y did i let her go?? (Part-7)

Recap:Anika tells everything to Arnav and he books 3 tickets to London for himself,Anika and sahil
The episode starts with Arnav turning back to Anika after the call
Arnav :r u sure u want to go back ,if not then I can cancel the tickets anytime
Anika :I am 100% sure that I want to go back,I know it is not going to be easy but that’s nothing compared to me being here in the same city as him,I want to go away from here ASAP and that is final, can u pls ask the doctors to discharge me earlier as we are leaving this county ,I have many things to take care of right now and I’m sure u 2 need some time
Arnav :yeah okay, I’ll talk to the doctor and finish all the formalities, I’m sure he’ll understand us, till then u rest as it is going to take some time and u too have not fully recovered ,I just hope u don’t faint of weakness
He tucks her in bed, closes the lights and goes to talk to the doctor meanwhile she tries to sleep but all the thoughts that are occupying in her head ,do not let her so she takes a sleeping pill and sleeps
Pinky goes behind shivaay to clear the misunderstandings
Shivaay is about to close the door when pinky drags herself inside his room ,closes the door and looks at him while he looks on annoyed and asks :what’s this mom?
Pinky gathers courage and prepared herself, taking a few deep breathes, she says I want to talk to you
Shivaay looks on with a go on look
Pinky:actually ,I want to confess something to you,I have hidden many things from you cuz of my insecurities, I want to tell you about Anika
He sighs hearing her name
Shivaay :mom ,u know I don’t want to hear anything about her,she is a closed chapter of my life which I’ll never open ,even in my wildest dreams
Pinky:shivaay pls don’t make me feel more guilty, u really have to listen this,it’s really important and I’m sure u’ll change ur perception for her.There are many things that you don’t know ,I am the actual reason behind ur hatred for Anika whatever she did yesterday was to make you kick her out of this house,she did all that intentionally
Shivaay:mom pls,this is sounding really ridiculous ,I know you haven’t done anything and are just trying to defend her but u don’t have to,she has shown her real colours
Pinky:no beta ,this is the 1st time in telling you the truth ,I have always hated Anika since the day she entered this house as ur wife, I was always against her but after tia’s truth came out to me,I tried to like her and accept her but I always felt that she was snatching you from me,I am ur mom but u were giving more importance to her and so I felt insecure and so I wanted to kick her out of ur life and this house,but I knew that it I kick her out ,you will bring her back again and so I planned to make her call in your eyes so that you yourself kick her out and that will mark her permanent exit but I always failed in my plans and so I played my last master stroke(she changes her story from here so that he does not know the illegitimate truth )I blackmailed her that if she does not do something which will provoke you to kick her out,I will kill myself and she agreed to save me and our relation,I got blind in hatred and could not realize her goodness but now I wanted to correct my mistake and so I told you everything ,I am sorry beta
By now shivaay was in tears and his eyes were blood red because of his anger
Shivaay :mom,how could you , I know that you have the biggest right on me as u have brought me to this world and I loved you the most but Anika was my wife ,didn’t she had the right on me and my love ,you could have talked to me once, I would have thought of something but no,you chose to cheat me,u don’t know how I’m feeling right now,I’m angry but not in you but on myself, I don’t know what mistake I did that you had to punish me so badly by taking my everything away,you don’t know how hurt I was since yesterday, I did not show my pain to any1 and tried to be strong but my heart was broken and I, I was cursing her for breaking it but who could have guessed that it’s my very own mom who had made her do it,I feel so ashamed right now to call you my mom, did you even consider me your son??frustrated,he starts throwing everything and looks at the mirror and BANG ,the mirror breaks into pieces as the shivaay Singh Oberoi hits it with his hand
Pinky stands there in shock while crying ,she trembles on seeing the blood oozing out of his son’s hand and she runs to shivaay ,hold his hand but shivaay jerks it away
Shivaay:I can’t believe you did this and all because you I kicked her out and she ,she did not utter a single word
Pinky:I know this is all my mistake but believe me shivaay, I want to repent ,I will do anything to help you ,if needed ,I’ll even apologize to her folding my hands but for now shivaay ,you need to find her ,there’s news in tv that she had a serious accident and is admitted in some hospital, go find her shivaay pls go!!
Shivaay realizes that he too got to know of her accident but did not pay need before and rushed out ,composing himself and calls khanna to help him find anika’s whereabouts

