Worthy Of Relations part-4


Worthy Of Relations Part-4

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Recap: swasan engagement.. haldi mehandi..sangeet.. marriage..

So, lets starts Part-4 of ‪#‎Worthy_Of_Relations‬

The next day..

Swasan sited at mandap..

They both follows panditji words..

Swasan marriage completed with all north indian rituals and traditions..

Gadodia family did swaras bidai..

After that DP family took Swasan to Punjab

Whole Singh Mansion fully decorated..

All welcomed swara heartfully but biji still little angry on swara

AP did swaras grihapravesh

After grihapravesh they did some rituals with Swasan

AP: from today u became Swara Sanskar Singh..

Swasan look each other and smiles..

Some time passed..

At night..

(Swasan both in their Marriage costumes now)

Sanskar entered into his room

He felt his room got a new sparkle.

His room fully decorated with roses and lily flowers..

Weather was full romantic

Which raises swasan feelings..

Finely he turned his head..

His princess sited on bed.. her face covered with veil..

He smiles and moving towards her

She noticed her prince coming to her

She felt nervous

She start blushing

Sanskar reaches bed.. he sat on bed..

Swara heart beat increased..

He placed his palms on hers..

She closed her eyes tightly..

Sansakr smiles and tights his grip which makes swara more blush

Swaras hand little shivering.. which noticed by sanskar

Sansakr: Swaraaa r u okkk??

She slowly nodes as yes

He slowly removes her veil her face was downed..

He slowly upped her face by chin with his hand..

Her eyes still closed..

He mesmerised to see her beauty.

Sanskar: ssswwaaaraaa

Swara: (nervously) hmmm

Sansakr: you dont want to see me..

Swara silence

Sanskar: we are waiting for privacy time na from many days

See today finely we got

Swara smiles.. still closed eyes

That beautiful smile increased her beauty

Sanskar: Swara open ur eyes.. see am in front of u (still touching her chin)

She slowly opens her eyes

Both looking in each other eyes..

Romantic wind touches their faces

Swaras hair jumping

Both lost in each other eyes..

BG plays..

Pee loon.. tere neele neele nainon ki shabhram

Pee loon.. tere gele gele hoton ki sargam..

Pee loon yeh peene ka mousammm

Tere sang ishq taari hai..

Tere sang ek kumara hai..

Tere sang chain bhi mujh ko..

Tere sang bekaraari hai

Sanskar coming more near to swara.. to kiss her

Suddenly swara turns her face left side

Swaras hair touched Sanskars face.. he felt something he smiles..

She blushing more..

He makes her face straight..

He touching her face with his palm

She again closes her eyes..

He kisses on her fore head

A big curve visible on her lips

She opens her eyes..

Sanskar opened his arms.. (its a call to hug)

She hugs him..

He hugged back with a adorable smile..

Swara: I never thought Sanskar.. never thought.. some one comes into my life.. he full fill my dreams.. he changes my whole life I never thought

Sanskar: u r sooo special for me swara.. I can do anything for ur happy..

Swara: sansakr.. thanku for everything

Sanskar: thanks u too swara I never thought ki some day I fall in love.. but today I got my love too

Swara: u r my everything Sansakr.. (tights her grip)

Sanskar: I love u swara more than me..

Swara: I love u too

BG plays (countinues)

Tere bina jee nahi lagtaa tere bina jee nahi saktaa..

Tum pe hi hare.. mai ni ware

Kurbaannn meharbaaannn ho mai to kurbaannn

Sun le zaraaamera kurbaannn

They broke hug..

Sanskar: I promise u swara Im always with u coz I cant live without u..

Swara: am nothing without u Sanskar..

Both smiles

They hugs again

After some time.. they broke hug..

He holds her waist and slowly placed his lips on hers

She too responding she places her palm on his hair with a little grip..

Its a passionate one..

BG plays.. (continues)

Hosh mein.. rahu kyu aaj main

Tu mere bahon me sulti hai.. mujh me samaye hai yoonn

Jis tarahh.. tu koi ho nadhii

Tu mere sene me chupte hai sagar tumhare main hoonn

Pee loon.. tere dheemi dheemi leharon ki cham cham..

Pee loon.. tere soudhi soundhi sanso ko hard ham..

