y r u so innocent swara???? episode 5


Hi guys , sorry I’m late ,very very late.only one excuse for that. that is that I’m a very big lazy bug.????so let’s start the crappy.

It’s a pleasant morning in *maheshwari mansion.*


swara is seen sleeping peacefully in her husband’s embrace , just covered covered with a blanket,until she was disturbed by the sun rays.
Swara woke up and the first thing she saw was her cute charming dearest husband’s face. She blushed red , remembering yesterday night.


yesterday was a memorable day for me. I got married to my first love.what more a person wants in their life than to get married to their first love.

I was feeling like the happiest and the most luckiest girl in the whole world.oops! Not girl woman!.a he made me a complete women ritually,legally,mentally and physically.

I blushed hard in this thought.

Then I saw my dearest husband opening his eyes.i was mesmerised seeing him . I cannot stop my self from saying that he is soooo cute!!!!

Being a sanskaari , traditional and humble girl I scolded myself for thinking like that.but then I thought wats wrong in it? He is y husband and I have the right not anyone else.

(abhi se hi Jalan hona shuru???? )

Then I saw him smiling at me I smiled back at him.and blushed aswel.

Sans: good morning dear darling!
I :good morning.
San:u look so hot and beautiful
I :thank you.(that’s it , I blushed hard like anything)
Then he gave a peck on my lips and went to the washroom to get fresh.

After few minutes he came back,with only a towel around his waist and water droplets falling from his body.he looked so damn hot.!

He looked at me,i was still sitting on the bed rapped around by the bed sheet . He asked me
Sans:you didn’t change?
I :that u were in the washroom.so…
Sans :I’m ur husband, there is no need to hide from me.u can change with the presence of me as well.(naughty asanskaari sanskaar?????)
I blushed.
I :wo that I wanted to get fresh soooo..
And with this I ran to the washroom blushing hardly.i couldn’t take it anymore of course not.

End of ‘pov.

Sanskar laughed a little and smiled seeing her this antique.

Sorry guys need to stop here as my tab charge is going to finish.if I disappointed u all,then so sorry ,will try to improve and pls comment.next time I’ll post whenever u guys want me to. And guys the dhamaka which was written in the precap will b there soon just wait for a few more episodes.till the thank-you and goodbye .!!.?????.

Credit to: Bloom

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