his reaction)

ansh : go u dint get anything for me rite i ll not talk to u

laksh : Acha ok then i ll give this gifts to others

ansh : mama (saying this he hugged him and went to his room getting his gifts)

laksh all this time was watching ansh happily saw a person standing and his anger went in peak (he came and holded sans collar and asked him)

laksh: How dare u???? How could u come here just leave from here right now

sans: Hello MR laksh gadodiya
pls be in ur limits i have all rights to stay here no one can chuck me out of this house

hearing this laksh angrily walked up to his room

rags : Sorry bhai wo..

sans : I know him dont worry i am not upset with his words he is right in his part

rags start going to her room

but sans called her and asked her wo ansh was calling laksh mama but he is calling u as ma who is he????

ragini: Wo actually bhai(as she was abt to tell him ap interapted her)

ap: He is adarshs son!!!!!!!

hearing her reply sans went to his room

he was suprised to see his room with all kids item dress toys play station cds

suju comes running and tells him suju: Memaan ho so live like a guest this room now belongs to a house member!!!

sans was shocked seeing his mom telling this to him

sans: Maaa aap

suju went out saying guest room is cleaned u can shift there but she was interepted by a voice

ansh : are dadi y shuld dosth go to guest room this is a big room and i stay alone so he can be here na i ll also not get bored

suju: Wo beta actually

ansh: Dadi dadi pls pls pls maan jao na i come only once in a year but u do this for me

suju: Nautanki!!!!!! Acha baba ok and ur like ur mom oly u ll never leave others if they dont say yes to ur decision

ansh : no i am boy na so i shuld be like my papa na y am like my mom saying this he goes inside his room being sad

sans notices this and sujus face also changes he thinks there is sometging which they are hiding but rags y should she lie!!!!!

thinking this he goes inside sees ansh being sad and tries to change his mood and takes his ph and keeps in his ears (he acts as talking to some one)
sans : Acha disney world u have two tickets but i dont know any kid so u can give the tickets back

ansh turns to him and says yehhhhh jolly disney world pls will u take me ur my dosth na

sans : Becomes happy and says i ll taake u but one conditon!!!! now give me a kiss

ansh gives him a kiss on his cheeks And runs to tell to every one

sans smiles at him and gets ready

precap: Sans and ansh in disney world and sans comes to know a truth!!!!!

this was todays episode did u ppl like it

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