Pee loon yeh peene ka mousam..

After some time they came into scenes felt embarrassed..

They again hugged..

He start kissing on her neck…

She hugs him tightly..

Sanskar slowly broke hug and.. removed her jewellery

She blushed more and more..

He makes her into sleeping position..

He offs lights and lyes on her.. covers blanket on them

They finely became each other forever

The night passed

The next day morning..

Sun raised.. some rays fallen on swasan faces..

Swasan peacefully seeping on each other embrace..

Swara disturbed by sun rays

She slowly opens her beautiful eyes and looking sanskars face cutely

She remembers yesterday night and blushes

Some tear drops falled on sansakrs face.

He slowly woke up and notices swaras eyes are wet..

Sanskar: (cubs her face)what happened swara

Swara: nothing Sanskar

Sanskar: then y r u (interrupted)

Swara: (hugs him) nothing Sanskar good morning

Sanskar: very good morning (hugs back)

He broke hug and peaks her fore head..

She smiles and about to leave..

He pulls her on him..

Swara: ohhhooo Sanskar its too late.. I have to go..

Sansakr: (romantically) r u forget ur promise

Swara: which promise( acting)

Sanskar: remember Mrs. Sanskar Singh that day u promised me na.. after marriage u will give me good morning kiss and good night kiss.. (ups eyebrows)..

Swara: achhaaa. Sanskar.. u know what.. I want to break this promise.. (smiles)

Sanskar: ohhhh very nice my dear wifey I know.. after marriage sab badal jate hai.. (pouted)

Swara: (pulls his cheeks) hmmm sahi kaha..

She kisses on his cheeks and rushes to washroom(which makes Sanskar shock)

Sanskar touches his cheek where his princess kissed and smiles..

After some time..

AP did some rituals with Swasan..

Swara completed her Pehli Rasoi..

All happy but swara still sad for biji..

She tries to impress biji.. but she didnt care about swara..

Biji choose AP and Sujju with her Own selection.. she likes Sanskar most..

She want to bring sanskars wife like AP (sarvagun sampan)..

But swaras caste was different.. so she full upsets and never tries to know about Swara..

4 days passed..

Raglak came SM for some ritual..

Swara gets happy to see raglak there..

AP and Sujju went out to bring something

(these unaware to BIJI)

Biji came downstairs sited in sofa.. calls AP..

Swara came to Biji to inform AP isnt home..

she notices someone came there (back side)..

She thinks AP came..

Swara about to say something but BIJI interrupted..

Biji: my head is paining heavily.. do massage some time..

Swara heart melted.. she cant bear bijis pain..

She silently brings oil.. and massaged bijis head

(these all things noticed by ragini)

Biji: hmm.. now am feeling better u go..

Swara left silently

Swara gives a lunch plate to ragini asks to give biji.. coz biji dont take anything from swaras hand..

Ragini nodes and went..

Ragini came towards biji..

Biji likes ragini

Ragini: biji.. (passes lunch plate)

Biji: haa puttar.. come.. set here.. (took plate)

Ragini sited on floor.. pressing bijis leg..

Biji smiles and cubs raginis face.. ragini smiles..

Ragini: biji.. if u dont mind.. can I talk sometime with u

Biji: never mind puttar.. u can..

Ragini: biji.. tell one thing.. if u r in selection of sanskars wife..

What qualities u expert from her..

Biji told something to Ragini..

Ragini smiles..

Ragini: like AP aunty na..??

Biji: yes

Ragini: just see once to swara biji.. u never noticed these all in swara..??

Biji: (thinking).

Ragini: biji.. just swaras caste different from urs.. swara have all qualities which u want

Biji: (thinking)

Ragini: take ur lunch biji..

Biji eats lunch she washes her hand..

She thinks AP was prepared lunch.. thats y she eaten that.. if she knows swara prepared lunch.. she will ignore pakka..

Ragini took plate and about to leave..

Biji: puttar.. once call AP.. I want to talk with her

Ragini: but biji.. Early morning she went outside to bring something with sujju Aunty

Biji: (shocked) what just she massaged me na.. how its possible..

