Worthy Of Relations part-3

Worthy Of Relations Part-3

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Racap: swasan told their matter to their parents..

Laksh helped to swara..

Finely both families accepted..

So, lets starts Part-3 of #Worthy_Of_Relations

All started teasing Swasan..

Swasan enjoys their teasing..lol..

At SM :

Dp & Ap full tried to convince biji (DPs mother)..

But all vain..

Biji doesnt accept swara as sankys wife.. (ufff old generation)

After Sanskar came to convince biji..

Biji likes Sanskar most..

She never ignore sankys words..

But now she is very angry on sanky..

Finelly she told

Biji: I will accept this marriage for sansakr.. but I never like swara.. if u want u can go ahead.. mind it.. I never accept swara.. I just telling okk to this match for my Sanskar..

All got happy.. atleast biji said okk to this marriage..

They all with hope.. one day biji will accept swara..

Dp called shekhar and his family to Punjab..

Shekhar agreed..

Sanskar more exited to see swara in front of him..

Coz till now they just talked in phone.. and recently video chat..

All present at dining table doing breakfast..

Sanskar behaving like body present mind absent

Parineeta and gunjan teasing Sanky..

Pari: gunjan.. see aur devarji changed na..

Gunjan: yeah bhabhi totally.. coz he is in love na..

Sanky (blushed): bhabhi.. what are u both talking.. am alright.. I dont changed..

Pari: ohho devarji.. stop telling lie.. I know u totally changed..

Gunjan: agree with u bhabhi.. by the way devarji busy in swara dreams.. we dont wanna disturb him

Pari: hmm right..

Gunjan: (to AP)by the way mom.. when will they reach..??

AP: day after tomorrow..

Adarsh: ohhnoo its too late na mom.. see our sanskars situation.. he cant wait more to see swara na..

AP: but adarsh.. swaras family will come.. not swara..

Sanky shock(inside)

Sravan: y mom..

Sujju: arey sravan puttar.. daughter-in-law cant come sasural before her marriage.. its rule..

Sanky changes expressions.. which noticed by pari..

Pari: hwwww devarji not fair na..

All teasing sanky.. sanky face became red.. due to blush..

He rushed upstairs..

At the another hand..

At GH:

Swara too exited to see sanky.. but she know.. before marriage she cant go her sasural..

Shekhar: shomi we leave swara at ur moms house..

Shomi: okk..

Laksh: but Father-in-law.. when ur brother ask where we are going.. what will u answer..??

Shekhar: ohhh noooo. We have to think some plan..

Ragini: dad.. we will tell him.. we are going to shiridi (shekhar family are devoties of shiridi sai baba).. with family..

Shomi: good idea..

Shekhar: okk.. hope they dont have any suspection on us.. god plz help us..

Laksh: dont worry father-in-law.. everything will be fine

Ragini: by gods grace
All smiles

After 2 days.

Shekhar family leave swara at shomis moms house..

Shekher family went sanskars home..

They reached SM.. all receives them heartly..

They meet Sanskar..

Shekhar shomi raglak felt happy

Elders talking about marriage preparations..

DP told shekhar about biji..

Shekhar upseted..

DP: dont worry shekharji she will accept swara soon.. I know her..

Shekhar: hope DPji..

They all talking in hindi language..

Shomi: what about rituals??

AP: yeah.. its will be combine of south & north indian riruals na..

DP: yes but..

Shekhar: dont worry DPji.. hope Sanskar told about our swara..

Shomi: yes.. she always like north indian rituals etc..

DP & AP felt happy..

Laksh: so.. till engagement south indian rituals.. and after engagement north indian rituals.. (I mean sangeet, mehandi, shadi, bidai etc..)

Ragini: perfect..

All agreed..

DP called pandiji..

He came and checked kundalis ..

Panditji: they are made for each other.. kundali matched perfectly.. u can go ahead..

But till one month.. dont start any rituals etc.. going bad time.. so.. Panditji fixed engagement after one month

All agreed..

Sanky jumping inside..

Shekhar invited DP family to GH.. to see swara once..

DP: we will come there 4days before of engagement..

After shadi we will rirurn here with our bahu..

