Y me??.. I was forced to ask(swaragini)(part 6)

Hi sorry for the late update
Precap swasan frndship n their deal

Episode starts

Sanky: so swara wats the plan??

Shona: simple she tells sumthing to sanky but is mute

Sanky: hope it works
I told u abt me n ragini now ur turn

Shona: ok fine
—-Fb starts—-
We were in the same class we shared a gud frnd ship I used to call him lucky n he called me Shona
on his bday:
12 am
L: Kavita !! He yelled
L: a nightmare it just is a nightmare
Who is there who is there would you surrender or shall I teach u a lesson I prefer honesty

Voice from the curtains: surrendering doesn’t mean honesty it means cowardice which I am not

L: so u won’t surrender then let me teach u a lesson ah my eyes I can’t c anything

V: I came here to complete a task which I would at any case

L: KK do whatever u want but handle me with care I am very fragile he pouts ok Shona??

V: I hate u u ruined it my surprise that is why u don’t have a gf u r such a spoil sport

L: ok sorry but c I know ur existence around me even after being blindfolded

—–Fb ends—

Shona: that is how he used to pretend n I used to be fooled huh

Sorry for the short update n any feedbacks plz do comment if u r feeling bored or feeling I am exaggerating the topic plz do share n recommend me whether I shall continue or just summarise it…

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  1. superb dear but too short please update next part little long

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