WWill she love me?? (Devakshi ff)By Akshada (Part-12)

Hey Guys i am bak with the nxt one sorry fr being late….so Lets Start
Dev’s pov:
Suddenly some one…..woke me….i opened my eyes
Me:Hana tum??!! (Hana u!!??)
Hana: haan Main hi (ya me only !!?) Did u expect some Else ??!! (Ya Hana He was expecting sona ??????????)

Aghh !!! She always does this…
Me: jst shut up !! Kk
Hana: hmm….
Me: tum itni jaldi aagayi collage se ?? (U cam so soon frm collage ??)
Hana: oh !! Bhai….serioulsy !! Itni jaldi…..u knw Whts the time.!! Its 5:00

Shit !!! Dreaming abt the past i forgot hw time passed ….
Hana: kya sapna dekha ki aap utt hi nahi thi????? ??!!( wht did u dream tht u did nt even Wake up!!)
Me: ????plzs mujhe irritate mat karna!! ( plzs dont irritate me !!)
Hana: aacha teekhe teekhe (hmm..Kk Kk)
Me: hmm…
Hana: hmm…main fresh up karke aati hu (I vil fresh up and cm)
Me: hmm….
Hana: kya hmm hmm…(wht hmm…hmm..!!??)
Me: aghh !! Plzs ??
Hana:Kk Kk…
And she went out…
I changed my clothes and was sitting on my bed
I am really confused wht to do……

This side sona was also dreaming abt him…..
Sona’s pov:
Aghh!!! I am feeling so…restless man!!
I am into any conclusion !! Kya karoo I hav to stop thinking abt tht thing ….
Suddenly I felt some one tapping my shoulder…

When I turned I saw HIM !!
God damn wht the f**K is he doing here….hell man !!!
He suddenly pinned me to the wall…

Wht is he doing….He cam closer closer and closer….shit !! I was able to feel his breath on my lips …He kept both his hands on my face….OMG!! Wht is he trying to do….I looked down….damn man why the am I nt stopping him or even pushing him……He made me look at him….I met his I eyes ….I was totally lost in his eyes….his dark chocolate color eyes was jst killing me ….god man!! Oh !! Jst shut up sona ….
He cam more close ….I closed my eyes ….I did nt wht was he doing …..wen I opened my eyes I saw no one here ….shit!! Was I dreaming ….
Iski toh kami thi abh yeh bhi hogaya !!

Like seriously I was imagining him!! ????
I feel so irritated….I went near my bed and closed my eyes again I started to dream….jst stop this !!
End of sona’s pov
And she slept….

Here Dev was looking at the celeing thinking wht to do……
He did nt get any idea!!
Dev’s pov:
I feel so irritated thinking abt this….if I am gona propose hr this soon….sure she vil nt accept….hell!! Main Hana ko bhi nahi bata sakta hu coz she vil start teasing me….I hate being teased…..abh Kay karoo….!!!
It was almost 9:00
And I am still thinking abt it….
Knock knock !!

I opened the door…
Hana: bhai !! Dinner nahi khana hai kya !! (Don’t u want to eat!!??)
Me: no….I am nt in the mood to eat…!!
Hana: dieting ??!!
Hell!! Really!!?? She is asking I am dieting ??
Me: ya any probs!!

Hana: no I don’t hav any problem but….all the girls vil hav !!
Me: girls!!
Hana: ya!! U knw all the girls r jst dying fr u and if u dont eat u vil become thin and u vil loose Ur Carrier and all girls vil hate u….and
Wht the hell is she talking…if i dont once i vil become thin !!….???
Nw if i dont eat again she vil start irritating me
Me: oh !! Plzs shut Ur nonsense Hana!! I am nt in mood so jst Go!!
Hana (sad tone): Kk bhai !!

And she went Out ik i shuld’nt hav scolded hr but…..aghh !!
End of Dev’s pov

Here shakti went Inside hr room and saw hr sleeping He thought if waking hr up but He knws tht she was tried ….coz of tht matter so….je jst left …
Wen it was 1:00 am
I got up …
And i saw HIM!! Staring at me sitting on my bed ….nt again i again closed my eyes and opened He was nt thr thank God i was jst imagning ….
I sat on the bed

Dev’s pov :
I did nt get sleep so thought of leaving to hr House…..wen i jumped into hr room silently i saw hr Wake up at seeing the celeing …is she Thinking abt the Same Thing ……
Wen i was abt to again Jump Out she saw…me..!! God man
Sona: no……Not again !!
Not again !! Wht is she saying !!
Sona: oh !! Sona jst stop dreaming ….aghh!! I hate this ….frm morning this is the third time dreaming abt him !!
Wow !! Nt Bad i did nt knw i effect hr so….Much dreaming !! Thts gud ….she got up she again closed hr eyes and opened
Sona: u did nt Go still !!

Go still !!! ??
Sona: arrey chali jana ( jst go knw )
Wht the hell is she saying !! Oh ya I understood !!
Waite shuld I take this as a advantage to make hr realise or shuld I go !!

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