(engagement.. marriage all want to celebrate at bridals home(place).. its a south indian ritual)

All happy..

After some time shekhar family left from SM..

The next day they reach GH with swara..

Ragini: finely swara got her dream boy na mom…

Shomi: yes.. its my daughters good fate.. u both got ur dream boy..

Ragini: now I can tease swara much..

All teases swara

Swara: (hugs shekhar.. sidely) dad see.. these all people became one..

Laksh: its our turn baby.. u cant escape..

Ragini: remember laksh.. at our marriage what she did..

Laksh: haa.. its time to revenge..

All teases swara.. shekhar too

Swara rushes to her room with blush..

Swara phone rings..

Swara lifts phone with a smile..

Swara: (silent)

Sanskar: (silent)

After 5 min Sanskar broke silence..

Sanskar: ssswaara.

Swara: hmmm

Sanskar: am angry on u..

Swara: (shock) yyyyy

Sanskar: I waited for u.. but u didnt come to see me..

Swara: (smiles) oohhhooo Sanskar.. I cant na.. u know before marriage I cant..

Sanskar: hmmm.. but u can come Punjab na.. we will meet outside of the home.. (hahahhaha)

Swara: achhaaaa. Great idea.. but u gave this idea too early na.. haha

Sanskar: princess.. first tell u didnt want to meet..

Swara: I want na.. but not possiable

Sanskar: I will come there..

Swara: haha Sanskar.. wait na till our engagement.. waise..after marriage am with u forever na..

Sanskar: hmm.. but I cant wait to meet u my princess..

Swara: u have to wait one month my prince I mean till our engagement..

Both talking with each other.. they forget world

BG plays..

Sa ra ra ra.. sa ra ra ra.. ra re ra ra re ra..

Dekho pawan bhi hooooo

Dekho pawan bhi.. lehara rahe hai..

Tum ko chooke

Chori chori chupke chupke..

Sa ra ra ra.. sa ra ra ra.. ra re ra ra re ra..

Koi kushi hai. Hooooo

Koi kushi hai Jo gaa rahi hai..

Tum se milke..

Chori chori chupke chupke..

10 days later

Our diamonds unaware about swasan..

Mayur brings a idiot match for swara..

Shekhar tries to reject that..

But our diamonds forcing Shekhar more and more

Shekhar fumes anger..

And by mistake told.. swara match was fixes

Diamonds full shockkkkkkkk. Full blank..

Umesh: waah.. u dis great job na..

Maya: u fixed ur daughter match.. with out in forming us..

They told etc etc.. anyhow.. shekhar and shomi managed them

They got a big shock.. after listening about Sanskar family..

They did many plan to convince shekhar and cancel marriage..

Raglak supports shekhar and shomi..

And makes all plains vain

But pinky and pintoo much happy for Sanskar..

After some time at umeshs home diamonds discussion going on..

Umesh: we have to do something..

Urvarshi: but match fixed na.. now what can we do..

Parvati: we have to cancel this match..

Rajat: yeah.. its very good match.. if swara goes Punjab.. her dreams will full fill.. and our plains will vain..

Sajat: when we want to insult shekhars family swara did something and saves all

Maya: now we want to cancel this match.. any way.. they will come here na..

Parvati: then we want to fill poison on their minds..

Umesh: yes.. u ri8.. whatever will happen.. we have to cancel this match.. and again insult shekhars family

Rajat: its our mission now OKK done..

All gives hifi to each other

Swara getting a call from unknown number and he teasing swara….

2 days swara got full irritation..

After that swara share this matter with Sanskar and raglak..

Sanskar fumes anger and console swara..

Conference video call is going on swasan raglak (swaragini laksh at GH and sanskar at SM)

Sanskar: swara u dont need to worry.. I will trap that number..

Swara: but how Sanskar..

Sanskar: I have a friend.. he doing ethical hacking work now.. he pakka helps us..

Swara give num to sanky..

Sanky told some info which makes swara and ragini shock..

Sanlak: what happened

Swara: (start crying) he he was

Ragini: (sad too) he was rajat

Sanlak: (shock) whaatttt.. OMG

Ragini: what the hell we did many things to change them.. but they.. cheee

Swara: they never change..(crying) ohhh god.. y its happening with us.. which mistake I did.. y r u punishing me.. I think family love doesnt present in my fate..

