Worthy Of Relations (Part-6) (last part) By AngelAshu


Worthy Of Relations Part-6 (last part)

Hello my dear all lovely readers..

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Recap: some honeymoon moments of swasan

Swasan raglak village enjoyment..

One year leap.. pinky marriage..

Swaras good news

So, lets starts Part-6 (last part) of #Worthy_Of_Relations

Swaragini share a hug..

Sanlak too join..

Swaragini looking into each other eyes..

Both swaragini eyes filled with tears..

Sanlak shocked to see tears..

They asked swaragini.. what happened..

Swaragini remembering something..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

6 years before..

its a night time..

Swaragini both Sat on bed and both burst in tears..

Swara: what was our fault ragini.. why these all happening with us..

Ragini: god knows swara..

Swara: we always want to spend time with our family na..

Such a nice family ours.. but why diamonds always try to give pain..

After all they are our blood relations na ragini..

They why they always tries to separate us..

Ragini: its our fate swara.. we cant change.. we have to bare..

Swara: but how much time ragini life long..???

Ragini: may be our fate wants that.. so..

Swara: I always want big family.. which is filled with love.. responsibility..

Ragini: we have big family na.. but (cries)

At that time shomi came there and consoling Swaragini..

Shomi: dont worry about past.. we have to design our future colourfully..

Swara: mom.. without family.. how would be happy..

Ragini: when they will change mom.. when they will realise their mistakes..

Swara: they did many mistakes mom.. but we never punish them na.. we always waiting for their love na mom..

Shomi: hmm.. leave about these all.. but always remember one thing..

Whatever will be happen u both have to stay together.. support each other.. understand each other..

Then which pain u both bearing.. next generation will be free from that..

Swaragini hugs shomi and cries..

Swara: haa mom.. u said right.. we have to think about future..

Ragini: which pain ur child bearing.. Swaraginis child never want to bear that…

Shomi: u both have to stay strong in any situation..

Dont worry about u dont have any support from ur bothers and sister..

u both always have each others support..

*** Flash Back Ends***

Sanskar hugs Swara sildely..

Laksh hugs ragini sidely..

Sanky: now u both dont need to worry..

Laksh: hmm.. u both have ur princes support..

Sanky: and.. our child would be together forever

Laksh: ur pain ends with u only.. its cant passed ur next generation..

Sanky: Swara.. ragini sis.. u both life changed now.. okk.. u both have a big and lovely families now who loves u much.. so, dont be sad about past..

Swaragini nodes as yes..

At the another hand diamonds watching Swasan and raglak..

But they watching from some distance.. so not able to listen their talks..

Rajat: (fumes anger) my foot.. what they are discussing..

Umesh: look there.. they all are enjoying much..

Maya: we have to do something..

Parvati: they all are looking like much happy..

Urvashi: so, we want to erase their happiness..

Rajat: that.. that swara my foot..(stamping leg)

I made many plans to give pain to her and destroy her dreams and future.. but.. ssshhhhiiittttt.

At that time pintoo came there.. he just listen rajats words..

Pintoo: haha.. thats y we have to listen elder peoples words..

Rajat: (anger tone) pintoooo

Pintoo: my swara sis always told me.. if we give happiness to others.. we also get happy..

If we tries to give sad to others.. we also get sad..

Umesh: enough pintoo..

Maya: (tries to drag pintoo into bad way.. I mean their side) pinoo.. ur sis said na, want to listen elder’s words.. see.. then u have to listen ur mom dad words na.. coz they are elders from u..

Pintoo: hmm right.. but if they said good words I will listen pakka.. but they.. ufff..

Rajat: stop it pintoo.. swara ragini always listen their parents words thats y they always in top.. so u have to listen ur parents words first

Pintoo: u shut up first.. am not kid now.. I know which words want to listen.. which cant..

Yes.. my swara sis always says right..

