Would you like to see Shagun positive or negative?


YHM has recently shown the Speed movie track and shot the scene where Ishita saves Bhalla family and loses her baby. When the show gets something interesting and happy moments, the twists comes which moves away the leads to side, to incorporate the way for others. Shagun has been turning very positive. Shagun’s track since few months has been very goody types and concerned for Raman and Ishita. Shagun wished that Ishita gets completed as a real mother, after conceiving and delivering her own baby. Shagun has always appeared as a negative personality. Though, she was just greedy and not total evil like Ashok, Param and Suraj to harm any person or make killer plans. She was not against anyone’s lives, but was very much interested in making her life a superlife and had hatred for Raman and Ishita. Shagun has left her gold digger image and got good sense after ending her jealousy with Ishita. She has changed after Ishita saved Adi from fire and earthquake.

With same positivism, Shagun is still doing good work around Bhalla family. She did not make her good doings get reflected in Ishita and Raman’s lives. After Ishita lost her baby inorder to save Adi and Ruhi, Shagun got indebted to her. Raman swears to make Ishita have her own baby, no matter what. He feels Ishita deserves to become a mother for all the generosity and compassion she has towards children. Shagun pleads Manoj to have some way to make Ishita have a baby again. The viewers are happy to see good side of Shagun. On the other front, the viewers do not wish Shagun to get linked to Raman and Ishita’s lives by any good favor. Shagun gets sure about Adi and Ruhi being in safe hands in Bhalla home. Manoj and Shagun’s friendship would turn into love after Shagun’s extreme step to help Ishita as the surrogate mother of her child. The track is in news since long time. It is slowly proceeding towards a new point. Would you like to see Shagun positive or negative? Let us know in this poll. You may leave your opinion in comments.

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  1. Mojisola Bamtefa

    It has been proven that Ishita can conceive. Let Shagun’s interferance vanish. Let Shagun have other problems to face and leave Ishita to enjoy her husband. Please let Ishita have her baby in peace.

  2. Yes love her positivity! & also would love her to be the surrogate mother. Hope the track takes place.

  3. S she suits good in all looks …..
    And positive look is superb

  4. +ve ofc
    nd show ManSha nd AbhIka luv story yr

  5. whether sagun may positive or negative she don’t want surrogate mother of ishra’s child
    because ishita should feel her own preganacy at the time of preganacy raman should take
    care ishita with lots of love and care we want such good moments to see in ishra’s life
    also if sagun as surrogate mother means even ishita did not feed her own baby this is
    too bad for ishita also sagun may be surrogate means raman should take care of sagun
    this may hurt ishita a lot so just live it ishita with adi and ruhi or otherwise her own

  6. We want ishita become pregnant once again…we don want sugan’s surrogacy track…pls tink before taking the decision…u people have lots of time to think plz think before u put something on serial

  7. positive

  8. Ofcrse negative…. She wins many awards and d awards proves that she can do Negative d best….

    Bdw she is pstv or ngtv, we don’t want to see her as a surrogate….

  9. I would like to see shagun as positive.

  10. I do not want see her at all …………………………..

  11. s ofcourse positive character…..

  12. Its nuetral for me
    She looks good in both the looks

  13. tts okay Shagun being nice, and good and positive.

    But we do not want her as a surrogate for Ishitha under any circumstances. We are the viewers and our opinion matters a hell of a lot.

    Manoj must start Ishitha on fertility drugs so that she concieves naturally- give them double
    joy for all the heart ache they have been through and bless them with TWINS

  14. I don’t care about positive Shagun or negative Shagun……….
    But I don’t like to see Shagun as the surrogate mother.
    And I hope, yhm will get 10th place or out of top 10 this week in trp……. Then cvs will wake up and grow up…….!

  15. like Adhi’s possessiveness towards Ishita’s affection turn shagun positive Take the drama towards Shagun closeness towards ishita rather than Raman, aadhi and ruhi
    You have shown ishita’s love towards husband and kids Now let it be the best freindship ever with shagun. Both join hands to put Ashok to task. Let there be closeness from Raman,
    care from Adhi and Ruhi and true freindship from Shagun And shagun can try to have ishta have her own kid and ishita can turn the life of shagun by getting married to the doctor.or you can go the extent both getting child at the same time we dont mind another child for shagun thru doctor

    1. Wow! What a brilliant idea liked it so much:-)

  16. I don’t care whether shagun is positive or negative jush vanish

  17. Ofcrse negative….

  18. Ngtv suits her d most.

  19. Shagun is Good as negative

  20. Negative…. Jab shagun negative play krti thi to trp high hota tha hmesha jab se WO pstv hui show kabhi no.1 nahi aya

  21. We wanna see Shagun in a positive role

  22. Ishita & Raman are fine n happy with Adi & Ruhi.Why do they need a kid for themselves?If thats the storyline,let Ishita experience 9 month pregnancy n motherhood,than Shagun becoming third time mother. No no for shagun n surrogacy.instead let manoj n shagun get married n follow live n let live policy.instead show hoe Ishra deal with teenager Adi not just with girlfriend but in regards to studies taking responsibility. all serials have helper maids,but show how kids need to be taught household works,behaviour in public n not just marriage functions n dances.

  23. Who cares about this b*t*h … We r not at all interested in shagun… Get this hell out of here… Hate her from bottom of my heart f**k up with this shagun…. Bahut hogaya vus ka drama… For ur kind info she didn’t changed even after that earthquake incident… ” shagun told that she never ever going to like ishitha she hate her” … Oh please better you people end the show or else kill ishraru and keep adi and marry shagun with Manoj and show ur lovely nagin live story… U damn creatives of yhm… Ur losers I hate uuuuuu ?

  24. Love shagun’s actin’,wtevr c does ‘ll b bst,be it +ve or -ve role,c’z da bst as wel as b’ful n fcrse more dan ishita,hr face cut ‘z f angel’s love you anita!! :*

  25. I really dun undrstand y ppl r so dumb,dey tke da soap opera’s seriously n start abusin da -ve actor in real lyf,publicly,dumb

  26. This story is all about ishitas motherhood…
    Let her conceive and enjoy her pregnancy….
    She loves ruhi and Adi very much then why the need of a biological child through surrogacy.

  27. Yes shagun should continue to be positive and help balla family and other women who are troubled by in laws, even raman’s mother suddenly plans trip to mata Rani at the cost of ishita pregnancy when she not fit for a long journey, is very bad and the way the episode is as going is not at all in good shape

  28. Shagun should in negative role towards ashok n not with ishita or raman

  29. negative role.

  30. shagun should be positive ishitha should have the baby . shagun should move on in her life.no surrogacy ishita should get pregnant again then it will be intresting.

  31. Dear makers,
    First of all..
    Ishita has always loved ruhi and adi the way she would love her own child.
    When the pregnancy track was introduced, viewers were happy that ishita wud get to feel hw it is to experience the child in ur womb fr 9 mnths.
    Bt If the child has to come thru shagun or anyone else and only the tag being ishita’s, then it wud hardly make any difference cz it wud b the same like loving adi and ruhi.. U know what writers.. grow up..
    There r better writers in d comment box than u.. better gv them d job..
    Rajalakshmi up here has a great idea.. Kindly take that.. seriously GROW UP

  32. ms.rajalakshmi is correct

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