Would you miss Sony’s Porus?

Sony’s big budget show Porus will be going off air on 13th November, 2018. The show has a good run since 27 November 2017. It is much appreciated for its amazing VFX. The storyline and cast are very powerful. Porus has set a benchmark for the historical shows. The story focussed on the lives of Porus and his contender Alexander the Great. Porus becomes the King of Pauravas, while Macedonia King Alexander aims to conquer the nation. Porus battles with Alexander to keep the nation united. The Battle of the Hydaspes is seen. Destiny brings the two legendary warrior Kings in the battle field. The epic war is the highlight of the show.

The narration, story sketch and portrayals make the show stand out. Porus is known for his huge budget scales, which is first ever on the small screens. Its quite interesting to watch seven kingdoms Paurav Rashtra, Macedonia, Taxila, Dasyu Lok, Magadh, Persia and Bactria. The show lives to the viewers’ expectations by amazingly different characterizations. The show has always been a finite series. It will be introducing Chandragupta Maurya in its final episodes. Chandragupta’s rise will be seen connected to Porus’ story. Chandragupta Maurya’s life chronicles will continue after the end of Porus. Would you miss Sony’s Porus? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Aafiya

    Best show in sony entertainment TV.. Will definitely miss this show..

  2. definitely yes , it was a wonderful show, wonderful cast and acting and had nice vfx and storyline too , hope cgm is nice

  3. Yes.nice show .

  4. I am gonna miss this show so much love the great show ever tears in my eyes.

  5. Oh YES – definitely I will miss PORUS – Puru n Laachi n even the wicked n mean Alexander 🙁

    Fantastic acting by ALL the actors – Dasyu King n Queen n King Bamani n Queen Anusuya – from Hitler Didi 🙂 so sad to see her being murdered by her own idiotic brother – Ambiraj !!

    PORUS is the BEST serial in SONY – followed closely by Dil Toh Hai 🙂

    1. We will certainly miss it. We look forward to see it attentively every time it is showed. Any suggestions in replacement to this one?

  6. Bhavana Chaturbhuj

    This show has created a”REVOLUTION” in tellywood…..this show should have been a movie with the same….
    As a viewer I loved each and every person’s character and the actors who played the roles are all perfect they satisfy the role…..My favourite characters were
    1. King Porus
    2. Alexander
    3. Barsine
    4. Queen Anusuya
    5. Hasti……
    And rest all are just awesome..👏👏👍…..
    VFX, background scores, Sets, costumes, Storyline…..everything was just beyond this universe…..I wish the show shold never end…….10/10 for this masterpiece…

    1. Srini Samaranayake

      Exactly. I appreciate your comments.

  7. Srini Samaranayake

    I feel so sad this show is going to end. This show is uncomparable with any other Teli drama. Over all its a excellent Drama. The characters Puru, Lachi, Anusuya. …I will not forget. I a Sri lankan is waiting eagerly to view the complete drama dubbed in Sinhalese language. Thanks for the telly updates which helped me a lot.

  8. Lokesh

    Best show

  9. Yvonne Codner

    I will certainly miss this phenomenal show…It has taught me a lot about Indian history. I am from the Caribbean and thank goodness it has English sub-title. It’s one of the best shows on Sony TV…Thanks, Telly Updates you have been a great help to people like me who is not Indian.

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