Worthy Of Relations (Part-5) By AngelAshu


Worthy Of Relations Part-5

Hello my dear all lovely readers..

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Any way.. I told with my some friends here full raining from some days and network getting mad..

Friends I told u na rain always brings something special for me..

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Actually I thought.. It will completed in 4-5 parts..

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Recap: Swasan First night.. Ragini and Biji convo.. Biji accept Swara as Sanskars wife..

Swasan Honeymoon moments

So, lets starts Part-5 of #Worthy_Of_Relations

Finely he ups her by his arms..

He placed her on bed..

Both removes each other cloths hugs each other tightly

He offs lights.. and covers a blanket on them..

The next day..

It was a pleasant morning..

Swasan sleeping peacefully in each other embrace..

Sanskar woke up and staring Swaras angelic face..

Some wind came.. swaras hairs falling on her face

Sanskar slowly removing hairs from her angelic face..

Swara slowly opens her eyes..

Sanskar: (smiley face) good morning Princess..

Swara: (smile too) Very good morning..

He leaves a peak on her fore head..

Swara smiles and hugs him.. he hugs back..

Some time passed..

Swasan went beach..

Swasan enjoys there much..

He holds her from back side..

She smiles.. he kissed on her right ear

Wind coming little fastly..

He turns her.. still hold..

She tries to free.. but he tights his grip.. and pulls her more close..

Both looking into each other eyes..

BG plays..

Laa laa laaa laa laa laaa

Saatiya.. tune kya kiya..

Beliya.. Tune kya kiya..

Mai ne kiyaa teraa intzaar..

Itna karo na mujhe pyaar

Saatiya tune kya kaha..

Beliya ye tune kya kaha..

You na kabhi karna intzaar

Maine kiyaa hai tum se pyaar..

At that time some one came there to invite swasan in a couple program..

Swasan agreed

Suddenly Sanskars phone rings..

Sanskar: (to Swara) laksh called me..

Swara: ohh..

Sansakr lifts call

Sanskar: helloo laksh..

Laksh: hii Sanskar.. can u keep phone on speaker..

Sanskar keeps phone on speaker..

Laksh: actually I dont want to disturb u both but I want to share something with u.. so..

Swasan blush..

Swara: tell na jiju..

Laksh: today ragini gave good news to us..

Swasan looking each other confusedly..

Laksh: u r became Mausi and Mausa soon

Swasan got happy to listen ragini is pregnant..

At evening..

Swasan went party..

Swara wore a blue coloured long frock (Swara didnt wear short dresses) little diamond worked..

Her long hairs straighten.. he looks like Princess..

He wore cream colour jeans with blue colour T-shirt

He looks like prince..

Both holds each other hands and walking..

Some people came there and takes selfies with Swasan..

(There maximum people wears Short dresses.. Swara looking new for them.. so..)

Some couple came there and receives Swasan..

They conducted Some couple games..

Swasan won all games..

They Asked Swasan to join couple dance..

Swasan agrees..

All couples reach Stage.. and start dancing..

Sanskar holds her waist..

She blush..

She places her hands around his neck..

Both looking into each other eyes..

Swasan start dancing slowly..

BG plays..

Dhaage tod laao Chaandni se tod ke..

Ghoonghat hi banado roshni se noor ke..

Sharmaagayi to.. aahosh me lo..

Ham sanson se uljhe.. rahe mere saanse..

Bolna halke halke.. bolna halke halke..

Hoonth se halke halke.. bolna halke halke..

After some time Swasan reach room..

Swara entered to room and shock..

Room fully decorated with rose petals and candles..

She turns to sanskar.. he stood near her with a cute smile..

Swara: Sasnkar.. these all??? (questionable look)

Sanskar: what happened princess.. u didnt like it..??

Swara downs her face due to blush and about to leave..

He holds her tightly..

Sanskar: tell na..

Swara: (little smiles) (still down her face..)

He lifts her face by chin with his hand..

Swara eyes blinking..

Sanskar: tell answer swara..

Swara: my price did something for me.. and I dint like that.. its impossible na Sanskar..

