I wouldnt mind spending forever with you (chapter 1)


Everyone of us has a story to share and this is my story. Hope you all like it !!

Chapter 1
If its not forever its not love.

Sanskar’s Pov.

I have seen dead people before. I have seen them on television,on the news,on their deathbeds,with their loved ones carrying them to the cemetery. But I hav never seen dead people like this.Mutilated,maimed and lying in pools of blood. I have never seen anyone die in front of me,say their last words,cry out for help,breathe their last and die.

But right now they are all around me. My ears ring from the noise of the blast,my nose bleeds and there is blood around me. Everywhere.All I can make out is red. Blood.Or black, from the ashes of what’s burnt now.

The first thing that comes to my mind is where is swara ?!! where is laksh ?!! where is ragini ?!! Are they safe ?!!
I pick up my phone and call her.
swara : Hello, where are you ?!! I have been calling you…. There has been a blast in the city !!
sanskar : I am fine.
That’s what I remember and then I fell into a deep slumber.
My breathing is ragged and strained.Every breath I take and release hurts a little more.My head hurts. I try to open my eyes but a bandage around my head obstructs them. I adjust my bandage and open my eyes.
It takes some time to gather where I am. Then it strikes me,,the blast !! It all comes back to me. I had almost died.
“sanskar ?!! ” a female voice says.
” are you ohkay ?!! ” another female voice says.
I look at the source of the first voice and my eyes light up.She is like a shot of morphine that takes every bit of pain away. I feel alive. She is my baby. My swara !!
I also spot ragini holding her and comforting her. Both of them have tears in their eyes and it seems like they have been crying since a long time. I suddenly feel glad that the two most beautiful girls in my life care about me so much. My girlfriend and my bestfriend !!
” I am fine ” I reply so as to calm them.
” what happened ?!! ” I ask them.

” There was a terrible blast in the market next to your site. 89 people are dead now !! ” I heard laksh say as he entered the room with some medicines.
He came towards me and hugged me to make sure that I am ohkay. I could sense that he also had been crying a little. My small brother was mature and strong and this was really unexpected !!
I see a nurse entering the room. She plunges a syringe in the tube attached to my hand and I suddenly feel sleepy. Sedatives,I guess !!
ragini : you should rest. I will get something for you to eat.
laksh : I will come with you.
With that both of them leave the room. Its only swara and me now. She sits one the bed,hugs me and starts crying. Her tears wet my shirt.
swara : sanskar…
sanskar : yes,baby ?!!
swara : I love you.

I hear her weak whisper before dozing off. I love her too,more that she will ever know. She is my world. I open my mouth but I drift off before saying anything. I hope its not the last time I am seeing her or hearing those words !!

This is not entirely my story and some parts of it are derived and inspired from my favourite books.
I will decide whether to continue or not on the basis of comments. so please do comment !!

Credit to: Murphy

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