Ragini: biji.. swara massaged u (points to swara.. where swara cleaning her oily hands )

Biji: (surprised) wahhatttt. Shheeee but I felt AP was massaged me.. how dare she to did this. (acting like anger) (she realise.. swara like AP)

Ragini: biji.. she cant bear ur pain na.. so she did like that.. even she cant bear anyone pain..

Biji: tell one thing.. if AP went somewhere with sujju who mad lunch..??

Ragini: (smiles) swara

Biji: (monologue) swara but she did exactly like AP.. I thought AP was prepare..

Some time passed..

AP sujju reached home..

At night..

All presented at dining table.. its a dinner time

Biji gives a big shock to all..

Biji: thanks for realising me puttar (to ragini) how pagal I was..

All shocked.. they didnt got Bijis point..

Biji tells to all.. from today she accepting Swara as sanskars wife..

All glad to hear Bijis words..

Swara eyes filled with tears (its a happy tears)

She ran and hugs biji..

Biji hugs back swasan felt much happy

Swasan took blessings from Biji..

After some time

At swasans room..

Swara stood near to window..

She staring moon lovingly.. with a bright smile..

Sanskar came from back side and closes swaras eyes with his palms..

Swara: sanskaaarrrrr.

He smiles and frees her eyes..

She turn and hugs him he hugs back..

Sanskar: now u happy na princess

Swara: much happy Sanskar.. now I have all I dont want anything in this world.. (hugs more tightly.. felt comfortable)

Sanskar: (tights his grip like protecting her in his arms) I told u na swara biji will accept u.. see today..

Swara: haa Sanskar.. I know my prince never lie.. (smiles)

Sanskar: acha swara tell one thing

Swara: haaa (still hug)

Sanskar: y u was crying that day

Swara: which day..

Sanskar: ur first morning with me.. (naughty)

Swara: (break hug) waahhh u asking me too early na

Sanskar: I asked.. but u tries to cover and I dont want to force to tell that time..

Swara: acha then y r u asking now..

Sansakr: tell na swara.. I have a rite to know na..

Swara: hmm (cubs his face) Sanskar that day my first morning with u.. our marriage done like a dream

Sanskar: hmmm

Swara: and I got a world best husband in this world.. so some happy tears came..(smiles)

Sanskar: (smile and caressing her hairs) I love u my princess

Swara: I love u too

Both have a smiley eye lock..

BG plays..

Tu ujali doop hai subhaa ki..

Tu shoh nasheli chav hai

Mitti ki hai tujme hai kushboo

Ambar tak ra ek paav hai..

Hey rang alag hai dhang judaa

Jaise sath sangi choonar haa

Koi baaz ki naayi hame

Koi zid ko na chora chori

Preet se band ye dori.Raam milaye Jodi

Preet se band ye dori.Raam milaye Jodi

The night passed..

The next day

A new bright smile visible on swaras face coz now she getting all love from family..

She busy in kitchen with pari and gunjan..

All happy to see their trio bonding..

Some times pari and gunjan teases swara with sanskars name

She blush.. but enjoys that

Suddenly they listen biji calling everyone to hall

Gunjan: bhabhi.. biji calling us chalo ham aakar chedenge

Trio giggles and went..

All family presented there

Biji calls swasan near..

Both went with a confuse look..

Biji passed a packet and askes to open swasan

Swasan opened happy + shock..

Some flight tickets presented there.. for swasan Honeymoon..

To Canada, USA for 7days..(actually Vancouver island, British Columbia, Canada is my fav place.. I donno much about Canada.. donno jo my kahungi wo Canada me rahegi ki nahi.. so.. adjust hojao hahahha aisa samaj jao its my dream Canada.. haha coz this Canada created by Ashulol..)

All family members start laughing.

Swasan felt embarrassed..

Pari and gunjan start teasing swara..

Pari: (murming in swara ears) what happen swara

Gunjan: (murming) we thought ki u both felt happy.. y r u shock..haann..

Pari: chill gunjan.. inside happy.. outside shock hai na swara..

Swara smiles and blush..

Adarsh and sravan start teasing Sanskar

Sravan: happy na sanky.. (winkes)

Adarsh: arey sravan.. what r u asking.. pakka happy hi hoga na..

Adarsh and sravan start giggling..

Biji: its a small gift from ur family go and enjoy..

