Y me??.. I was forced to ask (swaragini) (part 11)


Hi guyz m back sorry for late update n short but can’t help coz m excited as it is my bday on 28 June I will turn 14 yippee!!!

Anyways back wid the story

We went back to the waterfall we sat on a rock n she was in my arms that was all I ever wanted peace at heart the girl I luv wid me I kissed her forehead n she smiled at me we talked on random things n the morning came we saw the bful sunrise I was so happy today guess anyone would have been

Rags: ok sanky GM now time for next surprise

Me: wht another surprise

Rags: yes
So I m changing at ur place n u at mine everything is arranged

Me: okay

So we both met at her place again our outfits said hey u r going out for a picnic but again she was luking an angel

Me: so r we going on a picnic

She: not really but would be dancing in rain

Me: wht??

She: just wait n watch

This time I drove according to the direction she gave she was clicking pix n was in my arms it from nowhere started raining she asked me to take a left n I did the same omg that is my fav garden simply coz it always rained on my bday whenever i was there n this happened for the 15 th time I luv this place

She: cum visit ur fav garden dance freely no one is here accept me n u

Me: ok

She played ishq hua from aaja nachle

We danced n didn’t break the eye contact for even a sec we were so lost in the world our eyes were showing I luved that moment

She also brought towels with her we dried ourselves n then spare clothes she brought we changed in the restrooms n then we went to the railway station sumone she knew came n took her car I didn’t ask wht is happening

We went in our coach n OMG all my frnz n no one else she had booked a complete coach o god this girl I am In luv wid her we all spent a gr8 time we played truth n dare I took dare n I had to pull three hair of an uncle’s moustache coz he had regularly been complaining that we were disturbing him even though he was in another coach so our revenge plan n we reached back to our city her car was there At the railway station she took me near my house just behind my house to be precise she opened the door n i realised she bought it for me the whole house was dark wid everywhere frames n my memories except the floor n there was a small opening from where light sorry the first ray of sun came n there was a mirror reflecting the light AT a pic of me n ragini holding boards which displayed BFF o god that was so nic n we came out at exact 12 am I didn’t sleep the whole day n honestly speaking I didn’t want to

I end my best birthday if was so owsum

—-Fb ends—-

Shona: I didn’t know di was so romantic OMG

Sanky’s phone rang

Sanky: hlo ragini

Rags: hlo sanky meet me now I need to talk to u right now

Sanky: okay CCD in fifteen mins

Rags: f9


Sanky: so hi u were sounding tensed??

Rags: sanky u need not be so formal wid me I made u my best frnd forever.in my heart u still r my BFF unless u r not comfortable wid me

Sanky: m comfortable so wht is the prob

Rags: Laksh

Wht is ragini’s prob how would sanky help her n would swasan achieve their dream answers to these questions n few twists r on the way one more thing guyz the end would not be a perfect happy ending so do comment plz plz I just get6-7 comments ??????????

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