We are worthless episode 3


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The episode starts when shekar and ram entered baadi.
Shekar: swara where are you?
Swara : I am coming dad.
Sanlak also arrive there from the gym.
Ram: beta here is the movie tickets.
Laksh : what movie uncle?
Shekar : avengers 2 and my raagu will get a chance to see her Chris hemsworth.
Ragini who went there jumped in excitement and hugged swara and while jumping she pushed sanky unknowingly and he fell on lucky. Lucky held sanky by his arms. They were in an eyelock for few seconds and all laughed at them. Sanskar stood and both scratched their heads with embarrassment. Now lucky snatched the tickets from swara.
Laksh : there are only four. Ok Sanskar, kavya , swara and I will go.
Ragini : you can’t do this those are brought by uncle.
Laksh : he is my dad. I will do anything with this tickets . I will take anyone there.
And gave hi-fi to sanky.

Swara got sad seeing ragini.
Swara : laksh give me the tickets. She tried to take it from him. He raised his hand high so that swara could not reach it. She tries to get it. But she fails and got hit near his chest and fell down like fainting. Sanskar was tensed and he lifted her head and lucky came near her.
Sanskar : shona shona please see me once.
Swara : sanskaar…. saying this she opened her eyes.
Laksh : I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done this. I wanted to tease ragini. So I did this. I’m sorry.
Swara : bhai please and please take bath before I’m going to die . I don’t want to die soon. I am feeling suffocated with your odour.
Sanskar : laksh please for the sake of her.
Swara : you too idiot. You guys are smelling like skunk.
Laksh : swara aa. ..
Swara : Ok Ok now call ragini to the movie.
He sees ragini who was standing there sadly.
Laksh : sorry . Can you Come with us?

Suji came there giving mobile to ragini and said your friend, he wants to talk to you and went back. Before laksh could speak.
Ragini : who is this?
Other end the caller.
Ragini exclaimed : baby!!!! Idiot why you didn’t pick up my calls.
Laksh was frustrated and thinks she always call me idiot and now who is that baby?
Ragini went from there continuing her conversation. Lucky imitates her.
Swara : do you feel jealous for this school girl?
Laksh unknowingly : Yes. She is not school girl. But my queen of my heart.
Sanskar : Ok. We can deal ragini afterwards now get ready.
After getting ready,
Swara : are you ready ragini ? Shouting
Ragini : swara I will go with baby sorry him sorry you all leave now we will go now.
Laksh tightens his palm.
Swasan : Let’s go lucky.
Whole movie laksh was thinking about the guy who talked with ragini and sanskar was busy in admiring shona.

After returning to baadi.
Elders slept earlier.
Swalak entered their home so was sanky.
Swara noticed laksh from the time of phone calls till now. He said he was not hungry.
Swara to herself: stubborn like you doesn’t know anything about food.
When she went kitchen, she found nothing to eat . Poor shona doesn’t know to cook.
She remembers sanskar how he used to make Maggi for her and feed her. She smiled. And slowly went to his home.
Sanskar : oh god this chipkali in my home is actually a gadodgaj . She didn’t even leave anything for me. Now I have to make Maggi .
Swara : now I came to eat it. He was scared by the sudden noise and he shouted. She doesn’t know how to stop him. So she put her hand kerchief in his mouth . He felt choking.
Swara : so sorry sanskar. He holds her hands.
Sanskar : even I’m hungry. He came near her lips. She closed her eyes and went near his lips.
Ragini : swara, bhai here’s your dinner.
Swara : why are you not slept till now? And why did you disturbed us?
Ragini : hello madam . Bhai and I saw you while you are entering like a cat and bhai said that he wants to take pics of your antiques and blushes but you are advanced. Don’t worry he won’t bother you till you complete your further studies.
Swara scratched her head: so I have to wait for ten years? ??? OK
Ragsan laughed .
They all had dinner and went to their respective rooms bidding bye and good night.


Precap : ragini’s birthday at night 12….

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    Awww cute… Superb
    lucky got a bit disappointed how ragini called someone else baby…
    who could that be…
    cant wait to find out…

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    Cute ? funny too?

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  8. Laksh jealousy is nice, add more raglak scenes

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    Loved raglak’s fight ??? & yeah loved laksh’s jealousy ???

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