Ragini: Sanskar.. laksh.. we love them much.. we respect each and every relation in our life.. but they bad name of realtion..they never change we tired now(start crying)

Sanlak consoles swaragini..

Sanskar: swara.. thats ur past.. now my family is urs too na.. u can get pure love here.. I promise swara.. u never remember ur past.. my family likes u most..

Laksh: yes swara.. now we want to play with our diamonds.. and take some fun.. what say Sanskar..??

Sanskar: yes..

Swasan raglak now knows that unknown person is rajat..

now swara have full strength to face rajat..

When rajat calls swara to tease.. swara makes rajat mad

From these all things swasan raglak got lot of fun..

Some days passed..

Sanskar family reached Andhra..

Shekhar receives DP family..

And takes them into shekhars guest house.. which is little far from GH..

Shekhar shomi raglak came guest house..

All present at dining table its dinner time..

Ragini and shomi serving dnnr to all..

Sanskar eyes searching for swara..

But biji makes a condition.. before engagement swasan cant meet..

The night passed..

The next day DP family came GH to see swara..

They meet swara.. talked with swara.. felt happy..

AP likes swara most..

Swara unaware about Bijis decision.. She asked AP

(in north india.. wife calls all people as her husband calls and husband also calls all as his wife calls.. swasan following this)

Swara: Momwhere is biji..??

AP: puttar..she dont want to come here and told everything..

Swara: (crying) what I cant do this marriage without bijis acceptance..

DP: she agreed with this marriage.. but she dont accepting u.. dont worry puttar she will accept u soon pakka.. trust me..

Swara not in a position to understand DP words

Swara felt very very bad..

Ashpreet, Jaspreet, Simarpreet consoling her..

Swara: (sited and crying) Sanskar told me about her.. iam very exited to meet her.. but she.

Ashpreet: puttar.. try to understand.. she will accept u..

Swara: but when buaji.. when

Jaspreet: (wiping swaras tears) see puttar.. when she meet u na.. she will accept u pakka..

Simarpreet: haa puttar.. she likes Sanskar most.. so, she just upset.. dont think much about this.. she will accept u..

Ashpreet: haa. We know well about her heart.. and we trust u.. u will win her heart..

Swara felt happy now with some hope..

Trio hugs swara..

2 days passed..

Finely the engagement day came in our swasan life..

Its evening time..

GH full decorated with lights.. flowers.. and curtains etc..

Here all different na.. So, DP family felt newly and exited too

Any way..

Panitji called bridegroom..

Our handsome hunk came there..

He wore a pink coloured with a heavy golden worked Shervani

He looking just stunning

Adarsh and sravan stood beside of sanskar

Now panditji called Bridal..

Shomi and ragini took swara from swaras room

She wore a beautiful little golden worked pink saree.. with a suitable jewel set..

Sanskar eyes fallen on swara

Both stood in front of each other now

Both looking each other and lost

They first time see each other infront of them they never meet till now..

Its a first meet of swasan directly..

Both lost in each other eyes

Their souls came out and hugs

BG plays..

Zara zara sar se sarakne laga.. mera aasman..

Dabi dabi paav nikane laga tera rasta

Tumko hamaare hai.. hamko tumhara hai vaasta

Leke ik duje ko bahon me banaye apna jaha

Saamne. hai saveraaa.

Toda. tera.. toda mera

Saamne. hai saveraaa.

Toda. tera.. toda mera

They disturbed by panditjis words

Their souls broke hug and back to their places

Swasan smiles..

Panditji told them to exchange rings..

Ragini gave ring to swara

Swara took ring and put into sankys finger…

Both feels their first touch..

Parineeta gives ring to Sanskar..

Sanskar took ring and put into swaras finger

All clapped.. and shower blessings for swasan..

Swasan took blessings from all elders..

After that all sited at sofa

Panditji reads some info about marriage (in telugu called as lagna patrika)

DP&AP and Shekhar&Shomi exchanges some Plates which is filled with some clothes of bridegroom and bridel (in telugu called as Nishchaya Tamboolaalu)

All again blessed swasan

Where our diamonds cant control their self and tries to change DP family aganist of shekhar family..

