Would you miss Colors’ Dev?

Colors’ Dev has been one of the finest and much needed detective series on Indian TV. The show revolves around the life of Dev, who is the most wanted detective, but assumed to be the most wanted criminal. Dev lands in a big trap. He tries hard to break the truth of Chakravyuh to get the real culprit caught. The problem gets difficult when Dev’s enemy identity keeps changing. Dev doesn’t know who is hiding around and playing with his life.

Dev is very sharp-minded, alert, watchful and an extremely intelligent spy. Even though, all his skills turn useless when the Chakravyuh pulls him within. He gets deceived even by his wife Mahek. Dev gets blamed for the crimes he haven’t done. Dev fails to sustain others’ belief on his innocence. Dev learns his childhood holds the big secrets he is hunting for. Dev heads on to catch the mastermind behind the Chakravyuh, who happens to be someone from his family. The show is going through an interesting climax. Dev doesn’t know who is true to him and who is backstabbing. Dev will be learning the entire plan laid against him. The show is reaching its end, while keeping the suspense high. Would you miss Colors’ Dev? Let us know in this poll.

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    I am really badly going to miss dev… ??????????? I hope team show happy ending ???????? i can’t stop my eyes from getting tear..?????

  2. Bela

    I watched every episode religiously every weekend. Dev became a habit for me. I loved Dev-Meera and Mehak’s unnecessary drama was getting to my nerves. Dev will be back with a Season 2, some reports say. Love Ashish and Sumona, waiting for you both again❤❤❤

  3. I am loving Dev but today is its final episode don’t know what u do on weekends really gonna miss DEV

  4. I love dev characters along with narvekr plz come with second season

  5. What the hell, where is the end, r u changing the show time????

  6. V k Pushkarna

    They have ended Dev season One rather abruptly and loosely! Almost like midway!! It may be a way of hooking viewers but not the best way of telling a story!!

  7. Love this show and all cast so plz continue this show and daily played his episode. …

  8. Gonna miss the show very badly. Please air the second season as soon as possible cz we all can’t wait. Hope 2 see shumona and Inspector alive. Please production air the season 2.

    1. We want Dev back soon please

  9. Fenil

    Love Dev !!
    Love Dev and Meera !!
    Badly going to miss this show….every weekend its became habit to watched this show now they are going to end.
    Hope they came up with season 2 soon !!

  10. Will miss dev and meera. I loved the serial . Use to wait on every sat and sun for it.

  11. I am not happy with d death of Meera… why this show is ending? They should make more episodes on public demand.
    Sumona should come back..

  12. Only this show I want to see back please… Loved it badly.

  13. For more information about this show, please contact me at 8299525546… Thank you

  14. Please please please don’t end the show like this. Please bring Dev , Meera and amod back. And get that Mehak pay for her deed.

  15. No…….. Meera can”t die. LOVE THIS SHOW. COME BACK SOON>

  16. missing meera. meera is perfect for dev

  17. It’s a very good show awaiting for season eagerly…..please please.

  18. Mehek and Meera both should be there for the season 2…..pls pls

  19. Please come soon dev with season 2 I am really missing you. ?

  20. Yes. We will miss dev. It’s my fav show on colors. Infact my fav show ever. We used to wait for Saturday to watch. But it ended. Timing of this show should be changed next time. Because at that time very few people watch TV.. it will get high TRP next time. I m gonna miss a lot…

  21. Yes I realy miss dev serial & when new season of dev started pls update soon

  22. I love Dev

  23. Shabnam

    oh no Dev is going to be end no.ye log bakwaas show on rakhte he or aise thriling show band kar dete he i am really going to be misss§s ????????????love it dev meera

  24. what the hell dev is going to be end. oh no i can’t belive it. dev i really miss you. i love you and meera sooo much. plz come back seasone 2. i love you drama very much.

  25. Kya bkwas hai dev bnd nhi hona chahye
    Daily soap se lakh do guna better hai &we love it and watch it so religiously
    Aur kb se bnd ho rha
    At least ek dhank ki ending to krte

  26. Season finished???in middle……how rude!
    I was waiting for the rest

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