Worthy Of Relations part-1

Worthy Of Relations Part-2

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Recap: raglak engagement..

Swalak moments.. (as jija and saali)

Sanky entrance..

Raglak marriage.. swara raglak masti..

Sanlak phone convo..

So, lets starts Part-2 of #Worthy_Of_Relations

Shekar: (to shomi) now turn search a good men (like laksh) for Swara na..

Shomi: yes.. shekhar.. by raginis good fate.. she got a perfect partner..

Now by gods grace.. hope swaras too will get perfect partner in her life..

Shekhar: hmmm

3 months later..

Shekhar: (in phone) ohh.. okk.. send me his details.. I want to talk with shomi..

Uncle: sure.. I will send u.. u discuss ur family and tell me fast..

Shekhar: okk uncle..bye..

Uncle: bye

At that time shomi came there..

Shomi: shekhar.. what happned..??

Shekhar: uncle called me..

Shomi: ohh.. is everything fine..??

Shekhar: yes.. but he brings a match for shona..

Shomi: (smiles) really.. from where..??

Shekhar: donno.. he will send details soon..

Shomi: okk.. but y r u sad..

Shekhar: ragini marriage done recently na.. I think we have to wait some time for shonas marriage

Shomi: yes.. but shekhar.. we just searching na.. it will be take time.. u dont worry..

Shekhar: hmm.. lets see.. his details will come.. uncle told me.. very nice family their was..

Shomi: ohh

These all convo noticed by swara from her room..

Swara: (crying) ohh noo whats happening here.. I have to something..

But what to do (her was shivering due to tension)

Suddenly she got a idea..

She took her phone and Calles laksh..

Swara: (in phone) hello jiju

Laksh: hiii swara

Swara: jiju.. r u free na (tensioned voice)

Laksh: yeah tell me.. is everything fine??

Y r u tensioned Swara..??

Swara: no jiju.. nothing fine..

Laksh: what happened..

Swara: jiju dadimas brother brings some match for me.. mom and dad going to receive details..

Laksh: (teasingly) waoo congo swara wait I will send sweets for u..

Swara: jiiiiiijjjjuuuuuuuu..

Laksh: hahaha

Swara: its not a time to comedy..

Laksh: okk baba.. sorry..

Swara: I donno what to to.. give me some idea to cancel this match

Laksh: hmm.. but tell me one thing..

Swara: what..??

Laksh: now I will give idea to cancel this match.. after that another match will come.. dont worry.. ur jiju will cancel that too.. after that again.. again.. again how many matchs we will cancel..

Swara: then what to do jiju I cant live with out Sanskar (even me too lol)

Laksh: do one thing.. go and tell to ur mom dad.. about Sanskar..

Swara: noooooo

Laksh: u dont have another option Swara..

Swara: they didnt accept Sanskar.. coz he belongs to. (interrupted)

Laksh: u dont have trust on ur love..??

Swara: more than me

Laksh: dont worry Swara.. ur jiju will come to help his saali.. okk..

Swara: hmm jiju mom will acceptbut dad

Laksh: me and ragini will comr tomorrow..

Swara: but ragu donno about Sanskar na..
Laksh: we will tell her..

Swara: okk jiju.. thanks a lot..

Laksh: ur most welcome saali saheba..

Swara: okk waiting for u both.. bye..

Laksh: bye..

After some time

Sanky calls Swara..

Swara: (sadly) haa Sanskar

Sanskar: what happened Princess.. y r u Sad..

Swara explains whole thing to Sanky..

Sanky became tensioned..

Sanskar: My princes u dont need to worry.. everything will be fine..

Swara: hope Sanskar..

Sanskar: now I have to talk with my parents

Swara: sanskar.. they will accept me na.. (cutely)

Sanskar: pakka.. shona u dont worry please.. ur family and my family both will accept our love..

Swara: hope sanskar.. but am very much tensioned now.. if they(interrupted)

Sanskar: nothing my princess.. dont think like that..

Swara: I cant imagine my life with out u sanskar.. if they didnt accept.. I will die.. (crying)

Sanskar: shonaaa think positive.. trust on god.. they will manage everything.. relax..

Swara: hmmm..

Sanskar: bye.. take care.. love u

Swara: u too.. love u more..

BG plays..

Ek jo hai sa jisko samaj na paaye log..

Sakhere kahe use sanjog

Preem rang me rangi rangini

Sanjog se bani sangini..

Sanjog se bani sangini..

Sanjog se bani sangini..

Here Sanskar decides to tell about his love to his parents..

Sansakr goes to AP & DPs room..

AP: puttar.. u here.. u want something..??

Sanskar: mom.. I want to talk with dad sometime.. even u too..

DP: come inside puttar..

Sanky came inside of their room..

Trio seted..

Sanky silent..

AP: tell puttar..

Sanskar: mom.. dad.. u always respect my thoughts and words.. u always with me in my every step.. even my family..