But DP family known about them (shekhar told them).. so they just listening their words.. not reacting.. which makes our diamonds shock..

This ritual (engagement & ring ceremony) completed..

From that day north indian rituals started.. like haldi.. mehandi.. sangeet.. etc (friends I donno Punjabi rituals.. here north indian rituals are present as Punjabi rituals.. dont mind plz)

This is the day of haldi..

At GH hall..

Swasan came out.. they both wore yellow colour costumes.. One yellow curtain hang between swasan..

First all applied haldi to Sanskar.. after that all applied swara..

All teases swasan much and swasan enjoyed a lot..

The next day.. (Mehandi + Sangeeth)

Swasan sited infront of stage.. a heavy worked curtain hang between Swasan..

Parineeta and gunjan Appling mehandi in swaras hands..

Sanskar tries to see swara through curtain.. but adarsh and sravan makes him vain.. and tease..

All dancing one by one..

Its turn of Raglak..

Song plays..

Aao sunao pyaar ki ek kahaani

Ek tha ladka.. ek thi ladki diwaani

Wo bhi Hasne lagi ta.. yeh bhi hasne laga ti..

Dono samjhe nahi ti..

Ye jo hone laga ta

Aao sunao pyaar ki ek kahaani

Ek tha ladka.. ek thi ladki diwaani

All clapped swasan blushed

Its turn of shekhar shomi

Song plays..

Bahut pyaar karteee. Tum ko sanam

Bahut pyaar karteee. Tum ko sanam
Kasam chahe lelo.. kasam chahe lelo..

Kudha ki kasam.hmmmmm. hmmmm

Bahut pyaar karteee. Tum ko sanam

All clapped..

Swasan thinking for each other..

Its turn of Adarsh & Parineeta..

Song plays..

Tu hi to jannat meri.. Tu hi mera joo

Tu hi to mannat meri.. tuhi rooh ka sukh

Tu hi akhion ki tandak.. tu hi dil ki hai dastak..

Aur kuch na jaanu.. main bas itna hi jaanu..

Tujh me rab dikhta hai yaara main kyaa karu

Sajde sar jukhta hai.. yaara main kyaa karu

All claps..

Swasan remembering their first meeting and their chat etc.. smiles..

Its turn of Sravan & Gunjan

Na jiya.. zindagi.. ek pal bhi..

Tum se hoke judhaa.. sun zara

Bin tere.. mujh se naaraaj tha dil..

Tu mila hai tokah raha

Main to tere rang me rang chuka hu bas tere ban chuka hu..

Mere mujh me kuch nahi.. sab teraa

Sab tera sab tera..

Main to tere dhang me dhang chuki hu bas tere ban chuki hu..

Mere mujh me kuch nahi.. sab teraa

Sab tera sab tera..

All clapped..

And finely its turn of Our Swasan..

All brings swasan on stage..

Sanskar exited swara too but both blush

Song plays..

Quab hai tu need hu main.. dono mile.. raat bane

Rooj yahi.. maang dua.. teri mere baat bane aaa.. aaa

(Sanskar hodes swara from back side and both bended back)

Main rang sharbaton ka.. tu methe gaat ka paani

Main rang sharbaton ka.. tu methe gaat ka paani

Mujhe kudh me khol de to tere yaar baat ban jaani

Main rang sharbaton ka.. tu methe gaat ka paani

(swara holds sanky hands.. he taking back steps and draging sanky little)

Maine to dheere se.. neendon ko dhage se.. bandha hai quab ko tere..

Maina jaha chahu.. na aasmaan chahu.. hazaar se mai to mere..

(Sanskar little pulls swara.. he makes she turns around him..)

Tu dang chahaton ka.. mai jaise koi naadaani

Mujhe kudh se jod de to tere yaar baat ban jaani

Main rang sharbaton ka.. tu methe gaat ka paani

Both lost on each other eyes..

All clapped..

Swasan came into senses and felt embarrassed..

The next day..

Swasan sited at mandap..

They both follows panditji words..

Swasan marriage completed with all north indian rituals and traditions..


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