Y me??..I was forced to ask (swaragini)(part 2)

Hi guyz thnx Sujatha ,rosey, shubhangi, kriya n all silent reader forgive me for any mistake as it is abt 11:30 pm when I am writing the article n I am writing the whole again due to my stupidity
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So recap: swara in flashback Tia says the new boy is damn hot I didn’t mention but the flashback

So here I start wid swara’s pov

I am in front of the mirror looking at myself and living for just one reason nikita who accepted me as her mother unaware that I am not even her mother

The watch rather the broken watch u r broken just the way I am the way my heart is

——flashback starts——-

In the schl campus wid frnz my phone rung an unkown no I went to the corner n received the call

Caller : u have to come back to me u n that ragini would have to I will give u everything money fame anything but not freedom the way ur mom served me u would have to got it?

I cut the call n wiped the sweat on my forehead it was him but my strength I turned to see my wrist there was a wrist watch the one which raging gifted me on my bday it was strength to me I felt confident and went towards my frnz but not again I bumped into sumone I did that in the morning itself uggghhhh my wrist sumthing just jerked out of it but I did not care i was furious

I saw the boy the new boy

Me: don’t u have eyes or u have a hobby to bump into others or just me u did that just in morning

The boy: I am really sorry actually I was a bit tenses as it is a new place to me I was in my own world

Even I felt my mistake as I overreacted due to the phone call

Me: I am sorry too actually I was a bit furious due to a call I received right now well how to make it up??

Boy; just by telling the time
He smiled

I said sure as I saw my wrist I realised in my bumping into him my watch fell down and it was broken no I was feeling weak

——flashback ends——

I guess it was an omen to warn me from him but I neglected it n today I regret doin that I regret

That is all for today sorry for the short episode plz do share ur feedbacks comment n views
Whose love I want to c?? Though I would be changing but still ur preference

N who is the boy

Credit to: Silent reader


  1. Silent reader

    N I wrote it whose love I want to c due to autocorrect it actually is whose POV U want to c

    • Silent reader

      Don’t worry s Priya it is Ragsan also n swasan also it is raglak also n it is Swalak also

  2. Silent reader

    Sorry for mistakes autocorrect prob whose pov u would prefer reading n I would be showing the Pov of all four n raging actually is ragini plz do comment

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