See ur self first.. u give much pain to her.. thats y u unhappy now.. haha.. first change ur self.. after that talk to me..

Urvashi: pintoo..(angry) ur sis did some bad magic on u.. thats y u talking like this..

Pintoo: enough mom.. she always said respect my parents first.. thats y am not able to talk like rude.. enough.. I know what I want to do.. am not a kid now..

All just numb after listen pintoos words..

Pintoo: first change ur self.. open ur closed eyes.. do good be good..

Pintoo leaves..

Umesh: my foot.. swara makes my son against to me.. we have to do something.. we want to spread sadness and misunderstandings between them..

(guys.. see some people never can change.. we want to give first preference to our family..

We need each and every relation in this life..

many people sad for they didnt have family..

but who have family.. please dont behave like diamonds..

give love to family and take love from family..

sab ki kismat me parivaar nahi hote hai yaaaro..

jin ko hai.. wo please har rishta ache se nibhao..

coz life jaise bhe hai bas ek hi baar aate hai..

akele zeene me kya maza..

u came in this world alone want to go alone also..

but when u are in this world.. stay together.. with emotions.. affections.. love..

its called colourful life..

dont waste time in ur life.. spend with ur family..

try to give all happiness to them.. makes them always happy.. pakka u also get much much much happy.. hope u all understand what I want to say in this SS..)

after some time..

swasan told their families about good news…

all got happy except diamonds..

all blessed swasan..

the next day pinky marriage done..

rajat: (monologue) awww swara.. what u think.. u gave me lecture through pintoo.. I will change my self.. never..

its time to revenge swara.. u r very happy with ur in-laws na.. see I will do something..

he went somewhere with evil smile..

he brings some oil bottle.. pour some oil on floor..

Rajat: (monologue) u r very happy for ur pregnancy na swara.. so its time to lose ur baby.. then ur all in-laws scold u..

They threw u from their house.. coz of ur irresponsibility about ur baby..

At that time someone called swara..

Rajat hides himself..

Swara coming towards oil.. she unaware about rajats plan..

She just going to them.. who called her.. but rajat leaves oil on the way na..

Swara about to take step on oil (she dont know ki their oil was present)

Two strong hands pulls her back..

She just shock..

Swara: (acts like angry) sanskaaarrrr what are u doing.. leave me..

Sanskar holds her..

Sanskar: no way my princess.. u r looking damn cute today.. how can I leave..

Swara: (blushed) Sansakrrr someone called me.. I have to go chodo naa.

Sanskar: u didnt have any care about ur prince..??

Swara: have na.. she leaves a peak on his cheeks.. which makes him shock..

Somehow she frees from him and went from other side.. (opposite side of oil drops)

Sanskar donno about rajats plan.. but he just doing some romance with his wife..

So, its just a coincidence. Lol

Sanskar also follows swara..

These all watched by rajat..

Rajat came there.. where he left oil..

Rajat: (monologue) my foot this Sanskar makes my plan vain.. shirrtttt

Now what to to..(hitting his head)

He take a step.. and falls down..

Rajat: oooouuuuuccccchhhhhhhhh..

(Yes his oil drops makes him fall.. hahahhahha)

After some time DP family went Punjab..

*** Six Years Later***

Its a lovely morning

DP family again came Andhra..

Coz Shomi invites them for Raksha Bandan Festival..

At GH:

Swara: (in phone) ha ha.. we reached.. waiting for u.. come fast jiju..

Laksh: hmmm we too reached.. just look at main door saali saheba..

Swara turns to Main door.. raglak present there with their six years old daughter riti..

Swara ran and hug raglak.. after that she hugs riti..

Sanskar came from back..

He too share hug with raglak and riti..

Riti: maasi.. where is my bro..

Swara: he was waiting for u at upstairs.. go go.. play with ur bro..

Riti rushed to upstairs..

After some time..

All family presented at gadodia hall..

