IT’S WRITTEN (one shot)




Scene @ hospital..
Some ward boyz are taking a girl into OT she has met a serious accident…
Girl’s dada: please doc plz save my daughter.. i cant live without her…
Doc: dont worry i will try my level best… dont loose hope..

He console her dadaji n went into OT …
After 6 hrs…

Dada: is she fyn na ?
Doc: i hv operated her bt still she is in danger… dont worry…
Dada: oh god i hv met her after years n this..(cries)
Another person:(he is unkown ): uncle ji dont worry he is dr sanskar … the best surgeon here…
Dada: i hope so…


After 2 hours some ppl enters the hospital n searched for someone n as soon as he found that person he shouts
” ur game is finished rajaji… u hv saved ur grand daughter now lets see who will save u frm us”
Dada(yes he is the grandfather if injured girl): i hv found the successor of my dynasty agar ab mai mar bhi gya to koi dukh nahi
Goon: ha ha ha do u think she will survive that accident(laughs eviely)
He took out gun n shoot 6 bullets into his chest…
Dadaji feel on ground…. sanskar too hears the shooting sound n ran towards the injured dadaji… n took him in his lap n ask wardboy to come
Dada: beta plz help me…
San: dont worry u will be fyn..
Dada: no plz take care of my grand daughter…. i kno i will die bt plz save her..
San:plz tell me smthng i will inform ur family…
Dadaji: save my swara… she is last succesor of… aahhh!!!
N he died..

Sanskar sent the body for post martum… n calls police…

San:(in mind) swara !!! Who is she… n y those goons killed her dadaji… n she is last sucessor of what..???… itz obvious that this is some family rivalry n that accident too was planned.. bt (his thoughts interepted by a knock on cabin)
“”Come in””
Nurse:sir vo that accident patient has gained conciousness
San: ok m coming..

@Swara’s Ward
San checks her..
San: how u feeling now
Swra no answer..
San strts checking her bp n as soon as that apparatus strts tightng at her hand she strts laughing.. sanskar saw her feels that something is wrong..
San: so do u hv pain in head ?
Swra: hmm bhuttttt saaaraaa
San: so what’s ur name ?
Swra: name whats that?
San:(in mind) means m ryt she has lost her mental stability… ohh god now how can i find her family..

In hospital swara n sanskar became friends n sanskar contacted his acp friend n he said that he will help him in finding her family… n sanskar took her to MM

One month later

Ap: beta r u sure u shld bring her here?
San: ha ma m sure…
Dp: hmm.. then its ok.. if u want to bring her here we are ok with it..

An hour later

SwaSan enters the MM
Ap goes closer to her.. n swara gets afraid of her n hide at sanskar’s back..
Ap n Dp were shocked…
Ap: beta come here i will not harm u…
San: swaraa come here look she is my ma… n frm now onwards she is ur ma too..
Swea(peeps frm his shoulder): maa??
San: ha ma(smiles)
Swra: ma ? What Is ma ?
San: ma is god’s best creation … ma loves everyone…
Swra:(innocently) sachhii
San:(smiles) ha swara…
Swara then goes n hugs her tightly n strts weeping..
Ap cares her hair n said” y r u cryng beta”
Swra: i hvnt ma na thats y … but now i hv…
San: n father too swara
Swra: (wipes tear) what is father..?
San: he is god’s another creation n he use to protect his children from all eviels..
Swra: then he will protect me from those bad guyx…
San: who ?
Swra: he was very bad … he beats me (cries n hugs ap more tightly)
Ap: dont cry beta u r safe now with us..
Dp:beta take her to her room…

Swara has changed the atmosphere of MM completely itz very joyful she has filled the colors in whole mm colors of happiness… n most importantly in sanskar’s lyf.. he has fallen for swara’s innocence… he use to take care of her lyk a child n soon she strts recovering…


SwaSan were roaming in a mall… suddenly swara holds sanskar’s hand n drag him out she was sweating heavyly… she was afraid
Swra:(scared) pl pl chlooo chlooo
San: kya hua swara..
Swra: no no plz chalooo…(started cryng)
San: ok ok clam down we are going…
They reaches MM
Swara ran n lock herself in her room
Ap: what happned beta..?
San: ma m just coming…
He reaches to her room n knocks door ” swara open the door… swara plx”
Swra:(cryng)nooooo he will take me….
San: shona no one will take u m here na… believe me..
Swra: nooooo u r bad that’s y u took me there… na… i hate u…

San:uttra bring duplicate keys …
Uttra: jee bhai ..
San:(keeps knocking) shona really i dont kno that… plz open the door…
Uttra brings key n sanskar opens the door … n saw swara… he was hiding herself behind the bed..n was cryng miserebly…
San:(goes closer to her) swara come here…
Swra strts moving back..: noo noo”
She was about to go in bathroom bt sanskar holds her hand n pulls her n takes her in a tight hug… she tried to release herself but soon she felt his arms…n she slowly losses conciousness..
Sanskar took her in arms n put her in bed…
After 3 hrs she gain her senses…
Swra:(strts cryng) i hate u…
San:(cups her face) sshh!! Dont cry good girls dont cry ryt… i think u r nt a good girl..
Swra:(innocent anger) no i am a good girl…
San: ten stop cryng..
Swra: (wipes her tears) m not cryng..
San: achhaa so who wants ice cream.
Swra: meeee…
San: so lets go..
Swra: nooooooo he will kill me..
San: swra who will kill u tell me…. i will beat him
Swra: he is very bad( cries)
She was out of control now.. she was throwing things… she was hurting herself so sanskar gave her an injection n makes her sleep…
After 3 days
Ap: beta y dont u take swara out she will feel good..
Dp: ha beta since 3 days she is in her room…
San: ok then i will…
San:swara be ready we r going out..
Swra:(hide herself in blanket) noo u …u will take me to him..
San: nahi swara m with u.. na.. i promise i will nt take u to him..
Swra: no u r lieing.

