We are worthless episode 4


Sorry for the delay guys. I’m busy in my college and I am having my class tests.
OK back to the episode . Please forgive me buddies.

At night,
Swara’s room,
She was not able to sleep . Oh my god I’m not able to sleep . I will call sanskar now.
Sanskar: hello Shona you didn’t sleep till now. End the call na I have to sleep.
Swara: I want to talk something important with you sanskar.
Sanskar thought for a while and replies oh Shona you are not able to sleep because I made you to feel tempted na.
Swara cuts him in between with anger what the hell sanskar ? I called you for planning surprise for ragini and you always think about romance. Shame shame.
Sanskar: hello you are the first person to call his boyfriend and talks about his sister .
Swara: OK bander now tell me an idea .
Sanskar: ask me politely . Don’t scare me with your froggy voice.
Swara: sanskaaar!!!
Sanskar: then OK bye.
Swara: OK OK sorry baba. Now tell us plan na.
Their plan is muted . They hanged up after their p.c.
Ragini’s room,
Ragini: Haan baby I’m free from tomorrow evening saying this she ended the call. Ragini was so excited as she is gonna have sometime with her baby(the caller). So she couldn’t sleep.

Laksh’s room,
Swasan thought that he must be disturbed talked about him in their p.c. so they went to his room secretly and saw laksh.
Poor lucky was… sleeping peacefully and swasan’s presence did not make him to wake up.
Sanskar: bechare laksh he must be upset.
( Hehehehe ??? they didn’t remember that for laksh sleep , wifi and food are important for him)( why do hero , heroine and villain should be jealous and loose their sleep? Grow up guys?)
Swasan : lucky get up na .
Laksh blabbers in sleep what the f**k ragini? You forgot me and my stupidity and who is that idiot baby? Ragini.
Swasan again : lakshya Wake up.
Laksh woke up with sudden jerk and shouts “present sir”.
Swasan giggles. Laksh came to sense and twisted their ears .
Swasan: sorry lucky.
Laksh leaves them and asks why the hell did you guys came here?
Sanskar murmurs hmm to kiss you and to romance with you in this night.
Swara widens her eyes. Laksh sees this and came near sanskar and held sanskar’s back sensually.
Swara : chi chi . Yuck mom these guys are arggghhh!! Shameless. Saying this she pushed them and went. Sanlak laughed at her. Sanskar tells laksh about their plan and bids bye.

Next day,
Ragini was busy for the whole day and returned home after tuition. Swasanlak was in busy watching her. ragini locked herself in her and in busy in chatting with her baby. People outside didn’t dare to enter the room.
In midnight, at ragini’s room a guy entered her room and confirmed that she is in washroom still and knocks the door. She came out shouting who the hell? The guy grabbed her hand and pinned her against the wall and closed her mouth. She asks who are you when he released his hand from her mouth.
He opens his bag and takes a thing. The thing glowed and she could see his face. The thing was a jar with few fireflies. an unknown smile appeared on her face seeing laksh’s face and his closeness.
The screen ends with their closeness and cute eyelock visible through the jar of firefly light.

Precap: a year leap swaragini join in the same college of sanlak… A guy saves swara from falling down and the same

guy pulls ragini near him in the library … These were watched by sanlak??
Sorry if I bored you guys.
Take care buddies

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