Y me??.. I was forced to ask (swaragini) (part 9)

Hi guyz sorry for. Irregular updates I m back wid 9 part hope u guyz lyk it

Shona: sanky nic acting na c I am so gud I am a gud actor a gud singer a gud lover a gud hater a gud person an all rounder

Sanky(whispers to himself): don’t know when she will stop praising herself so self obsessed

Shona: did u say something

Sanky: no

Shona: then say na m I not an all rounder a perfect person

Sanky: no I mean yes yes u r the best person I ever met

Shona: I know no need to tell me I am so awesome

Sanky: then y did u ask me atleast I would have told one less lie

Shona: that means u lied to me haw so bad sanky

Sanky: no I meant so much of time n energy I could have saved if u didn’t ask me

Shona: better
Tell me ur story

Sanky: ok

—–Fb starts—–

We were in the same batch she thought I met her first when she was injured n I took her home but I knew her sorry I luved her when I first saw her wid Kavya abt 2 yrs before our meeting I introduced her to my group members n we had gud frndship, correction we were best frnz, on my bday-

At 12 am

My phone rung
It was rags as I expected to wish me on my bday lyk every gud frnd

Me: hi ragini thnx

Rags: u r not even excited for ur bday n u didn’t even let me wish u

Me: no need to be formal ragini I am satisfied that u called me at 12 and remembered it is my bday that is enough for me

Rags: okay sanskar but meet me right now I am waiting outside ur house

I was abt to say wht is the need for this but

She continued

No need to send me from here if u don’t come down I will kidnap u

I knew it was no use arguing with her so I gave up m came out in my night dress yawning n having my eyes half closed but my eyes opened no popped out of my sockets my jaw dropped low enough to touch the floor god she never looke so bful I was mesmerised she was wearing a geranium coloured one piece she left her hair open n her eyes the makeup was Perfect not much not less just perfect and then I saw her face n I realised she was giving me a stop-staring-me-look n I came back to my senses n my mind says stop looking so s*xy

Rags: happy bday. Sanskar

Me: thnx but u r luking so bful n m in my night dress give me five mins I will get ready

Rags: m ur BFF I know u will take a forever in choosing wht to wear so cum sit everything is planned even I had arranged chloroform for u now cum n sit in the car n I will drive

Me: u god bless me I want it to remain by birth anniversary only not death anniversary u r wearing high heels how can u drive

Rags: even I want the same sanskar so I am luking so gorgeous that u won’t be able to remove ur eyes from me n I wanna live

Sanskar: okay I give up

We sat in the car she removed her heels n started driving she suddenly stopped driving in front of a hotel sanky go inside the hotel at the reception just say ur name I will meet u hear only go fast no questions sanskar maheshwari go now

Me: okay okay btw didn’t know u know me so well without even my speaking u always said wht was required to not let me ask ques

Rags: would u plz go????1

Precap: sanky birthday celebration

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Credit to: Crazy dreamer


    • Crazy dreamer

      Sorry dear story has to seperate Ragsan for ragini’s good can’t help it but enjoy Ragsan scenes

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