y r u so innocent swara???? episode 2

Hey guys actually I’m confused.well I’ll not make you guys confused by saying it.?
Well here is the intro

Swara:an innocent girl.who Always keeps smiling. Even in the worst situations.who always obey what her parents say and love and respect them alot.a traditional girl who does not know the meaning of hatred.

Sanskaar:little selfish and negative. A partial womanizer.a dramebaaz. Apple of the eye of his family members.

Swara ‘s family is a rich and reputated family.her parents are narrow minded for girls exept for swara.
Sanskaar’s family is same as the serial.but they pamper sanskar alot and never gets angry on him and fulfill his all wishes.they love sanskaar alot.

Sorry guys next time pakka long episode and it will be a real episode.other characters will be introduced throughout the story and thanks for the comments

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  1. Soooo short..?

  2. Nice plz update fast fast

  3. nice…..but next time write a long one plz

  4. awesome.. too short..

  5. Again it ws intro part…. wil b waiting for nxt part…

  6. Nice

  7. Nice

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