y did i let her go?? (Part-6)

I’m so sorry for not posting guys I just couldn’t manage to write as I’m always quite busy so now I have decided that I will not promise to post everyday but I’ll do it whenever I get time so it’s not going to be regular ,sorry for disappointing!!!
Precap :Arnav learn about anika’s wedding and divorce from the news channels and he tells Anika that some omkara and rudra are coming to meet her
The episode starts with Anika getting shocked and tense of their arrival ,she hurriedly asks him to stop them from coming ,I can’t meet them pls stop them from pls pls !!
Arnav gets tensed seeing her pleading him with tears in her eyes and tells her that I’ll do something but promise me that you’ll tell me the whole matter,all the things that happened after you left us,okay

She nods and he goes out
6/F hospital lobby
Omru come out of the lift and head towards anika’s room and are about to open the door of her room when a hand is placed on rudy’s shoulder and they turn
They turn and face Arnav, he asks them who are they and why are they entering my wife’s room,they introduce themselves and tell him that they are here to find their bhabhi whom have been admitted to this hospital so can we just see her

Arnav :I’m sorry but I have told u na that she’s my wife so there’s no point in checking her,she is not ur bhabhi ,I think u should find her somewhere else,btw y are u 2 finding ur bhabhi, where is her husband??
Omru get silent on hearing that and make a excuse that he’s not in town and say we’re sorry but pls can u allow us to see her just once,we just want to make sure

Arnav :I’m sorry but she’s sleeping and I don’t want any1 to disturb her,she has slept with much effort and so I don’t want to take any risk ,he brushes them away just then the doctors comes there and asks Arnav to come with him and he leaves recluantly
Omru finding this a good opportunity, sneak into the room but they don’t find any1 there and leave from there while Anika comes out from under the bed and haves a sigh of relief but feels bad for doing that with her dear devars

Shivaay enters and heads straight towards his room not wanting to talk to any1 but the luck was not on his side today and sees the whole family in the lounge and he knew that they were waiting for him to talk about anika’s accident, he tries to avoid them but dadi stops him ‘billu`
Dadi: don’t u think u should find out about her well being ??shivaay :whom are u talking about , I don’t have any relation with her anymore so y should I care and even if I had, I wouldn’t have gone as she too didn’t think about our relation for once before doing all that (a lump forms in his throat because of being hurt badly )

Not being able to bear more,he just leaves to his room with no emotions in his face showing as if he is normal but who knew about the havoc inside him ,pinky felt even more guilty for her doings and goes behind him to justify anika’s accident

Hospital room:

Arnav comes to Anika with a thousand questions in his mind ,she knew that he needed lots of answers so she started her story without further delay ,she tells him how she married shivaay ,th while journey as his wife and y she got divorced but does not tell that she loves shivaay as she thought Arnav would try to help her in getting back with shivaay but as much as she wanted that 2 but she just didn’t wanted to hurt shivaay and remains silent.

After the long story, she asks him to take her from here to somewhere far as she did not wanted to face shivaay ever again and Arnav agrees to help her and asks her if she wanted to go back to her family, she thinks for a while and asks if they will forgive her ,he tells her that parents cannot stay angry with their kids for long and Anika I have to tell u that I have admitted u here as Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada as I couldn’t tell them that u had an accident or else the doctors would not have done ur operation and saved u as it’s supposed to be a police case ,so I had to lie and I told them that u fell from the stairs ,im sorry but I had to lie to save ur life

Anika says okay I understand ,I know ur intentions were not bad!arnav then calls the travel agency to book 3 tickets to London (anika’s family now lived in London’ earlier they lived in Ahmedabad) for tomorrow’s afternoon flight as sahil too will be going with them
Precap:Anika,sahil and arnav board the flight ,pinky tells about anika’s innocence to shivaay ,he tries to find her ,a 5 years leap coming up!!

I have made a slight change in the story ,Anika had left her house as after her mom’s death,her dad remarried ,she was angry with her dad and so left the house in anger and reached Mumbai, she was 18 then ,she found sahil in a mandir and decided to adopt him as he was a orphan .Anika and Arnav are childhood friends cum cousins

To compensate for the delay ,I have written a really long 1 this time,hope you all like it and pls support me like always ,thx

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