Adarsh sravan Sanky sited on one sofa

Pari, gunjan, swara, ragini, pinky stood together..

Laksh pintoo sited on one Sofa..

Swara: (shouting from downstairs) Purabbbb (Adarsh And Paris Son), Sukuuuu (Adarsh and Paris Daughter), Rishiiiii (Sravan and Gunjans Son), Soniiii (Sravan and Gunjans Daughter), Sanvarrrrrrr (Swasans Son), Ritiiiiii (Raglaks Daughter)..Come fast.

All child came downstairs..

All child sited with laksh..

Uttara came there with an arti plate..

She did arti to adarsh, sravan, sanky..

She feed sweets to them..

She put kumkum (teeka) to them..

She tied 3 rakhis to her 3 bros..

Adarsh, sravan, sanky gave gifts to uttara..

Uttara share a hug..

Gunjan busy in clicking pics..

Pari got little emotional..

Swara: (slowly to pari) bhabhi r u okkk..??

Pari murming on Swaras ears..

Pari: hmm.. am really blessed to have u all..

Swara u know.. adarsh was adopted son of this family..

But mom and dad never show any difference between they 3 (adarsh, sravan, sanky)..

Swara: I know bhabhi..

Pari: All family always treats adarsh as elder son of SM..

gunjan.. she is very sweet.. she always respects me like her own jetani (co-daughter-in-law) ..

and finely u.. u know all truth.. but u never show any partiality between me and gunjan..

Swara: bhabhi please.. didnt think like that.. adarsh bhayya is elder son of SM.. its truth..

And u r my elder bhabhi.. gunjan bhabhi is my 2nd bhabhi..thats final.. okk..

Pari smiles and hugs swara sidely..

Swara and ragini came with Arti plate..

Swara tied rakhi to laksh..

(Laksh dont have any sister he always imagine swara as her own sis..)

Ragini tied rakhi to sanky..

(ragsan also imagine each other as bro and sis..)

Sanskar gave a gift to ragini..

Laksh gave a gift to swara..

After that pinky and swaragini tied rakhi to Pintoo..

Pinto got much happy for his 3 sisters..

Sanvar: ohhooo do fast.. my sisters are waiting for me..

Pari.. gunjan.. came with a arti plate put into their daughters hands..

Purab.. Rishi.. Snwar.. sited together..

Suku came with arti plate and tied rakhis to Purab.. Rishi.. Sanvar..

Soni came with arti plate and tied rakhi to Purab.. Rishi.. Sanvar..

Purab rishi and sanvar gave gifts to Suku and Soni..

Ragini put arti plate into ritis hands..

Riti did arti to sanvar..

She feed sweet to him..

She put kumkum on his forehead..

She tied rakhi to sanvar.. felt happy..

Sanvar gave a gift box to riti..

Both bro and sis share a hug..

Raglak looking each other and remember something..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

One day riti cries..

Raglak askes reason..

Riti: today is rakhi festival.. all have brother.. but I dont have.. (cries)

Ragini and swara also remember hers situation.. as they bare that pain.. some years before..

Ragini tries to console her.. but vain..

Laksh: (take her into his lap) riti.. dont cry my baby.. next year u also able to celebrate this festival

Sanskar got lakshs point..

Sanskar: hmm.. Ur swara maasi is pregnant na.. so.. she gives a sweet brother to u.. then u can tie rakhi to ur bro

Riti: really..??

Sanskar: hmm..

Riti smiles..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

At that time..

Maya and Urvashi came to Riti..

Maya: see urvashi.. how can sanvar did like that..

Urvashi: yaa.. am also thinking same..

Riti: what happned.. what sanvar did..

Maya: see.. sanvar gave a big gifts to suku and soni..

Urvashi: but.. he have a small gift box to u..

They both filled poison in ritis mind.. to make misunderstandings between riti and sanvar..

Riti goes to Sanvar..

Riti: why did u give big gifts to suku sis and soni sis.. and small gift to me..??