San:achha then i hv a gift.. bt seems u r not intrested in taking that..
Swra:(exited)gifttt wowww!! gift wow!!!
She strts clapping n jumping n sanskar keeps on adoring her innocence n beauty..
Swra: do naaaaaa
San takes a locket out n makes her wear that…
San: do u lyk it.?
Swra nodded yes…
On the way to park… swara saw n accident n becomes unconcious…
San: hwz u feeling now?
Swra: m fyn … bt hua kya tha mujhe
San:(understands that she has recoverd cz of accident n doesnt rember anythng) actully u fall unconcious on road
Swra: thnku for helping me…
San: u will be discharged tmrow..
Swra: ok .. doc can i make a call frm ur phone actully my family will be worried for me… my dadaji was coming to take me bt now he must be worried…
San gave his phn to swara..swara was about to take phn bt he stops n changes wallppr first as it was swara’s pic…
Swara called her mum n comes to kno that her dadaji has been killed 6 monthes back n she was missing since then.
Swra:(in mind)if i was missing then y i dont rember anything …where i was …

She suddenly feels a locket in her neck …
“Ye locket kiska hai.. i rember i dont hv any such locket …”

She touches that locket n feels something strange…

Next day she got discharged.. n left for her home….in kolkata..

Swara left but she has taken sanskar’s happiness n joyfulness with her… he use to spend most of tym in hospital… he rarely comes to home.. as he will get distracted by swara’s memories..
Six monthes passed…

One day swara came back to mumbai to meet her frnd…
But everything has been written by the diety…
Swara was passing by an accident spot n rembers something..same happned with her before but..this tym the guy who has met accident is none other than sanskar… she took him to hospital..
N was completing formalities..Ap n Dp reaches there n shocked to see swara n swara consoles them .. she was leaving when she herd nurses talking
N1:are she is that girl na… that accident case..
N2: ya she is … dr sanskar had taken her home..
N3: what home ? Bt why?
N1; are u r new here thats y u dont kno anythng.. actully she hd met an accident n on same day some goons killed her dadaji here…n dr sanskar promissed her dadaji to take care of her..
N2: ya he was madly in luv with her….
N1: no no he is yr
N3: then y dont he propose her now she is fyn na..
N2: cz he dont want to force her for anything..
N3: wow such a nyc guy.. he was keeping his promise…jo ki kisi anjaan se kia tha..

Swara was shocked to hear all this..

Slowly SwaSan again becomes frnd.. n swara tells shomi n ap n dp…that she wants to marry him

After 1 month

Ap dp uttra n sanskar were sitting swara came..
Swra: uncle aunty i want to say something to u all..
Dp: ha beta tell us
Swra goes towards san
Kneels down in front of him n takes a jewll box out of her purse” dr sanskar maheshwari will u marry me… i want to be in ur lyf forever…. i want to become mrs.sanskar maheshwari… i want ur care the way u had taken care of me … I dont remember anythibg but i can feel that …will u accept my proposal”
San was numb..he cant belive his eyes..
Swra:(teasingly) if u dont want to marry me then itz ok..
San: no no no m ready yr.. as always..
Everyone laughs…


San: swra i want to kno smthng..
Swra: about my family ryt
“She explains everuthing”
γ€ŠSwara belongs to a royal family due to some rivalry some ppl killed all the sucessors of the dynasty swara was last sucessor but as she was missing for 6 months ppl believs that she is dead n her palace is taken up by the local govt… she n her mum use to live in kolkata 》
San: i dont kno wether u rember that or not bt u were scared of someone at mall n that accident
Swra: i was kidnapped n inorder to kill me they throw m off cliff… those goons behaved with me lyk hell.. i was so scared…
San:(side hug) now m with u so dont worry… but can u manage to live in my small 3Bhk flat… no i mean u use to live in palace so..
Swra:(Smiles) i am ready to live even in a hut with u….
San: i luv u swara
Swra: i luv u too…

6 years later

Sanskar was running behind a small kid of 4 n swara was laughing
San: beta plz drink this milk..ansh is papa’s good boy na..
Ansh: nooo i will not..
Swara shomi ap n dp were laughing..
San:tum kya has rahi ho swara…
Swra: now u can understand how difficut it is for me to make him drink milk..
San: swra when i can handel his mother … i can handel him too
While running ansh fall n strts cryng
Swara ran n took him
In her lap …wipes his tears…
Sanskar hugs both of them..
San: i never thought i can get you back in my lyf swara…
Swra: but itz written sanskar… we were destined to be together….

γ€Š If someone is going away from you never force them to stay… if itz written then u will get them back and no one will take them away this tym》

The end

Guyz to be honest i myself doesnt lyk this one shot much … so now u tell me hwx it…

Credit to: meher

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