writers and ffs analysis

Hi guysssss…..I m here to share my views on various ffs and writers…..all are great writer…..

Alahna:- in my opinion she is the best….omg her ff always took my heart away…..extortion realisation and acceptance…. I m missing her a lot….hope she will update soon

Bushra:- I know she copy someone but still…I love the story u r mine….

Sweety:- a new writer…. Her fresh concept make her special…..she is currently writing 3 ff with different names……and all are brilliant…

As swara= kabhi mam na hongi ye chahte
Askakul= ghar ek sapna :- a story of love…
All are awesome..

Chaitali:- love cures pain…a new ff…but its nice one…

Teena:- do jism ek JAAN…..its nice but yah she should focus on raglak too…

Aliaa:- ishq pe zor nahi…another story on swasan…..nice…but she is so irregular….

Jwala:- white rose still pure…I read its first epi and I felt crazy….its soooo good….keep it up

So guys I m a silent reader …but today I praises all my favourite ffs…..and because of them I m becoming more big fan of swasan
And yah sweety…I m also liking SAMMAN -KAKUL story….

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  1. Swasan fan

    Hi…can anyone tell me where can I find u r mine ffs further episode.i got to know that it is there on wattpad bt I m nt able to find it.plz guys help me

  2. Star

    There are few more ff that’s a must read .. Crystal’s journey from being stubborn to falling in love and Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta hai…. Both these ffs are worth reading…. Apart from what is mentioned already

  3. radha

    but in wattpad too I can’t find chaptrs aftr 34 . plz can anyone tell me whr r t rest parts and if possible if anyone here knew neha ask hr to post swasan endless love too

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..