Sanvar: I donno.. mom dad gave me to present.. I did as they Said..

By listening this all shocked..

Ragini: (angrily) riti.. why r u behaving like this.. we dont want to see size of gift.. we want to see their love only..

Riti: then.. sanvars big love for them.. small love for me na mom.

Swara: riti.. if u got big size gift which u wont like.. then how would u happy??

But if u got a small size gift which u like.. then u will be happy na..??

Riti: yes maasi.. u r right.. I like my gift which is given by my lovely bro.. I dint mind size of gift..

Riti says sorry to sanvar..

All smiles to her childishness..

Riti rushes to Urvashi and Maya..

Riti: I got the answer of ur question..

All shock..

Ragini: riti.. what are u telling.. which question..

Riti: yes mom.. they asked me to this question.. why sanvar gave big gifts to Suku sis and Soni sis.. and why Small one to me..

Riti: (to Diamonds) hope u got ur answer na.. (swara cleared in front of all na so..)

All gave a angry look to maya and urvashi..

Ragini: (to swara.. little voice) they will never change Swara..

Swara: haa ragini.. first they played with our parents.. next ours.. now with our child..

Ragini: we have to prepare our child.. and want to tell.. dont listen diamonds words..

After some time.. all have lunch together.. enjoying each other company..

Swara staring all with wet eyes..

Sanskar came to swara..

Sanskar: princess what happned..??

Swara: nothing Sanskar.. my all dreams came true today.. its enough for me Sanskar..

Sanskar: (hugs her from side) swara its happy time..

Swara: u know Sanskar.. now I have all see my both families enjoying together happily..

As I thought my children wanna have big family and

want to know about meaning of each and every relation in their life..

Sanskar: its all coz of u only swara..

Swara: no Sanskar.. without u am nothing..

Sanskar: u always supports me in each and every step..

Swara: I bare many pains in my past sanskar.. these all happened after u came in my life.. u gave me ur family.. thats y today me like this..

Sanskar: u know na.. nothing is in our hands.. god will decide all thing first..

Swara: hmm see my parents happy.. my in-laws happy.. my sister happy.. my husband happy.. my son happy enough Sanskar.. this life very big gift for me.. but if diamonds also present in this happy.. it will be double gift for me.. (little sad)

Sanskar: swara.. some people never changed.. either good or bad.. u tried to change them many times.. so, its not ur fault.. see.. god gave a family as u want.. so dont think about them.. am not telling to forget ur relation with them.. am just telling dont take their activities seriously..

Swara: but still I have a hpe Sanskar.. they will change..

Sanskar: in this life we want to respect each and every relation.. we have to face any situation.. if family supports us.. everything will be possible..

Swara.. family is like a colourful garden.. garden have different colours of flowers.. like that family have different tastes of persons.. family is a gift of god.. so, we never want to lose any relation..

Swara: u right Sanskar.. thanks a lot for coming into my life.. I love u..

He leave a peak on her fore hed..

Sanskar: I love u too..

Sanvar comes there..

Both hugs Sanvar..

*** THE SS ENDS ***

So, friends.. how was the episode.. I mean last episode..

Hope u all will like..

Guys.. dont think this part have more bak bak..

Please try to understand each and every valuable world..

According to me.. family me kisi ko b pain dene se zyada khudh ko pain dena hi sahi hai..

Kahte hai na.. ham kisi ke liye soche to god hamare liye sochte hai..

So, kisi aur k liye q.. pahle apna hi parivaar k bare me socho..

Life is too short journey hai dosto.. enjoy it with each and every relation..

Guys.. I told u na its very different SS.. so.. tell me how was it..??

Thank u soooooooooooooooooooooo much to each and every reader..

Without ur all supporting am nothing yaaro..

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I got a grand success in all my SSs.. thanx a lot..

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Likers.. commenters keep liking keep commenting lots of love for u all..

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