Y me??.. I was forced to ask (swaragini) (part 5)


Hi guyz new update Again so recap: sanky n rags Fb meeting n mission personification

Sanky: mission personification suits our moto but how to implement it??

Shona: leave that tell me more abt ur n rags luv story

Sanky: correction FAKE luv story

Shona: no u luved her though she didn’t
Sanky: f9 the story

——Fb starts—–
Rags got hurt n sanky helped her the way to a nearby bench

Rags: ah it pains I am so sorry n coz of me u r missing lecture I will handle it plz

Sanky: no ways u think I will leave u in this state no arguments I will be here with u

He took her again in his arms n placed her in his car front seat he sat in the driving seat n drove to a big mansion

Rags: does this mansion belong to u??

Sanky: yes it does

Rags: y r u allowing a completely unknown person in ur house just coz she has a sprain in her leg for which u do not even require to do this I know how to cure it within seconds

Sanky: there r two reasons behind it

U r very beautiful so ur presence in this room is like an angel in hell

R: u seem to maser in the degree of flirting with girls

S: no trust me u really r beautiful

R: I would keep disagreeing second reason

S: coz of u I am able to miss that boring long lecture

R: oh this one seems genuine I know ur name mr. Sanskar maheshwari but u don’t know mine it’s ragini
—Fb ends—-
Sanky :the way she said sanskar maheshwari reflected her devil motive but I unknowingly ignored it n today I am here standing hurt
Shona: don’t worry sanky our mission will again make them a human wid emotions wid luv

Sanky: I hope so swara coz I really want her to luv I don’t have the hope that she will luv me but I really hope she finds her tru luv but all this happened coz of two devils Kavya n Shekhar gadodia n all that forced me to ask y me wht in the world was my fault

Shona: tru very tru sanky but how r v going to achieve wht we desire how would v teach them to live

Sanky: there must be a way maybe by making them fall in love

Shona: oh god it means ragini loves Laksh n Laksh luv ragini would be wht v r gonna turn to truth

Sanky: yes everything would be perfect even the ending no cheat

Shona: but I don’t wanna forget my romantic memories nor ragini’s so u would be sharing ur luv story n I would be sharing mine

Sanky: fair enough

How was it guyz so sanky Shona on for mission personification how is Kavya n Shekhar related to their devastated lives n would the end really be happy or miserable plz plz plz do comment guyz!!!

Credit to: Silent reader

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