Sanskar smiles cutely.. pulls her more close..

He touches her noce with his nose..

She blush more and more..

He cubs her face and cares her hairs which ware jumping in air

He kisses her fore head.. eyes.. nose.. cheeks..

She too holds him and start kissing on his fore head and neck..

Both kissing each other passionately..

Finely he placed his lips on her lips..

It was a passionate one..

BG plays.. (continues)

Aa neend ka soudhaa kare..

Ek Quaab de.. ek Quaab le..

Ek Quaab to aankhon meain hai..

Ek chaand ki takiye tali..

Kitni dino se yeh aasmaan be..

Soya nahi hai.. iss ko sulaa de..

Bolna halke halke.. bolna halke halke..

Hoonth se halke halke.. bolna halke halke..

Bolna halke halke.. bolna halke halke..

Hoonth se halke halke.. bolna halke halke..

Some Days Passed..

Swasan reached SM and living happily with their lovely Family..

One day..

Biji: I want to go pind (village) for some days..

And I want to take Swasan there..

All family agrees..

Biji: (to Swara) puttar

Swara: haa biji..

Biji: call Raglak and tell we are going tomorrow.. I want to take them too..

Swara: okk..

Swara calls laksh.. and told every thing

Raglak happily agreed to join with Swasan and Biji..

The next day they reach village

They staying at Bijis Haweli..

Swara: biji.. u take rest some time.. I will make lunch for all..

Biji goes to her room..

Raglak and swasan went their room and got freshen..

Swara prepares lunch for all.. some servants helping Swara..

Ragini came there to help.. but Swara takes a class to her..

(ragu is pregnant na.. so she want rest..etc)

Ragu tries to convince swara.. but vain..

After some time.. all sited at dining table..

Swara serving to all..

Biji: swara puttar.. come.. sit here..

Swara goes and sit there.. all having lunch

Biji: are wahhh u prepares lunch very yummy..

Swara smiles..

Laksh: yeah.. akhir saali kiski hai lol

Sanskar gesturing something to Swara.. swara blush..

Laksh: ragini.. u must want to learn from swara..

Ragini: waahhhtttt (making faces)

Laksh: haa.. see.. its very yummyyyy.. (eating gulab jamun).. u never prepare like this..

Sanskar: bhaie u dont have any rite to tease my sis.. okk

Laksh: haha.. am not teasing bhaie.. seriously.. my saali is great..

All laughing and having yummy yummy dishes..


Shekhar calls to DP..

Shekhar: (in phone) Namaste DP ji.

DP: namaste shekhar ji.. how r u..

Shekhar: ji fine.. u tell..

DP: all fine..

All family presented al SM hall..

DP on speaker..

Shekhar: my brothers daughter (pinky)marriage was fixed.. after one week her marriage..

U have to come with family..

DP: sure y not..

After 4 days..

All DP family reached Andhra..

Shekhar family receives them..

They staying at GH..

Raglak also reached there with their baby Riti…

All rituals are going on..

This marriage going on with Andhra Rituals..

Diamonds came GH to meet DP family with Fake love and affection..

Swaragini loves diamonds much.. coz they are Swaraginis blood relations..

But diamonds always want to destroy swaraginis future..

Swara cant control herself.. after one year she meet her family..

She goes to Parvati and hugs her..

Parvati hugs back with a lots of Fake love (dikhava)

Umesh urvashi maya mayor sajat rajat all comes to swara and talking with a fake affection..

Rajat tries to talk with swara..

That time swara remember that phone call cheating etc..

Swara fumes anger but behaving like normal..

Swara: (to parvati) grandma.. where is pinky and pintoo..

Parvati: at home.. u go and meet them..

Swara: (to shomi) mom.. can i..??

Shomi nodes as yes..

Ragini: wait swara.. I also come with u..

Swara: okk..

Swara goes to AP..

Swara: Mom.. im going to meet pinky.. u all take rest.. If u want something mom dad here..

AP: (cubing her face) u go puttar.. enjoy.. (smiles..)