DP: what happened puttar..?? tell strightly..

Sanskar closed his eyes tightly with hope and courage..

Sanskar: mom.. dad.. I loved some girl from 6 months.. I want to marry her.. I cant live with out her..

AP & DP full Shock..

AP & DP: (monologue) is it true..?? its not a dream na.. who always ignores to marriage.. today he telling he is in love..he want to marry now.. thank god.. finely our dream will come true soon..

Sanskar opens his eyes.. tensioned..

AP & DP : really..?

Sanskar nodes as yes..

A big curve visible on their lips.. which mades sanky shock..

AP: am very happy for u puttar..

DP: even me too..

Sanskar: but mom dad.. ask me her details etc..

AP: not need puttar.. u agreed for marriage.. really that girl impressed u.. its a magic for us..

DP: and I have full trust on my sons choice..

Sanskar became happy..

Sanskar: but mom.. dad.. u both have to know about her..

AP: puttar.. we dont have any suspection on ur choice..

Sanskar: but maa.. I want to tell.. its my responsibility na..

AP & DP smiles..

Sanskar shows Swaras Pic to AP & DP (through mobile)

Sanskar: mom.. dad.. she is south indian.. she belongs to Andhra.. her mother tongue is TELUGU.. but her family knows HINDI..

AP & DP shock

AP: puttar.. what r u telling.. she south indian.. it means her caste and rituals are different from us..

Sanky: but mom.. I unware about these all when I love her.. I just saw her pure heart..

And mom u know.. from her childhood she loves and respects north indian rituals much..

She know all about north indian riti rivaj etc.. and mom.. she is perfect daughter-in-law of this Mansion.. trust me.. when u meet her.. u all will like her pakka

DP: we dont have any problem with her puttar.. but her family..??

Sanskar: she also going to tell her family about me dad.. hope they also agree like u..

AP: but biji.. (sad face)

DP: I will manage AP.. dont worry..

Sanskar smiles and Hugs AP&DP..

They hugs back..

After some time.. (night)

Sanky about to call his princess..

Sanky: (to him self) no no.. I will surprise u my princess.. am waiting for ur parents reaction.. I cant leave u in any cost.. u r soooooo special for me.. smiles..

He lye on bed and thinking about his princess

At the another hand..

Swara doing same..

Both lost in each other thoughts..

BG plays..

Kabhi kam na hogi ye chahate

Pal pal bade yeh hai mohabbattein

Kabhi kam na hogi ye chahate

Pal pal bade yeh hai mohabbattein

The next day..

Laksh and ragini reach GH..

Shomi.. Shekhar..Swara recives them..

Laksh told ragini about Sanskar..

Ragini: Swara.. come once to room..

Swara: haa

They both went Swaras room

Where laksh talking with shekhar and shomi..

Ragini: waah swara.. waah shaabaash

Swara: ragini.. yaar sorry na..

Ragini: u told to ur jiju first.. not ur sis.. great na..

Swara: ragini.. please try to understand that situation na yaar

Ragini: any way.. am very happy for u..

Both hugs..

At hall..

Shekhar: yaa.. my uncle forcing to fix that match for swara..

Shomi: they sended his kundali.. our astrologist was out of station.. so.. waiting for them..

Laksh: r u asked swara.. about this..??

Shekhar: first we like him.. ater that.. will ask swaras opinion..

If swara liked after that kundali doesnt match.. etc its a waste of time na..

Laksh: (smiles) yeah

At that time Swaragini came there..

Laksh gives a sign to swara..

Swara nodes as yes..

Swara told shekhar.. about Sanskar..

Swara: dad..mom.. iam in love with some one..

Shomi and shekhar became shock

Swara: six monts back I meet him at FaceBook.. we loves each other when we dont know each other faces and voices..

Shekhar: (fumes anger) what r u telling swara.. u know na it will be fake.. how could u trust on an unknown person

Shomi: (anger too) u dint watch news daily swara..?? many people life became dead due to facebook and social sites..

Laksh: calm down mother-in-law & Father-in-law..

(guyz.. now I have to explain another Andhra relation

In north inda..We can call saas and sasur as our wife/hubby called..

But its very very wrong in Andhra.. if we called as our wife/hubby calls..

we will be sister/brother of our wife/hubby..

in Andhra.. we have to call.. Mother-in-law as Mother-in-law and Father-in-law as Father-in-law.. instead of Mom Dad etc..

hope u got me..)

Laksh: he is very nice person and perfect for swara..

Shekhar: (angry) mean.. u know about him..

Laksh: yes..

Shomi: u did wrong laksh.. u didnt want to hide this matter from me and shekhar..

Laksh: Mother-in-law.. what did u think ur son-in-law can take wrong step..???

Shomi: silence

Laksh: swara imagine me as her bro.. she told me about sanskar.. I checked all info about him..

I decided he was not fake.. and he is really loving my sis..

And when he asked swaras phone num.. Swara asked me.. I said yes.. and I talked first to him..

