Y me??..I was forced to ask (swaragini) (part 1)

Hi guyz thnx sujata, kriya, ana, sree, Ria, s Priya, Shreya n all the silent readers for ur support the pairs are Swalak swasan Ragsan n raglak so the series has all pairs hope u enjoy it so here I start

A girl’s pov
Once again the sun rays fell in my eyes once again the day started once again I had 24 hours to live but I can’t say once again I would live my life swara style bcoz of just one person who forced me to ask y me???? The girl is swara Gadodia

On 10 April the one question running in my mind was y me just that question bcoz of that person who was not even my father or bcoz of that person who used me for his revenge who shall I curse who shall I

O god sum1 just look at him he is damn hot Tia said (my best frnd)

S:Sure Tia u said that just 10 mins before seeing Rahul isn’t it

T: very funny(in anger)

S: ok sorry but wht can I do after all I have got u as my bestie

T: stop it swara only five mins are left we shall rush for the class

We started to move I was busy assembling my notes as they were all scattered due to a gush of wind

Aaaahhh my head!! He had the same reaction after bumping into me I realised we dashed n I felt lyk punching him hard once again due to him I got hurt n all my notes got scattered again and the worse I was late for my lecture

He helped me wid my notes n I just gave him a fake smile he understood that I cursed him for that moment but who cares

I was abt to go but hard luck our college’s dean came in front of me though I was his fav I wished to curse him as I did not want to get more late but destiny

D: Ms. Swara gadodia topper of our college since u have already met the new student I don’t think I need to inform u much abt him he is…. I couldn’t hear his name due to the sudden loud horns n traffic as I was just near the college gate but I didn’t care to ask I knew my job it was to tell him abt the college that is it

The dean saw me with a questioning look I realised that I had to answer his question but which ques I did not even hear him all I did was I nodded in a yes we went towards the class and Tia started it again

Isn’t he super hot???
My stern look was enough as an answer

That’s it for today plz plz plz plz plz do comment

Shall I continue writing this ff

Who is the person who broke swara
Rahul, laksh, sanskar or sum1 else

Plz do give feedback
Plz plz plz

Forgive me if I disappointed u hope u lived it

N I’m not making u feel bore

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  1. Plz make it swasan as couple

    1. Silent reader

      Thnx Shagun for reading the ff do not worry abt the pairs the pairs are swasan Swalak Ragsan n raglak so u will be visualising all the pairs n one question I forgot to ask whose pov do u wish to c swara Ragini Laksh or sanskar

    1. Silent reader

      Thnx rosey for appreciating my story plz do comment whose pic do u want to continue with

  2. yes continue please

    1. Thnx shubhangi for ur comment plz do share whose pic would u reccomend

  3. Awsm continue it……

    1. Silent reader

      Thnx kriya plz do comment whose pic would u prefer

      1. Silent reader


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