Sanskar: mom.. shall I go with swara..

AP: haa..go puttar..

Laksh: chalo bhaie.. me too want to meet Pinky..

Sanskar: chalo..

Shomi: I will take care for Riti.. u 4 go..

Swasan raglak went..

They reached umeshs home..

Pinky pintoo ran and hugs swaragini with lots lots lots of love..

Swaragini hugs back..

Sanlak stood there with smiley face..

Swara eyes filled with tears

After one year they meet..

Swaragini teases pinky..

Sanlak takes pinkys side..

Pinky: sissooo.. when u came Andhra..

Swara: at morning..

Pinky: u have to stay here with me..

Swara: no pinky.. wo..actually.. (interrupted)

Pinky: no no no u have to.. Sanskar jiju.. tell ur wife.. she have to stay with me..

Sanskar: awww.. my dear saali saheba.. do one thing..

Pinky: what

Sanskar: swara.. actually marriage at GH na.. so y should we take pinky there now..

Swara: sure..

Pinky felt happy..

Pintoo: jiju.. what u brought for me from Punjab..

Sanskar: guess

Pintoo: tell na jiju..

Swaragini laksh.. enjoying their convo..

Laksh: bhaie.. u told me na.. u brought gifts for all except pintoo (winks to sanky)

Pintoo makes faces..

All burst out laughing..

Sanskar passes 2 boxes to pinky and pintoo..

Both hugs sanky..

The next day evening time..

Pinky sited middle of sofa..

Ragini and swara putting mehandi in her hands..

All Swaragini in-laws sited there.. with some relatives..

Shekhar and shomi always treats pinky as their daughter..

They take Some main responsibilities of marriage..

Ragini in-laws also known little hindi.. so they are talking in hindi.. taking fun..

Swaragini translates in telugu for pinky (they just murming in pinkys ear) while putting mehandi..

Diamonds dont know hindi.. so they not able to understand their talking

Diamonds irritating much..

Umesh: (to rajat) do something.. we have to know their convo.. (biting nails)

Rajat: dont worry.. we can use technology..

Umesh: whahtt..

Rajat: yes.. wait.. now I will open google translation..

Umesh: do whatever..

Rajat: I will search in google.. then me also talk in hindi.. like them (with evil smile)

Pinky: (to sujju and AP) aunty.. u know.. my both sisters.. too talented..

AP: I know puttar.. we are really blessed to have them

Swaragini smiles..

Diamonds came there and sited also..

Rajat: (to DP family) u know.. I can speak hindi very well..

DP: very nice puttar.. (laughing inside)

Rajat speaks something in hindi.. which makes all laugh whose known hindi..

(I mean he spoke in hindi dictionary language.. dictionary language in little different, actually people always use to speak exceed na.. and who are learning any language.. they dont know proper pronunciation.. here also like that.. rajat serch in google and spoke.. he donno how to pronounce.. he tries.. but vain.. so his pronunciation of words make all laugh.. its not a fault of google.. he donno how to pronounce.. thats it..
For example in hindi.. we write pahle (meaning of pahle is first).. we pronounce as pehle..

Hope u all got me..)

Rajat didnt getting them..

Rajat: (monologue) areyy.. y there are laughing like mad people.. am speaking first time hindi na.. may be they are in shock.. haha.. Swara.. ragini.. dont worry.. nothing done.. I will destroy ur life soon.. just wait and watch..

All taking fun with rajats hindi pronunciations..

Swaragini completed putting mehandi..

All sited there and taking each other..

Swara felt something unknownly..

Swara: pinky.. ragini.. I just come..

Pinky, Ragini: okk..

Swara went..

Suddenly she got a call..

Swara: (in phone) yes doctor..

Doctor told something..

A big curve visible on her lips..

Swara: thank u soooo much doctor..

She cuts call..

Swara messaged Sanskar something

At the another hand.. Sanskar sited with all family..

He got a message from Swara..

Sanskar: (monologue) message from swara.

He checked msg..

Message: Sanskar.. come fast to balcony once…. @Swara..