Anika gets discharged from the hospital on special requests and goes back to her old house while Arnav goes to office and tells her that she will join her in sahil’s school .she starts getting nostalgic remembering the past memories with sahil and shivaay in that house as she is probably going there for the last time ,after some time,she reaches sahil’s boarding school and goes to meet the principal and tells her that she is leaving this county and going to London for some personal problem and has to take sahil along ,the principal asks her when will they come back and she says never and requests her to grant his leave and the principal agrees ,she then goes to sahil’s room to meet him
Sahil’s room
Anika enters his room and covers his eyes from behind and he realizes that his Anika didi is here
Sahil:Anika didi,app yahan?
Anika:haan mein yahan,kyun tu mujhe yahan dekh kar khush nahin hai Kya ?
Sahil:nahin nahin ,main toh bohot khush hoon lekin app yahan chamak aur bataya bhi nahin aane se pehle
Anika:who main bas tujhe miss kar rahi thi toh aa gaye aur phir socha ke tujhe surprise deti hoon,kyun surprise pasand toh aaya na?
Sahil:haan bohot, lekin app Akeli kyun aaye aur SSO kyun nahin aaye aap ke saath,main unhein bhi bohot miss karta hoon,koi pareshaani hai Kya didi,aap mujhe bataa sakte ho
Anika:sahil,mujhe tuhey kuch batana tha, bas tu promise karr ke tu mera saath dega ?
Sahil:haan promise didi,pinky promise
Anika tells him everything and tells that u and I are going to London with Arnav bhaiya, he is my childhood friend and we are going to London as my family lives there whom I have left long back but now I want to mend my mistakes and go back to them, we have to catch the flight tonight so do ur packing quickly and we’ll leave as soon as Arnav bhaiya comes !

Shivaay goes to every hospital to find her and then reaches city hospital ,omru tell him that we have already checked this hospital but bhabhi is not here but he says he wants to make sure so he goes to the receptionist and asks was there a accident victim admitted yesterday??
Receptionist :yes but she has already left with her husband some time back,she tells that she was Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada,we don’t know her name but only her husband name as we didn’t have enough time to ask as she was really critical, but then just to make sure he shows anika’s photo to her but she again says that I have not seen her but then the doctor who treated Anika,Dr.sinha, passes by and she asks him to ask the doctor itself
Shivaay excusing the doctor
Sir ,can u see this photo and tell if she is the accident victim you treated
Doctor:yeah sure,she has left just now so I think I can recognize her
He sees the photo and says yes ,she is the 1 whom I treated ,yeah she was brought here by her husband
Shivaay gets shocked and relieved to know that she is safe now but then he thinks who’s the man who introduced himself as her husband ,I’m sure he might have said that so that the operation starts but then he gets a bit jealous and says but how dare he to say that anika is his wife,I will break his face if I see him, Anika is only mine and no one can take my place in her life ,no one ,he then thinks to go back home and heck her diary she had written all her friend’s name and number,I should ask them if she’s there
Sahil’s room
Sahil and Anika finish his packing and are all ready and waiting for Arnav,he then arrived finally
Arnav :I’m so sorry guys, I just got stuck in some work
That’s when Anika feels guilty and says:I’m so sorry Arnav ,you had came to India for some important work but just because of me you have to leave ur work in the middle
Arnav :it’s okay Anika, work is not more important than you ,at least im glad that I found you after so long
Meanwhile sahil is standing there with his hands crossed and mutters to himself that y is this Arnav bhaiya getting so close to Anika didi ,I know he’s her childhood friend but still ,he is trying to take my shivaay bhaiya’s place in didi’s life and till I’m here ,I’ll never let this happen, I know shivaay bhaiya and Anika didi love each other a Lot and I’ll never let any1 come in between them not even this Arnav bhaiya(he is just a kid and is jealous right now but he’s thinking for Arnav will change with time and no body will be able to take shivaay’s place ?)
Anika then introduces sahil to Arnav and they shake hands ,after a bit of talking, they sit in the car and drive to the airport ,throughout the whole ride,Anika is only remembering her memories in India especially with shivaay
Shivaay is going towards his room when the landline rings and shivaay attends the call the call is from sahil’s class teacher
Teacher:sir, I called up because I wanted to request you to not to take sahil away now as it’s mid term ,he’s a vey bright student and it will affect his studies badly
Shivaay gets shocked to know that anika took sahil from the boarding school and is now leaving the county,he asks the teacher if sahil is still there and she says idk, I’m at my house ,I just got to know that sahil is leaving and do thought to request you
He ends the call and drives quickly to sahil’s school and runs to his room but gets devastated on learning that she had left with sahil ,he sits there weeping and sees a paper under the table lamp and goes to read it

Precap:shivaay reads sahil’s letter for him while the their flight takes off. Shivaay has a panic attack ,Anika learns that her parents died Somme time back

Guys I have put a lot of effort for this 1 and I hope this 1 is long enough for you guys,I’m trying my very best
Actually I decided not to bring anika’s parents and only her siblings would be shown and I’m delaying the leap track for done 1-2 episodes,hope you like it

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