Y me??.. I was forced to ask (swaragini) (part 7 – English version)


Sorry I guyz for the late update I thought to redo part 7 n so here it is in English n I will try my best to write the upcoming parts in eng only sorry once again here I start

Sanky: so time to start our mission
Shona: n sanky for our mission u can call me Shona
Sanky: okay fine Shona

In sanky’s house

Sanky: hlo ragini plz cum to my house ASAP Shona is crying a lot she is broken plz ragini (to Shona)
Shona stop crying have water
Shona: no sanky go away I don’t want to c any one(sobbing) plz go sanky plz

Sanky: to ragini) r u cuming ragini??
Ragini: yes don’t worry I am reaching

Sanky: by the way nic acting Shona

Shona: I know dramebaaz I was called dramebaaz Shona

Sanky: ok dramebaaz Shona start ur drama again coz she will be here any moment.

Shona(sobbing): y did he do this to me?? Wht was my fault that I was “daughter of SHEKHAR GADODIA” who isn’t even my real father

Ragini: Shona sanskar where r u???

Sanky: upstairs ragini my bedroom

Shona: Shekhar gadodia I hate him he spoilt my life my family he just knows how to spoil but I had to pay for it

Ragini(hugging Shona): wht happened Shona??? Y r u crying??

Shona: coz of 2 people shekhar gadodia n Laksh maheshwari

Rags: Laksh?? Wht did he do isn’t he sanskar brother

Shona: not only sanky bro I wanted to talk to u but u were not in the city nor did I have ur new contact no I met sanky he told me abt u but where were u

Rags:(while looking at sanky) there was an incomplete task, I went to fulfil it

Shona: so u completed it???

Ragini: u leave mine how did u know Laksh n how were u connected to sanky

Shona: I luved laksh but he he wanted to take revenge not from me but from my so called dad but I had to suffer
Di u would take revenge from Laksh u would right u would ans me di

Rags: yes yes Shona but tell me the complete story

Shona di my story I thought was a luv story but it was a revenge story Laksh loved Kavita n Kavita also luved him but they were separated forever coz Kavita commited suicide coz of my so called dad she took the same step that my mom took Laksh thought he was my dad n would feel pain before destroying his daughter life Laksh thought he knew the truth but how would he know that wht a man he is n coz of all that I had to suffer I hate u Laksh I hate u
Continuously crying

Rags: don’t cry Shona n that stupid Laksh I will teach him a lesson right now wht in the world does he thinks he is

Shona: no di not by only words but now he will go thru the pain I went??

Rags: wht do u mean

Shona: that is a nic song by job

Rags: m not joking tell me wht do u mean

Episode ends on rags shocked face

Guyz do comment wht do u feel abt the ff m I dragging the plot or is it ok???

Credit to: Crazy dreamer

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