Sanskar: (monologue) what happened with swara?? I have to go.. but here all sited na.. maybe she called for romance.. so.. Sanskar.. u have to respect ur wifey words..

AP: Sanskar puttar.. what happened..

Sanskar: mom.. I just come.. I want to do some call..

AP: okk puttar..

Sansakr went to balcony..

Swara waiting there for sanky..

Sanskar came there and hugs swara from back..

Swara smiles..

Swara: u came

Sanskar: hmm..

He tries to kiss her..

She pushes him..

Swara: Sanskar.. listen to me..

Sanskar: what my princess..

Swara: I called u here to..(interrupted)

Sanskar: for romance na.. I know my princess..

Swara: no Sanskar.. first listen to me..

Sanskar: acha tell

Swara: sanksar..woo..woo..

Sanskar: tell na..

Swara: Sanskar..i i I am pregnant.. (little blush)

Sanskar shock + happy..

Sanskar: (cubing her face) really..?

Swara: hmm..

He hugs her..

Sanskar: thank u sooooo much swara..am really happy.. I love u.. I love u lot..

Swara: (hugs back) I love u more..

They broke hug..

He caressing her hairs..

Sanskar: when did u get this news..

Swara: when I was in Punjab.. I felt strange.. I contact with our family doctor..

She called me some time back.. and gave tis news..

Sanskar: u felt strange..(pouted) u have to share with me na..

Swara: (touching his cheeks) Sanskar.. if I share.. u take tension for me na…

Sanskar: so, if I taken.. what will happen..

Swara: at that time.. u already in tension for some meeting.. how can I give u more tension..

Sanskar: acha.. leave that.. now we want to think about our baby.. (smiles)

Both lost in each other eyes..

BG plays..

Mil jate hai log chalet hue..

Jeevan ke rahe badate hue..

Kaise bane hai ye bandhan..

Dil jodtaa hi chalaa..

Sab raste ye pyaar ki ye kholtaa hi chala..

Rab ne bana diya jo yahi rishta kya cool hai..

Puche koi to pyaar se kahna..

Haan.. qubool hai..

At the another hand laksh searches for Sanskar for some work..

Laksh came to AP and asks for Sanskar..

AP: he went to do some call puttar..

Laksh: acha.. where he went..

AP: balcony side..

Laksh: okk.. I will go.. (smiles)

Laksh went to balcony..

He saw.. both love birds lost in each other eyes..

Laksh: aahhheeemm.. aahhhheeeemmmm

Swasan jerks..

They felt embarrassed..

Laksh: sorry.. I came in wrong time..

He about to go..

Sanskar: bhaie.. tell na..

Laksh: actually my kuch work se aayi.. any way nothing.. u carryon..

Sanskar: nothing yaar.. wo swara ne..

Laksh: guyz.. nothing to explain.. am going..lol

Swara: jiju.. listen na..

Laksh: jii..

Swara: wo.. i.. am pregnant..

Laksh: waaaoooo(hugs swara) its a very big and good new..

Swasan smiles to see lakshs happy..

Laksh: congo yaar..

Sanskar: wait.. I will call my sis (ragini)..

Sanskar went..

Ragini talking with all relatives..

Sanskar: sis..

Ragini: haa..

Sanskar: come with me once..

Ragini: what happened..

Sanskar: areyy.. come na..

Ragsan went..

Where our diamonds murming in each other ears..

Maya: where are they going one by one..

Umesh: may be they plan something..

Urvashi: then.. we have to makes vain them

Parvati: but how..

Rajat: want to do something to know their convo..

Ragsan reched swalak..

Ragini knows about good news.. felt much happy..

Swaragini share a hug..

Sanlak too join..

Swaragini looking into each other eyes..

Both swaragini eyes filled with tears..

Sanlak shocked to see tears..

They asked swaragini.. what happened..

Swaragini remembering something..

*** Flash Back Starts ***


Precap: Last Episode..

So, friends.. how was the episode..

Hope u all like this epi..

Frnds.. what will be flashback.. happy..??? sad..???

Y swaragini cries while remembering..

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