Would you miss Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan?


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan will wrap up on 2 January 2015. The show is about love and friendship and stars stars Gautam Gupta, Asha Negi and Aly Goni in lead roles. Three friends Raj, Koel and Maddy belong to different cultural backgrounds are extremely close to each other. However, their lives take a turn as they become part of a love triangle. The show is not garnering enough TRPs to sustain place on the channel and thus making way to its closure.

Even after getting the lead actors replaced, the new leads Aly Goni and Asha Negi could not soar the TRPs with the lacking in plot, tracks and twists. This show has replaced Badtameez Dil on Star Plus. The latter was aired on hotstar and ended after a while. Even this show will be heading to get replaced soon. Silsila Pyaar Ka will be taking the 8.30 PM slot from 4 January 2015. The show has been airing since 28 September 2015 and will be ending in very short time.

Recently, there had been seen some big twists in the show. Maddy has been dragged to court and was blamed of raping Ritika. Koel rescues her husband and helps in proving Maddy’s innocence. Koel and Maddy’s marriage truth comes out in the court. Raj as company owner Mr. Awara has tried to settle scores with Maddy. Later, Koel admits the boy in hospital. It turns out to be Ritika’s son. She thanks Koel for admitting her son and also donating blood to him. Ritika realizes her mistake and thanks Koel. Ritika drops her case against Maddy. The love and romance saga turned more dramatic. Did it get interesting towards end or not? This can be just known by the viewers. Would you miss Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan? Let us know your opinion by your vote and comments.

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  1. maybe starplus cld hv ended that mohi crap instead of this . i used to watch this serial at frst. but i really dnt like asha negi as koyel . sritama and vibhab rocked togethr . i dunno wht pleasure ekta gets by seperating koyel nd raj . but at the end i really want koyel to b wid maddy .cz raj is an obsesive lover . maddy is a saint . he deservz happiness yaar

    1. yes maddy desarves happyness

  2. Good to end

  3. The biggest mistake this show did was to replace the leads. And it’s good that it’s ending because if it would have continued the show would have been dragged a lot, and this was the only Star Plus show I used to watch and that too sometimes.

  4. Enjoyed the original actors more…absolutely no chemistry between the ‘new” koyal and Maddy. ..makes me “cringe”.. too bad because I loved Vibhav Roy as Raj…and he was amazing in Doli Armano Ki….use your brains when it comes to casting…bad judgement = end of show

  5. Thanks for ending the torture. ..

  6. Ewwww! Sooooo disgusting watching Koyal pledging to move things forward with Maddy…I seriously had to take a shower….thank you thank you thank you for ending this show…it could have been intelligent, passionate, amazing with the original cast and original writers…but I’m guessing someone dropped the ball?!?!…

  7. This serial would have done well if Shritama Mukherjee and Vaibhav Roy would have been here. I know how much I miss them. This new Koyal is like a great-grandmother. Raj is OK as an actor,but not for this role. Vaibhav Roy would have rocked it. Shritama would have rocked the role of Koyal. Great that this serial is ending. Serious mess!

  8. Well.. well… the serial is getting finished… but will Samar’s truth ever come out? Shuvo’s death mystery? Makers scrambled this show,at least give it a proper ending!

  9. Replacing the leads within a month was a huge mistake. Liked it in the beginning but stopped watching after the leads changed.

  10. Please expose samar before ending

  11. i will miss Gautam Gupta. nd i started watching this show after the replacemnt. shretama was a wrong cust. if the show starts with asha it will not wrapped.Mady is the best and desarv koyel. i m became a huge fan of gautam gupta. nd hope to see him soon as a lead again. he is huge talented and hardworking splendid actor.best of luck to gautam from Bangladesh.

  12. i will miss Goutam- asha chamiatry dude. they were very good actors. mady desarv happiness. please pruv acchai ki jeet. he was good even in truble.

  13. Its unfair to raj usne kuch nahi kiya and had to bear all the consequences even his own sister had hatred towards him…this is all because of that blo*dy Samar n so called good boy maddy….hope raj n koyal will be one….Maddy doesn’t suit for koyal at all..he is good for supporting roles like meri ashiqui tumse hi

  14. Good its getting over… Want Badtameez Dil? back!!!

  15. good to end

  16. Ali was ud as raj….but asha was like…..

  17. Star plus shuld end this with that mohi…that is just a crap man

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