Y me??..I was forced to ask (swaragini)(part 3)


Hi guyz thnx s Priya n kriya n the silent readers plz do share if any improvements r required so today the boy will be revealed

Swara feeling broken

Here I go
Me: o god my watch, my strength it is broken

He: I am so sorry I…I… really did not mean brea…. (I cut his words)

Me: it wasn’t ur fault it is fine

He: ok forget it we don’t know even each other come let us atleast introduce

Me: f9 me swara

He: Laksh maheshwari u swara GADODIA right ???

Me(in anger): no it is swara just swara am I nothing without my surname??? I am swara only swara

(I went out of the canteen fuming in anger leaving him rather Laksh shocked)

I went into the classroom n wrote a story note which I kept on his seat I knew wht I said was wrong I took off anger of my past of my destiny on him time taught me how to live not again can I forget it

——flashback ends——

I thought he met me it was my destiny but he met me bcoz he planned it to

Plz do comment n do not worry abt the pairs plz comment there is very less response so If u feel bore or want me to discontinue plz inform

Credit to: Silent reader

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  1. aweaome hope its swalak…

    1. Silent reader

      Thnx kriya do not worry it is Swalak n swasan it is raglak n Ragsan

  2. Hey don’t won’t worry abt t comments dr….ur story line s superb continue

    1. Silent reader

      Thnx a Priya hope I fulfil ur expectation with my storyline

  3. Continue…..when will be rags n sanky entry????

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