We are worthless episode 1

A tenth standard class room is shown.
Girl : happy birthday shona. May God bless you dear. Did you cut the cake? Did shekar uncle bought you our favorite and yummiest chocolate cake? Then my share?
Swara: Yes lado . Dad bought the cake. As usual my mom yelled me .
Ragini: But why do sumi aunty expects perfection of a matured person from you and not from your bhaijaan.
Swara: Don’t tell him as my bhaijaan. You know I like him little bit .But I’m jealous of him . He is allowed to party with his friends. I accept that he is in college .I’m not asking for a party but I want to cut a cake that’s it. But my madam ji she doesn’t want me to the little thing and considering it as unnecessary.
Ragini: what on earth is the madam ji?
Swara: my mom. You are lucky. You have ram uncle and suji aunty.
Ragini: yeah but sanskar is equal to sumi aunty. He always compare my dusky complexion with his fair complexion . I feel like crying. I did not asked God to give me this color . Is it my mistake? Swara.

They hug each other and cried.
Swaragini: our families hurt us a lot. But we should not let each other down.
Swaragini are neighbors and their fathers are childhood friends and business partners . Sanskar brother of ragini and laksh brother of swara. And these two elder brothers dominate them as they brought luck and happiness to their families and both are best friends studying in the same college. Ram and Shekar only pamper both the daughters but their wives are least bothered and give first priority to the sons. But what the girls know?
They are also equally loved by their brothers and mothers but hardly shows out.

Precap: swaragini exploring the city.

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