Would you miss Colors’ Kasam?

Colors’ Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki will be soon going off air. The show which ran since 7 March 2016 is wrapping up this month. The story of two childhood friends Rishi and Tanu appealed to the mass audience. The lovers who were destined to meet took re-births to unite. Their eternal love got evident with passing time. After they die in a car accident in their previous birth, they get reincarnated as Ranbir and Kritika, only to fulfill their promise of union. Ranbir and Kritika find love in each other, though they meet under different circumstances and in between different peace.

The one thing that remains the same amidst every change is their true love. The show is known for getting multiple leaps and the lead pairing of Kratika Sengar and Ssharad Malhotra. The leads have an amazing chemistry, that made the show complete a successful run of two years. The channel decided to pull off the show owing to the low TRPs at the early time slot. The revamp didn’t work much, even with the addition of actors like The makers roped in new faces like Shamin Mannan, Reyaansh Vir and Karan Goddwani. Would you miss Colors’ Kasam? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Yes

  2. tbh
    Yes… 🙁
    it was cheesy
    but funny…

  3. Yes to the moon n back❤ bestest show on colors

  4. I love to watch kasam…specially the chemistry between Ssharad n Kratika…
    Onscreen the best couple i ever seen…
    so i’ll miss…

  5. Will miss kasam like crazy! The only Indian show I have watched wholeheartedly start to finish! KraSha one of the best Indian TV jodi with phenomenal chemistry, touched so many hearts with their superb performances. The cast/crew, new and old, were all fantastic. Season 2 was going so well and shouldn’t have been cut so short. It was very unfair. The slot was wrong for the market audience of younger generation hence why the show scored much higher online, but never lost its popularity. The channel seemed to create obstacles for Kasam, cutting episodes, no promos, moving time slots, giving no support, so to treat a show so biasedly and expect trp, is rather unfair and ignorant. The show should’ve been given more time to at least wrap up properly. Would really love to see KraSha again 2gthr but wish them all well for the future. This show and lead pair will always stay close to my heart.

  6. Naresh Parmar

    Yes I miss kasam very much

  7. Yessssssss. Becuz I only see kasam serial in this world of my life …. Becuz of its good motive. (True love)…….

    Noo plzzz don’t stop

  8. I love kasam , colors did everything unfair to the show , from slot to promotion . Will miss krasha , can they again come together in a show

  9. plzz request you to update the latest epidode of kasam on voot because iam crazy fan of kasam tere pyar ki i love this serial from 2 years.

  10. I love the kasam show and I am biggest crazy fan of rishi ( Sharad ) and tanu
    ( kratika )also and I miss the show ,???
    Always be happy and plz come soon with a new character and lots of love from Pakistan???

  11. like always the fans of others shows and actors vote no . disgusting
    kasam still the best show and rishi and tanu are the best jodi always

  12. plz plz plz………………..don’t end kasam plz…

  13. Will surely miss . No one can take place of this show. One of the best show of Ekta . And the lead chemistry ? no one can beat them . The only show who successfully run by only wid leading couple #krasha . Cuz Ekta mam and colors did not support kasam ever ? . And they give reason trp like seriously ? highly promoted shows like dev-2 kaun hai are giving same trp as kasam ? it’s just nonsense excuse nothing else . I hope kratika Sharad never work wid This unprofessional biased and shitty channel . And 1 more hope that in future hope to see Sharad kratika together once again doing a show . Love kasam tere pyaar ki love krasha .

    1. Yes off course yaar ??? Krasha is my Oxygen or koi ahgar oxygen leh le toh kiya reh pai ge ??? Colors t.v ne bohot galat kiya Koi promos NH, media band laga diya, or ab end kar rahe hai it’s not fair ????? We want Sharad and kratika together another show ??

  14. Riana

    No i will not miss the show…But i will miss Tanshi’s coupling as i never saw RanTika bit Tanshi more ???…They were entertaining and cheerful ?…Hope Sharad and Kratika gets another better project…

  15. Yes yes yes ?

  16. TanShi Lovers

    of course we going to miss this show , this was the only show i was watching at colorstv

  17. the only show i watch ..krasha all the way

  18. no its ending , this was the only show (daily soap) I ever watched . I am going to miss the,leads so much .

  19. Shradha Tiwari

    Yes kasam is my fav. show and Maine ye show sharad and kratika ki waja s dekna start kiya tha kasam ki story mujhe bahut aachi lagi kasam entire cast of Bedi family . I know ab kasam 27 July ko off air ho raha h but I request to Ekta Mam plz kasam season 2 jaldi laeai with sharad and kratika plz

  20. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    I have been watching this show frm its begaining and the show made me so much addictive toward it. I’m just a teenager and i am so much crazy about this show i cant not explain it. The show is just magical extraordinary and so much special that frm the day one i am addicting so much to this show. The story cast concept lead chemistry lead name Tanu and Rishi background musics all the Things about the show is just perfect. It is like my oxygen and i am sure i cant live without it. Comeon guyz we joined the campaign #dontendkasam but we failed but we now have to request for season 2 #wewantkasamback . I’m gonna miss the show very much. Specially Tanshi Krasha.

  21. Raveena khanna

    It’s my one of favourite show of my life.Its very painfull for many audience as the deserving show ending has been done abruptly. So Its a humble request to ekta mam &colors tv to bring kasam season 2 or any of the new show WITH sharad sir&kratka mam ONSCREEN TOGETHER once again soon

  22. This s heartbreaking , I will really not watch anything on colors after kasam . Hate this channel who alwys did partiality with kasam .

  23. Kasam was best show on tv,i don’t how i am live without kasam,hope sharad and kritika come back together but other channel.

  24. I hate Colors,they promoted extra marriate affair show chii and forget kasam true love story,after kasam i am not watch any show on colors.One day news come that colors was close bcz off low rating this was by shraaf.

  25. My favorite serial , from start I watched rishi tanu , and their offscreen masti and interviews and on screen cute talks with moon and their chemistry was so amazing treat to watch really gonna miss this show and krasha

  26. I hate Colors,they promoted extra marriate affair show chii and forget kasam true love story,after kasam i am not watch any show on colors.One day news come that colors was close bcz off low rating this was by shraaf. Pls kasam season 2 start karo

  27. I really love kasam, I always look forward for new episodes. I will miss Kassam and especially the two actors Sharad & katrika.

  28. Really miss kasam and krasha,hope both work together new project soon bcz i am not feel weel if they not show on screen.

  29. Yes…ofcrz….i vl miss kasam v much…more i vl miss krasha…plz krasha….do another daily soap 2gthr…n come soon again…plzzz…i liv their chemstry v much…

  30. Bharvi parmar

    Yess I really miss kasam and I am crying today

  31. H Hasan

    I am going to surely miss it. It is one of my favorite show. This show would have high TRP’s if it was on the prime shot. The leads chemistry is just amazing, especially this season.

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