Worthy Of Relations (prologue)

Hello my dear lovely readers..?
How u all..?
Hope u all fine like me..?
Thank u soooooooo much for Supporting and liking my SS’s…?
So, today I came with a new SS for u all
Guyz I don’t need to say this.. U all know na ki am not like negative roles..
But in this SS negative roles are present..??
Coz this SS is very different ..?
Really u all will enjoy much..
This SS belongs to North and South Indian families ?
(Actually am south Indian??)
So.. In this SS both rituals are present..
I mean north Indian and south Indian??
Any way its very different SS..
U can’t guess what will happen next?
In this SS I wanna say some people’s characters never can change.. Either good or bad..?
And if we want to move on in our life.. We have to ignore some people..?
So, hope u all supporting me as always..??
So, I decided a tittle to this SS as..

Guyz.. Let’s starts a small intro of My New SS..??
North Indian Family –
(Its a Punjabi Family)
Shobha Singh (Biji) – Sanskar’s dadima..
Durga Prasad Singh – Sanskar’s Father
Annapurna Singh – Sanskar’s Mother
Adarsh Singh – Adopted son of Dp & Ap
Parineeta Singh – Wife of adarsh
Sravan Singh – Elder son of Dp & Ap
Gunjan Singh – Wife of sravan
Sanskar Singh – Younger Son of Dp & Ap (Main lead)
Ram Prasad Singh – Sanskar’s Chacha
Sujata Singh – Sanskar’s Chachi
Uttara Singh – Daughter of Rp & Sujju
Ashpreet Singh – First Bua Of Sanskar
Jaspreet Singh – Second Bua Of Sanskar
Simarpreet Singh – Third Bua Of Sanskar

Its a Rich and Famous Punjabi family..
Lives at Singh’s Mansion (SM), Patiala,Punjab,India
Respects each and every relation? loves their family much..?
Happy and lovely family..?

South Indian Family –
(Its an Andhra Family)
Parvati Gadodia – Swara’s dadima
Shekar Gadodia – Swara’s Father
Sharmishta Gadodia – Swara’s Mother
Ragini Gadodia – Elder Daughter of Shekar & Shomi
Laksh Chowdary – Fiance of Ragini
Swara Gadodia – Younger Daughter of Shekar & Shomi (Main lead)
Umesh Gadodia – Swara’s Chacha
Urvashi Gadodia – Swara’s Chachi
Pinky Gadodia – Daughter of Umesh & Urvashi
Pintoo Gadodia – Son of Umesh & Urvashi
Maya Reddy – Swara’s Bua
Mayur Reddy – Swara’s bodoji
Sajat Reddy – Elder Son of Maya & Mayur
Rajat Reddy – Younger Son of Maya & Mayur

“Narada Couldn’t be everywhere so, god created relatives”
Don’t think much ki who is Narada..
He always creating misunderstandings b/w god’s?

Its a Natural Family..☺
Lives at Andhra Pradesh,India
Here no value of any relation (except Shekar Family) With full of Misunderstandings and fightings..?
Its very suffering our Shekar Family (Shekar, Shomi, Ragini, Swara)?
Swaragini always dreaming a big and lovely family they always tries to combine their family..? But if we want to calp, we have to use both hands na..??
Like that.. Shekar family always keeps relation.. But Swara’s Chacha and Bua family Never supports them..??
But Pinky and Pintoo loves swaragini much..??
Rajat always tries to drags them (Pinky and Pintoo) into bad way..??
But swaragini makes his plain vain..?
Then, how will swaragini dreams come true…??
They people will realise their mistakes..??
North and south Indian families how will meet here..???

God full fill Swaragini Dreams..???
What will happen next..???
If u want to know these all answers..?
U have to wait till I upload part-1?

So, friends What do u think.. Can I start my SS..?
Please leave ur valuable Comments..?

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  1. Abirsha

    Nice but too many characters….

    1. AshiSai

      Thank you dear.. There need na so..

  2. Vyshu10

    nice….but such big families! hey….nuvvu telugu ammayi a?

    1. AshiSai

      Yeah… N u..?

      1. Vyshu10

        nenu kuda….vizag

  3. nice how many charatcers such a big family..

    1. AshiSai

      Thank you.. I like big family

    1. AshiSai

      Thank you

  4. Hi there Dear, are you in fact visiting this site regularly, if so afterward you will definitely take fastidious know-how.

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      Hii.. Not regularly dear.. When I free..

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