Mother-in-law.. Father-in-law.. try to understand.. ur daughter cant take any wrong step..

We didnt forcing to accept.. First know about him.. talk with him.. after decide.. its ur daughter;s life..

Ragini: yes.. mom.. dad.. he is really nice person.. u too like pakka..

Shomi: ragini.. u also know about him..??

Ragini: yes mom.. from yesterday..

Shekhar: who is he.. tell me about him..

Laksh: his name is Sanskar.. Sanskar Singh.. he belongs to.. Punjab, india..

He have a big family who respects each and every people in their family.. he doing his family business with his 2elder brother..

Shomi: he from north india.. no no.. its cant possiable to accept..

Shekhar: his caste and rituals etc.. even language also different from us..

Laksh: but ur daughter well known about all north indian rituals na..even she likes too..

Ragini: mom.. we thought u accept pakka.. and we have to convince dad.. but u..

Shomi: no.. its cant possiable.. what will other people think about us..

U well know about ur umesh and maya.. they will. Bash us.. and sanskars family also will reject..

coz our diamonds (umesh family and maya family) will spread misunderstandings..

Shekhar goes towards swara..

Swara stood In full fear..

Shekhar: do u love him from heart..??

Swara: yes dad.. and he too..

Shekhar: his family know about u..??

Swara: we decided to talk with our parents dad.. may be he also talking now..

Shekhar: (places his palm on her head) if they accept this match.. I dont have any problem..

Shomi: but shekhar..

Shekhar: enough shomi.. I want my daughters happiness only.. its her life.. she have rite to choose her partner.. and I laso trust on laksh..

Shomi: if they dont accept Swara.. then..

Laksh: how can they reject my sis Mother-in-law.. they cant.. I know.. and sanskar can manage them..

Suddenly Swara phone rings..

Swara reject call..

Again her phone rings..

Shekhar: lift call swara.. who is calling..??

Swara: dad.. woo.. wooo Sssaannnssskkaarrr..

Shekhar: go and talk with him..

Swara smiles and runs from there..

Swara lifts phone and told Sanskar to good news..

Sanksar too told good news to her..

Both got much happy..

Swara: sanskar.. if u free.. can u talk with dad once..??

Sanskar: sure..

Swara: wait.. I will ask dad and message u..

Sanskar: okk my princess..

Swara cuts call and went to hall..

Swara: mom.. dad.. jiju.. ragini.. sanskar told me.. his family accepted..

All got happy..

Laksh: father-in-law.. once talk with Sanksar.. Swara.. call sanskar once..

Swara messaged sanky to come through video chat..

Swara opens laptop and placed infront of Shekhar..

And swara introduce shomi, shekhar, ragini, laksh to sanskar..

Shekhar and sanky talked each other..

Sanskar: uncle.. actually am in office now.. when I will reach home.. I will introduce my family to u..

Shekhar: its okk beta.. (smiles)

After some time call ends..

Shomi and shekhar likes Sanskar most..

Shomi: when we talk with his family.. we have to tell them about our diamonds (umesh family and maya family)..

Shekhar: hmm..

After some time Sanskar reached SM and Calles swara.. to give intro of his family to her family..

Both families talked with each other..

They talked in hindi language.. coz both families known hindi..

DP: my all family very happy with swara.. but my mother have some caste feelings etc..

Shekhar: ohhh.. what to do now..

DP: dont worry.. I will manage her.. she will accept swara.. I know about her..

Finely both families accepted each other..

Call ends..

Shekhar: all be alert.. these all things full secret.. if our diamonds knows about Sanskars family..

pakka they will spread missunderstandings.. and tries to cancel match..so, be alert..

All nodes as yes

All started teasing Swasan..

Swasan enjoys their teasing..lol..

BG plays..

Sa re ga re ga.. ma ga re sa.. sa re ga re ga

Zindagi mein aaj lamhe khaas aa gayee..

Aate aate dono ke dil paas aa gaye..

Sa re ga re ga.. ma ga re sa.. sa re ga re ga

Zindagi mein aaj lamhe khaas aa gayee..

Aate aate dono ke dil paas aa gaye..

Tere kadmon pe hi rasta thehra hain mere..

Mere ankhon kit oh manzil chehara hai tere..

Tu hi tu hai.. tu hi tu hai..

Jeene ka aadaa..

Tu hi tu hai.. tu hi tu hai..

Sansoo hi haawaa..

Tu hi tu hai.. tu hi tu hai..

Kwabo ki duaa..

Tu hi tu hai.. tu hi tu hai..

Ek mere khudaa..

Sa re ga re ga.. ma ga re sa.. sa re ga re ga

Zindagi mein aaj lamhe khaas aa gayee..

Aate aate dono ke dil paas aa gaye..

Sa re ga re ga.. ma ga re sa.. sa re ga re ga


Precap: exited moments think.. think.. lol..

So, friends how was the episode..

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