A WRONG CALL – OS (Kala Teeka Version)


Hey guys saasha here. I had thought to type this first for kaala teeka but I had typed this for ishqbaaz. So guys presenting u the kaala teeka version of A WRONG CALL……

A boy in his twenties is seen travelling in a bus. A girl wearing jeans, crop top and hair tied to ponytail nears him. ” Do u mind if I sit here?”asked the girl. “Yes u can sit here” replied the boy.”I am ayesha”.”Myself rohan”.”Where are u goin?”asked ayesha.”Mumbai”replied rohan. ”Why?”asked ayesha.”My marriage”replied rohan. ”Love ya arranged” asked ayesha who was full with never ending questions.”Love”said rohan bringing a smile on his face and going back into a flashback.

A girl is seen chatting with her friends. Handsome hunks,gossiping,weight loss, boyfriends were the talks going on between them. Suddenly the girl said” Guys let’s play a prank with luna’s bf. Does anyone know his number?” Another girl gave the number. She noted the number. ”Simran come its getting late for the class”said another girl. That night simran called that number.”Hello”said the voice.”If I did anything right in my life it is when I gave my heart to u”said simran. It was a boy who attended the call and he stood puzzled and the next minute the call was disconnected. The next day night simran again called him”I wish I could turn back the clock so that I could have found u sooner and love u longer”she said and disconnected the call. ”Rohan whom r u talking to?” said a voice. Yes that boy was rohan. Rohan stood confused to who was this mysterious lover of him. ”I want to be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye”again went a call from simran to rohan.

Little did she know rohan started admiring her. And the one week went on like this simran calling rohan and saying love quotes. One night simran called rohan” Hey I want to meet you. Tomorrow at the mall starbucks coffee shop” . The next day arrived soon and she went to the mall. At the entrance of the coffee shop she stood and called rohan ”Hey where r u? I am waiting for u at the entrance of the coffee shop”. She saw a hand waved at her and she went near him only to realize it wasn’t luna’s boyfriend.”So u r my mysterious lover.

Looking gorgeous”complimented rohan. With some courage left in her she mustered”Actually it was a misunderstanding. I wanted to play a prank on my friend’s bf but I ended up calling u. Please forgive me” It was as if a knife stabbed through rohan’s heart.With invisible tears he said” It’s ok. I’ll let go of this one week out of mind” and he left that place without saying anything. Simran felt bad for him. Soon the next week went hard for simran as she only thought about rohan. She realized she fell for him but one question kept on ringing in her mind.

She went to luna and narrated the incident and said” But luna how could I have fallen for him by just meeting him once and listening his voice for about two to three times”asked simran. ”Simran love can happen anywhere and at anytime. God has destined to bring u together” said luna. That night simran called rohan ”You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart”said a blushing simran.”Once again a wrong call” giggled rohan.”No, a right one” replied simran.

“How did this love happen?” asked Ayesha.”A wrong call” replied rohan.”All the best for ur upcoming married life” said simran. Very soon they both reached mumbai and shook their hands and left that place. Rohan’s eyes started to search somebody. At last that person arrived. Rohan kissed her forehead and said” A wrong call made the call to our life a right one simran”. They both hugged each other and left that place hand in hand.

And guys that’s all how was it??? As promised I paired kali and yug. So pls do comment……..

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  1. Superb!!!??

    1. Saasha123

      Thank u so much????

  2. Yes Sasha you paired them but the fact is I can never see them paired again in serial????? kkash serial mein bhi kuch a asia hi ho

    1. Saasha123

      Thank u di… And yes the serial is one of the mega boring serial running on air…. First kayu now kali and nandu seriously???? I hate it….

      1. Don’t call me di I’m just 15


    It’s ok. Nice one! Kaash serial kaala teeka mein v thik ayasa hi hota. Present track is so boring what to tell.

    1. Saasha123

      Thank u di…

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