Y me??.. I was forced to ask(swaragini)(part 4)


Hi guyzz sorry for the late update I will try my best to post the update as soon as possible and make it big n I won’t be writing any update from 3 may to 8 may as I am going out of station with frnz so we will not be taking any gadgets with us today would be sanskar’s intro n ragini would be mention in flashback n conversations but lucky n rags will not be right now in this episode shown in the present in this part there isn’t any pov

So here I start

Recap: Laksh intro

Swara’s pov ends

No swara u can’t break down so easily u have to be strong at least for our mission
A voice no an angelic voice said swara turns n says” doesn’t seem so easy sanskar he was my world but he broke me ur brother broke me into pieces

Sanskar: is it so??? Wht ur sis did even she broke me but I luv her n I will do anything anything to prove my love even I can sacrifice my love for her happiness n our mission would help me prove my words

Swara: fine sanskar see ragini in front of ur eyes being of sum1 else but not u

Sanky: no regrets that is wht real love which she will live now

Swara: do u hate her??
There was a silent pause which lasted for minutes at last sanky broke it : I don’t have the courage to a tear escaped his eye swara felt guilty

Swara: isn’t it destiny I lost my love bcoz of the person who was my father but I never accepted n u lost ur love bcoz if me whom u didn’t even meet

Sanskar: no swara it wasn’t bcoz of u or ur fath…(swara inturepted)(on the top of her voice she sternly said): NOT FATHER
Sanskar continued: f9 Shekhar gadodia coming back to wht I said it was circumstances(he saw her crying)

Not again swara I asked u to bes strong right. So wht shall I do to stop these tears??
Swara: share wid me urs n rags love story

Sanskar: ohk fine if that gives u happiness then
Swara (in mind) that will give u peace at heart
Sanky: we met in a Bollywood love story style which could only happen in movies or fictional world so I thought she planned it when she accepted rather confessed the truth but no it wasn’t so her heart beat n I could feel that she was the once person who I couldn’t decide whether she was a devil or an angel

Sanky was coming from the school gates to enter the gates of college as he went he met his bff Kavita he hugged her n started talking to her the lecture was abt to start so he was abt to leave for his class when suddenly he felt sum1 hit him hard he turn around n saw rags he asked her whether she was fine she nodded in ayes as she was to take a step her ankle twisted and she fell in his arms he understood her condition n lifted her in his arms n made her sit in a nearby bench

—–flashback ends——-

Sanky: that is how we met
Swara: oh romAntic but wht would we name our mission??
Sanky: simple mission impossible
Swara: that is too common let me think yes mission personification
Sanky : that suits it

That is it for today guyz

Credit to: Silent reader

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