y r u so innocent swara???? episode 4

Sorry guys I know my episodes are short but I am helpless as I am having exams .just wait for two more days.i will give you long episodes.
So let’s start.
Swara ‘pov
I came down from my room to the mandap.my legenga was beautiful but papa and ma said I m looking prettier.i just took a glimpse of my prince charming and ooh la la he was looking soon damn handsome.haha,i know I should not say all these things being a traditional girl.but it’s not my fault that he is so handsome.anyways , I went and sat with him in the mandap.

He was wearing a red and gold colour sherwani with a violet shade coating matching with my dress.???I saw him looking at me , suddenly I lowered my eyes to avoid blushing but I couldn’t .the bandit was reciting the mantras and I was sitting with him revising the past moments like how I got his proposal etc: I didn’t say anything against my parents as they fixed my proposal I just saw his photo ones and completely had fallen for him that instant.
Then last I saw him at my engagement even thou I had my ghunghat .that time he caught my hands and caresses them slowly.i felt immence happiness and of course butterflies in my stomach.
I thought that he also loved me as I did to him.ye I’m in love and there is nothing wrong because I’m loving my husband.sounds weird.
‘Pov ends.

Swasan did the pheras. And sanskaar tied mangalsutra around her neck and filled her hairline with a indoor their marriage was completed.swara cried in her bidai.

Finally time passed and it was night.
Swara was sitting on the bed with her ghunghat.suddenly sanskar came in and removed her ghunghat. He back hugged her and touched her hands romantically and kissed her cheeks.then he placed her on bed and they consummated their marriage.

So guys how was the episode? if u guys liked it pls do comment.my tab battery is low.so cannot write more.k bye sweetoes!!!!

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  1. Deeksha

    gud one…………..

  2. Yar it’s nice but I wrote too short

  3. Plz don’t make swara more suffer

  4. Purvi

    Superb…… But too short , a bit longer pls…..

  5. Stuti

    nice but short

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  7. Nyc…. bt betrayal is gonna start ah??

  8. Nyc
    Sorry couldn’t comment in previous eps

  9. Zzzzz (Charming)....


  10. Anu

    WOw dear….thnku for short uodate till because it was easy for me to read?…but after days give lojg updates kk na……btw r u fb? I would like to get connected to u if u r kk….no problem if u dont want…..btw When will u post next part

    1. Kritika

      Sam…so finally I caught u on tu..hahahha *evil laugh* thought u are completely offline from tu..but u urself proved it wrong..
      I caught u from ur cover pic???

  11. nice…

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