Swasan blush..

The next day swasan want to go..

AP: swara puttar.. go and start packing

Swara nodes and rushes to her room with blush..

The next day swasan took blessings from elders and left from SM..

In flight..

Swara: sansakaarrr u know.. I never go outside india

Sanskar: from now u will na.. princess.. (smiles)

Swara: hmm.. (holds sanskars hand)

The journey passed happily..

Swasan reach Canada..

Swasan went that hotel where Adarsh already booked room..

Sanskar took keys from hotel reception..

Swasan went to their room.. the room little decorated and romantic weather

Swasan got freshed..

Swara wore a little worked red colour long frock..

Sanskar wore white jeans.. red shirt with white blazer..

Both are looking damn hot..

Swasan came downstairs for dinner..

The place for all honeymoon peoples..

Between table and table some curtain hanged..

Table full decorated with rose petals and candles..

Romantic music playing there with slow tone…

The weather full romantic.. swasan feeling raised

Sanskar offers chair for swara..

Swara smiles and sited..

Sanskar too sited..

Some dishes presented there..

Sanskar and swara serves their selves..

Swara about to eat..

Sanskar stopes her and.. start feeding with his hands..

Swara too start feeding him..

Romantic wind came little forcely..

Sanskar staring his princess lovingly..

Swara hairs jumping.. and some hairs came on her face..

Swara adjusting hairs.. but hairs flying again and again..

Sanskar came close to swara and put her hairs behind her ears..

Both have a sweet eyelock..

BG plays..

Yehhhh raat ruk jaayeeeee

Baat tham jaayeee tere baahoon me

Quahishe jage hai pyaase pyaase labon pe..

Kudh ko jala doon.. tere aahoon me

Aahosh me aaj mere samaa jaa..

Jane kya hona hai kal

Aa zara kareeb se.. jo pal mile naseeb se..

Aa jaa zara kareeb se.. jo pal mile naseeb se..jeeleee..

After some time they came in senses.. finish dinner..

They went upstairs..

They entered into their room.. swara noticed rain coming..

Swara ran to balcony..

Start playing with rain drops..

Sanskar watching her romantically.. he cant control himself..

Sanskar came near to her..

She didnt notice.. he came close to her and holds her from back side..

Swara understand his intensions.. splash some water drops on his face..

He jerked and smiles.. start splashing rain drops on each other..

Rain came heavily.. both became wet..

Swara about to splash again.. he holes her wrist.. and stops her..

She about to say something.. he pulls her close to him..

Staring her face which is wetted.. she blinking her eyes.. due to rain drops

His eyes fallen on her strawberry lips.

He slowly places his lips on hers..

She to responding..

BG plays.. (continues)

Ye jahaaasaaraa bhool kar

Jismon ko saya tale dheeme dheeme sanse chale raat bhar..

Pal do pal.. ham hai.. ham safar

Hey abhi dono yaha hone subah jane kaha kya kabhar

Aajaa zara.. kudh ko mujme milaaajaaa

Jaane kya hona hai kal

Aa zara kareeb se.. jo pal mile naseeb se..

Aa jaa zara kareeb se.. jo pal mile naseeb se..jeeleee..

Both came in senses..

She pushes him and start running into room..

He start following her..

Finely he catch her.. and holds her from back tightly..

She closes her eyes..

He makes her hairs one side..

He start kissing on her milky back.. and nape..

She blushing more and more..

He turns her.. caressing her wet hairs and start kissing on her face and neck..

She holds him tightly and start kissing on his neck and chest..

BG plays..

Quaab hu.. mai to mukkmali

Palkon me leeja muje.. maine diya mouka tujhe ajnabhi

Hosh mein.. aaye na abhi..

Ek duje mein hi kahi khoyi rahi tere mere zindagi..

Kamoshiyaan dhadakanon ki suna jaa..

Jaane kya hona hai kal

Aa zara kareeb se.. jo pal mile naseeb se..

Aa jaa zara kareeb se.. jo pal mile naseeb se..jeeleee..
Finely he ups her by his arms..

He placed her on bed..

Both removes each other cloths hugs each other tightly

He offs lights.. and covers a blanket on them..


Precap: swasan raglak went village and enjoy..

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