y r u so innocent swara???? episode 3


Hey guys,i know you guys r angry with me cause I’m giving you guys continuously small updates.well sorry about that.i have already told u guys I’m new in this field so pls excuse me.so let’s start the episode.

It was a pleasant and peaceful day.but it was not so peaceful at the gadoia mansion!!
The mansion was decorated beautifully and so many guests were arriving.
Shekhar gadodiya a man of late 40s the father of our heroin swara,was shouting at the servants for making each and everything perfect in the wedding of their beloved daughter SWARA and their solved damad SANSKAR!!!!
yes it was the wedding of our lovely couple swasan.
Sir!! Baaraat agaya!!!! The servant cried panting running towards them.our hero sanskar came down from the horse and was welcomed by her family.hethen went and sat in the manual…

Shekhar:sharmishta!! Swara ko nulakke Lao,jaldi muhurat nikale jaraha hai.
Sharmishta went and bought swara down.she was looking like an angel came down from heaven by wearing that violet legends with heavy marwari works.heavy jewellery ,mangtika,khunkhad,uff !!! She was looking breathtaking.every NB ody was praising her beauty.but she just took a glimpse of her prince charming….

And then,DHAMAKAAA!!!!!

I KNOW GUYS you all wanted more,but in the next episode there will be thing that will not be there in the other ffs.,itni jaldi. So wait and watch…!!!

Credit to: Bloom

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  8. Cliffhanger…..what is d dhamaka?

  9. Awesome dear… Make it lengthy

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